I’m Melting….

Enough with this heat and humidity!  Oh!  I’m supposed to be looking for the positives.  Hmmm…at least it isn’t in the 90’s any more.  Umm…..no rain today, yet.  Errrr….oh, heck.  I like winter!!  That is all there is to it.
Truth be told I have been trying to "accentuate the positive" lately.  I had gotten into the rut of answering, "How are you?" with, "Hanging in there."  When I look at truly joyful people, they smile alot and speak life.  My mom always said to find something positive even if you have to dig.  She said if someone is wearing a hat that looks like it was made out of a fruit basket say, "Oh!  What a lovely apple!" 
Speaking of Mom, my sister decided to give Mom the address to this site.  I told her I wasn’t sure who I was going to give the site to and she told me that I didn’t say anything bad.  Hmmm…do we ever stop being our parents’ children?  My mind started going through all of my posts and I realized that Sis’ was right.  I have nothing to hide so,
"Hi, Mom!!"Get a passport and start commenting!  Love you!  gail

5 responses to “I’m Melting….

  1. Hi Gail, how’s the lovely mum today? Hope all things have been smooth sailing except for the heat! Well…I miss winter too, coz we don’t get them here! For your sake I hope things get cooler soon! In the mean time, crank up that air conditioner! 🙂
    Take good care!!!

  2. Hi Gail,
    I just read your 100 thingys thing and I can relate to a bunch of them but most especially this one: 10- I figure if I can’t do something perfectly why do it at all? That’s something I need to work on badly!
    Liz : )

  3. hello again …my fanily read my space but only Gavin (youngest ) has a passport & rarely leaves a comment ,don’t know why they all don’t just get their own spaces ..
    they think it is complicated ,told’em if I can do it anybody can 🙂
    our church ‘did’DaVinci thing a few weeks back (in my archives under sundays ,if you want to read it )I’d be interested to to know how yours went too .

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