In my neck of the woods,….

…driving for over an hour to visit someone is a big deal.  What I mean is that it is far.  Unlike Texas, where my cousin thinks nothing of driving three hours to see someone, we think twice about setting out for a trip of more than twenty minutes.
Besides the distance, there is plenty of road rage.  Ugh!  As I said in an earlier blog entry, what’s the big rush?  You are going to get to that red light faster than I am but we are both going to wait!
Living in a heavily populated area, I have certain family and friends who have become snobs since they moved out to the "boonies."  "Oh, I don’t like driving where you live."  At least one won’t even visit here for that reason!  Phooey.  Commune with the wildlife then!  LOL
Because none of us lives close to one another, my side of the family all have the same cell phone company where we have unlimited minutes to talk to each other.  My baby bro’ is in California and we usually speak weekly.  My folks live about 90 minutes away and when Mom and I get on the phone I usually have to recharge my phone’s battery!  Sis is over an hour away, too.  We are blessed to not have the astronomical phone bills we used to have before the cell phone.
When I was speaking with Mom earlier today, I started thinking that the distance isn’t so far that we can’t visit more often.  Then I remembered gas prices.  Oy!  My little family is of modest means and each time we fill a gas tank it is like signing away our first born.  Gone are the days of putting in just five dollars worth of gas.  Still, all things considered, I hope to make a concerted effort to see my family more often.  God can make sure we get good gas mileage, right?
Tomorrow is the sabbath and I am anticipating great things!  How about you?  Looking forward to the fellowship and to hearing God’s word?  Let me know how your worship services are tomorrow, okay?  I look forward to it.  g-

7 responses to “In my neck of the woods,….

  1. Amen!  I have unlimited long distance on my landline and the smallest number of minutes on my cell.  It’s great….I can talk to friends and family as long as I want.  That’s funny about people not wanting to drive where you live.  There is traffic everywhere.  When I was growing up in Missouri, driving 2-3 hours to visit someone was nothing.  Oh gosh don’t even bring up the price of gas.  It’s $2.75 a gallon here where I’m at.  I will be driving to Hilton Head, SC in July and I"m hoping that the price of gas doesn’t go higher.  I know it’s a bit cheaper down that way.  Well have a nice Sabath!  As for me, I will probably listen to my pastor in Hawaii online.   

  2. mm, have u had this felling the other person is spying on you, well, it has just happened to me, my cousin told me the other day over msn to go visit her, that this can’t go on any longer, she almost doesn’t remember my face, lol. And we HAVE stopped visiting each other due to distances, though not all of us have cars, includin me, and today they were celebrating one of my nephews bday(8), he is so cute by the way, I could eat him, but now I’m on a new eating plan, lol. Well the thing is I went there after work to make brownies, and stayed there longer that I’d thought I would, cause it’s like the Amazing Race goin back home, it took me like 2 hours to get home, which was at 22:30, so I’m tired. Me and my family, we all live too far away from each other, and my mom gave up already, everybody was askin for her.well, enough for today, love ya and just love being ur friend. :-)blessings

  3. Hi Gail, Thanks for the tips.  The test will be administered by none other than the instructor and the test is graded based on all the questions on the test.  It would be great if it was based only on the ones I completed because I would focus on the ones I knew the answer and then get 100%.  LOL….Wish it was that easy.  Anyway things are going better.  I got up early and flew through the NPV, IRR, PI, and not to mention the payback and discounted payback periods.  They were a breeze thankfully.  It’s the time value of money problems that are killing me.  I’m off to take a shower and put some laundry in and dishes in.  Then I’m actually going to sit down and read the chapters.  That might help, huh?  Well procrastination is one of my big problems.  Have a great day!  And thanks again. 

  4. Hello! just a quick drop in tonight. i saw your link on someone’s page and wanted to check out your space.
    i am a christian woman in my 40’s.
    i’ll be back Ü

  5. I guess I am one of the ‘snobs’  :^) as the family members who are closest (2 hrs away) live in Kansas City and I would rather eat locusts than drive in traffic!  I’ll take my country roads, thank you.
    It is sad, though, that we don’t make the effort to see each other more often than we do.  Who ever thought unlimited cell phone minutes after 9 p.m. would be such an important blessing?!

  6. YES! LOL. Here in Minnesota you need a survival kit to travel even 10 minutes in the winter! You plan carefully. 😀 Funny.
    I used to be a truck driver and drive 700 mile days.. now a 20 minute drive is a trip.

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