My sabbath was its usual kind of wonderful.  We took our darling granddaughter, now seven months old, and had her stay with us during the music.  She makes so much noise while we are singing that I do believe she is praising the Lord with us! 
Pastor D. finished his series on the DaVinci Code and he brought out some very interesting thoughts.  He pointed out that the book was published in 2003 and that was the year of the major scandals in the Roman Catholic church.  There were very few priest involved but alot of noise was made about them – as needed to be!  Still, the timing is very interesting.  What better way to have even more people fall away from the faith than to have such a scandalous book released at the same time people are being drawn away by the scandals within the church!
I haven’t read the book yet but, since my ds is interested in reading it, I feel I have to.  Will have to wait until a copy is in the library, though, because I sure as heck am not going to buy it!
Today was kind of fun.  I took dd and dgd (dear daughter and dear granddaughter) to Target (a small department store).  DD feels that dgd needs a jumper seat – what we used to call a Johnny Jump Up – which fits over the top of the door.  Well, I called "Grandpa" and asked him if we were going to spend a significant amount of money (to us, at least) to purchase this for the dgd.  In a flat voice he said, "Yes."  I had to chuckle when I hung up because he can’t say no even though I can.  This child is the joy this family lacked for a long, long time.  She is a blessing I can’t describe.
Well, will try to continue later.  DS is hounding me to get on for a while.
Blessings, g

8 responses to “Hello

  1. Dear Gail,
    Thank you for visiting my site so often. That is great encouragement to me! 🙂 Thank you for your wise words on motherhood today too! haha…I liked your advice. I think from this day I will tell her I’m your mother, instead of I am your friend. What you said is true…so she’ll know that even if friends back out on her, she’ll always have her mother. 🙂
    God bless ya!
    p.s my little Jo and even Nel when she was a baby would make lots of noise during worship. As Nel grew…I realised she was really singing! Because the noise eventually came closer to words and a tune, and she sings all the time now. I’m sure your little dgd is a worshipper too! singing her little heart out to the Lord!

  2. mm I don’t think I’ll buy nor read the book, cause I think it does not bring anything good to my life. I got the same feeling as when I watched the "The Last Temptation Of Christ" preview. got sick to my stomach at how people would think Jesus did what claim He did. It’s my call and I decided not to read or to watch those things.miss ya and thanks for ur words,blessings

  3. Hi there Gail..Thanks so much for stopping by. Granddaughters have a way of melting Grandpa’s hearts don’t they? I hope you have a blessed day!!  

  4. Yeap, The Lord brings people together in strange ways. 🙂 I am 20 hours by flight away. Plus all the transits I am probably about 28 hours away! God bless your day!…

  5. My SS class will watch the movie and discuss it – – but not until it comes out on DVD, like you we’re not giving them any encouragement in the way of $$$!
    I’m quite certain DGD is praising and worshipping right along with you.  I’ll never forget the time 15, then about 2 1/2, so off-handedly said, "i knew that before I came here, when I was still with God."  Sent chills right up my spine.  I love the innocent adoration of children when they are singing to their Lord!

  6. Hi Gail,  the instructor said that we should see the results of the exam posted by Thursday.  1 more case and 1 more exam and it is finished.  I am just praying for a B in the class. 

  7. Probably skip the book myself since I don’t read much in the novel line.  Same for the movie since the secular critics don’t seem very impressed.
    My son had to pay for a college course due to his lack of application recently.  I paid but he goofed off and withdrew late.  I made him fork over the lost money.  Just thought you should know in case "the boy" thinks his parents are the only ones who would do something like this.

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