She Can’t Add or Subtract!

Serf ‘rett got me to thinking about the year I graduated high school.  Oh, my.  I hated high school!  Most of my friends were older and had graduated and not a friendly face was in my lunch period.  (I graduated in a class of 700 so you can see that I was out of place if I couldn’t find one friendly face to hang out with!)
Well, I heard of something called "Early Admission" into college and looked into it.  I could go to college a year early and, if I passed with a C average or better, I would get my high school diploma!  What a deal!  The principal knew me and agreed to let me try it (even though I was not exactly an honor roll student).  So, ‘rett, I left h.s. in ’74 but got my diploma in ’75! 
College was wonderful!  If I had known then what I know now I would have gone away after the first year but, being the first person on my father’s side to go on to higher education and not having mentors to guide me, I stayed on at the local college through graduation.
Here is the tricky part about addition and subtraction – try to stay with me:  I started college in September ’74.  I got my h.s. diploma in June of ’75.    I took CLEP exams and took classes most of the summer each year and graduated college in August of "77!  I can’t imagine what people looking at my resume’ must have thought when they saw the years!  "That girl can’t even figure out what years she went to high school and college!  We can’t hire her!"
Explains alot about my early job history.  Or lack thereof.  (heavy sigh)
Please be praying for "S", a blog buddy who is having a hard time.  A very hard time.
Blessings, g

4 responses to “She Can’t Add or Subtract!

  1. ok….I will not attempt to add or substract or calculate your IQ puzzle today, less I come up with a major headache. 🙂 Will just take your age as stated. May the Lord grant you wisdom as you guide your teen through the most difficult stages. God bless!!

  2. If anyone questions your dates I’d just blame it on that era – – EVERYONE was confused in the ’70s!  ;^)
    Thanks for your visit, and for your concern and prayers for our mutual spaces friend.

  3. Just visiting for the first time.  I enjoyed being here.  Sounds like the teen years will be fun (I have a 13 and two 12yr olds). But I know the Lord is gonna protect what belongs to Him. I’ll pray for wisdom for you as you you discern how to parent this particualr situation.  One thing I know forsure is that your d – while he may be angry right now is also aware that you care enough to pry and ask and to hover.  That’s all good.
    Also prayin’ for S. 

  4. Sorting those numbers was a challenge even with my engineering background.  As an employer, I would hesitate to hire you for one of two reasons.  I would figure either Gail can’t do simple math or she finished college in two years; therefore, she must be extremely smart (smarter than me).  Someone that brilliant will most surely be my boss in a short time and who needs a boss who’s smarter than they are?  Next applicant, please!
    No surgery was required for Ev’s foot, but the Doctor issued serious warnings that he must not put any stress on the foot.  Any impact, blow or misstep could separate the current alignment and surgery would become necessary.  In a few days, I hope to have time to post the real “bummer” that he is experiencing due to his injuries.  Thanks for your concern.

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