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My Space, the adolescent and young adult version of spaces, is the bane of this teenager’s mom’s existence.  My ds has caught me checking out his space and I don’t care.  As long as he is living here he will be protected and monitored by his father and me.
Well, tonight he forgot to close out the most personal parts of his space – the part I can’t get into yet.  I found some foul, disgusting posts and have already spoken with dh about it (the posts were from girls my ds’s age).  We don’t agree on how to handle these things.  If it were up to me, we would have filters that wouldn’t allow this stuff.  Only problem with filters is that they are so sensitive that even I can’t look up everything I need to.  There has to be one that we can use that will not allow adolescent obsenity but will allow us to do the other work we need to do on this pc.  Suggestions, anyone?
Years ago I said that the internet will be both the most wonderful and the most horrible thing to enter our lives.  Here I sit writing my thoughts and Wen in Chile and Sandra in England can read them!   I have shared prayers with people around the world and across the nation and kept in touch with service people defending our rights wherever they are needed.  These are wonderful, wonderful services provided by the internet!
BUT…some teenage girl can write a filthy tidbit to my ds who, I am sure, has to struggle enough to keep a sense of decency!  Porn sites have invited him in since he was 12 years old.   Messages of hate and indecency flood the portals open to our children – and to us! 
So far, I have met wonderful people on my space.  I am blessed by you!  Thank you for being part of the wonderful part of the internet.  Pray for the safety of our children.  Pray for our safety as we venture into the world wide web.  Be strong and stay on course.
Blessings, g

7 responses to “My Space

  1. I did own an account with My Space at one time…but deleted it very quickly when I started getting strange guys writing obscenities…thinking I was single person. I think there are lotsa stalkers on that page. WHatever it is, most of my students have a space to meet people…mostly for dating and flirting purposes. And as you said..there’s lotsa filthy stuff on there. I agree with all you said…internet is good, and internet is bad.
    It depends on who’s using it. I get worried for the teens….gees, my daughters are only 4 and 10 months, and I already worry about their future! Just taking a look at my younger cousins scare me already. It’s amazing how they change significantly once they hit teenage years. All of a sudden, they lock their room doors, demand for a personal computer with internet connection..and they totally forget the real world. Then their dressing, taste of music changes..and so does their personality. Sometimes they become like strangers….
    I think…we just need to pray, and at the same time..have a listening ear. I read somewhere that teens may not always want to talk, but when they do, it’s better to bite our tongues and listen to them..that way they’ll open up. There’s also this recommendation to get a "foster parent" who can be any adult which the teen is close to..a teacher or youth group leader….to talk to them…..well, I’m sure you know way more than me. If this blog survives the test of time..I’ll look to you for parenting wisdom when my girls turn teens. 🙂   God bless.

  2. There’s is this everywhere… I love to play Yahoo pooll It seems decent, but go into the outer chat room and the filth begins. It’s the same with Yahoo Dominoes! Who would think???It’s everywhere on the internet and you cannot get away from it.
    The internet is like having the world at your fingertips! It is amazing and provocative. It is just like the world, a mixed bag full of whatever the mind can comprehend and then some.
    Let’s keep one thing in mind: Satan was given reign over this world and THE AIRWAVES. The MAIN computer frame located in (either Berlin or Belgium I get these two confused in my mind) is called THE BEAST.
    We aren’t raising our kids right, so all the young girls want to be like Paris Hilton… which isn’t good. She has no morals. Our young women and men are being inundated with visions of how it "should be" NOT what is real or good.
    Your son is very handsome! I imagine that the girls would go after him. It’s quite frightening actually and wrong. I rememer a much more innocent time, a more right time.
    I don’t know if there is anything that can be done. For the internet is growing and becoming HUGE monstrous thing. What would we be without it?????? Think about it all, and think about that Satan owns this domain. There need to be offsetting influences.
    I did update my PDL day 7 now.
    Love and Hugs Gail as you battle the unseen forces all around us!

  3. Hmmm that’s a tough one.  I am just appalled at the internet predators that I have seen on Dateline NBC.  Unfortunately that’s probably just a fraction of all the internet predators.  I would agree the internet is another avenue of meeting people.  I never would have thought that I would be blogging.  I have met a lot of interesting people and it has certainly expanded my horizons.  Eharmony and the single christian website are great ways to meet my potential soul mate.

  4. Ha! I’m much older – July 26, 1956.  Even got released from highschool in 1974, I suspect you’re 75’er.  Therefore, I can still call myself the OLD serf!
    #83 & #84 Gail is a good descriptive name.  I believe the Lord guides parents in the naming of children (when needed He would change a name to more closely match the person).  It has always amazed me to see how many times the meaning of a persons name describes the person.  A quick search tells me Gail should be lively, full of life and joy, merry, happy and lighthearted.  Does this describe you?  And more important, are you living “up to your” name?  The old serf believes this is a main call of the Lord on your life – to experience the real joy of a relationship with Him in the here and now of this life.  Old serf thinks you should be becoming more like your name daily, and perhaps, just maybe, when Gail is just not descriptive enough, the Lord will decide to rename you –  and may become a Joy or Merry or Lively Wire!
    Have a blessed day!  OLD serf ‘rett

  5. Yes, it’s amazing how these bad guys also pretendo to be good, just like satan, they offer you an attractive personality to chat or whatever and then when given the chance, they reveal their true selves, speak for personal expierence.But I think parents need to do exactly what u did, you just never know what people write on spaces.I agree 100% with Lori, Satan was given reign over this world.Let us pray for youngsters ya Gblessings

  6. I’ve done some volunteer work as a human shield on the net and I can tell you …. the net is a scarey place !!!
    There are some great monitoring programs out there where you can track every keystroke they type, get screen shots of things….you might want to invest.
    Also, if you have Windows XP you should be able to set it up so that you each have your own user account.  You can set the permissions on his account as strict as you want without hampering your ability to surf the net and password protect it so he can’t go in and change it.  If you password protect your user account he will have to use his.
    Just some ideas to help youout.

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