Oops! He did it again…

Upon returning "the boy’s" guidance counselor’s phone call, it seems that he not only failed basic algebra I but U.S. History I.  Two summer school courses.  Six hundred dollars.
I actually whined at the guidance counselor.  Yes, my cyber friends, I whined.  However, I caught myself and apologized profusely.  Fortunately, we have a good history together and she was most forgiving.  She also recommended that he have to pay for at least half.  I informed her that he will be paying it all.  Yes, my friends, he will be washing dishes at a restaurant owned and run by a client of my husband’s. 
Also, I called my "baby" brother in California for his help.  He said to let him stay back a year.  Nope.  A bit too much tough love there.  He had alot to say about it (reference his comment on this space under the boy’s picture signed from UNC).  He will be calling back later to have a few words with his nephew.  Maybe the fear of UNC will do something.
DH and I have very different views on child rearing.  I am a strict disciplinarian but my kids know I love them.  He spoils them.  They take advantage of him.  What is wrong with this picture?
On a lighter note, here is a little song my grandparents used to sing to me.  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!
Oh, there was a little man
and he had false teeth
and he had to go to town one week
so he put them in his pocket
and he went to town
and he bit himself
when he sat down!
A run on sentence if I ever saw one!!!
God is good – all of the time!  g

13 responses to “Oops! He did it again…

  1. sounds like you may get some time on the computer after all …1 down  already …lol
    shouldn’t laugh really ,I hope the boys algebra  improves,it is not good for their image to have to have extra teaching !

  2. oh dear….no wonder you said your heart was ailing. Gail..remember power of a praying mother. Keep praying for your son. 🙂
    AT the same time, yeah, I think it’d be good for him to pay for his tuition to realize how money doesn’t come easy!! so he’d better study harder….Take care and blessings!

  3. Be strong mom.  You are doing the right thing.  I had some problems with mine and I made her pay for her extra schooling too.  She’s entitled to a free education….if I could afford to pay for her schooling she’d be in private school.  She worked a bit harder when it came out of her pocket.
    Nice to visit here….I came over from Mom’s Place. 
    Have a great night.

  4. You said, "DH and I have very different views on child rearing.  I am a strict disciplinarian but my kids know I love them.  He spoils them.  They take advantage of him.  What is wrong with this picture?"
    It’s like that at my house too. I usually have to fight with my husband to get him to intervene with the kids. It really sucks for sure. I know he has good intentions but he’s doing more harm than good. I wish I could make him see that.

  5. hello again ,our home is in a small rural market town ,the coast is only about 10 miles away so the roads are sort of a mix of rural /urban /& one stretch of straight bypass road .It is the bends in the narrow country roads I don’t like .
    The practical driving test is taken in Bridlington, a seaside resort,at this time of year the holiday makers are out in force walking out  in front of cars …I get plenty  of practice on emegency stops !
    hope you have a peaceful weekend

  6. Thanks for your comments, and no, I havent had anybody from church to do that, but thank God I’m better today, could even go to work.blessings and thanks

  7. my maths has been sooo poor n i used 2 hav tutionz 4 it…at dat time i didnt understand da value 4 money, now dat i m in business, hav 2 look aftr my expenses…it has made me realized da true value of money …
    hope he gets fine in algebra n wit time he wud surelu understand da meaning of life n money..n values…
    keep smilin:-)

  8. tats bad  ur son failed .. … 
    but not bad enough to beat him . .  talk wid him gently
    he will understand and will try to improve
    kids are cute be nice to them and they will obey you ( well most of the times they will )
    but dont make him wash dishes .   tat lil child doesnt deserves tat much . .
    take care
    God Bless You

  9. good morning to you, good night to me. Let’s see…I think you’re 11 hours earlier than me…let me publish this and see what time it says

  10. ok you’re 12 hours early. YOur time says 10:03 am, over here it is 10:03pm. 🙂 Have a lovely Sat…I’ve gotta go sleep coz Sunday awaits. 🙂
    God bless you abundantly..

  11. I think that is really good that you are making your son pay for his summer school classes out of pocket.  Better than repeating an entire grade.  Besides education is much more valuable when you pay for it yourself.  I’m paying for my MBA entirely out of pocket.  I have had student loans in the past but decided to work a little part time job to pay for it this time.  Anyway thank you for your sympathy on my blog.  : ) I really do like where I work.  It is a very lovely place.  Much better than I had worked just prior and I’m not working 72 hours a week anymore.  Just thought I’d share their mission statement.  to provide a supportive and challenging living and working experience for people with developmental disabilities, and to do so with respect, dignity, and love in the name of Christ.  Wish I could share their website address but I’m still kind of paranoid about public info.  Have a great weekend!

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