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  1. Hi Gail,  Sorry can’t help you with the RSS.  I do know that someone uses it to read my site but I’m not sure who.  Anyway I was not affected by the flooding at all.  I live about a mile from the river at a much higher elevation in my 2nd flr apt.  I have renters insurance by the way.  Anywho  gotta get back to my studying. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. hi Gail, just trying out a new cartoon as my photo…the cartoon doesn’t look very nice does it?
    Don’t know bout’ RSS too..but some people use it. Read your previous entry about Backyardigans. Don’t have that here…but I did take Nel go watch Barney two days ago. It was a life show, all the way from the US too! She was soooo excited! hhahaa…..oh boy. Well, have a pleasant weekend Gail.
     I’m getting lazy about blogging. I wrote nonsense on mine. Maybe next week I’ll get inspiration again. God bless ya!

  3. Hi Gail,
    I use the RSS feature on my site and since I have slowed way down on my site, I downloaded a RSS Reader, which sends RSS feeds directly to my Desktop and alerts me when there are new entries to the site’s I get feeds from a lot of my "online families site’s.(yours and Carole’s are two of them) I find it easier to visit the site’s and read the post’s, than going to my site and then going to all of you guys. There are loads of RSS feeds that a person can subscribe to.
    I recomend it. I am posting this comment from the RSS reader.
    Blessing’s my Sister.

  4. Heiya Gail, Just writin before you head off to sleepy land. Thanks for your entry, although it doesn’t really count, coz you volunteered your DH! hmmm…you cheeky girl. 🙂
    It’s like, "here hon, I just volunteered, now go fart." ok, I’m still writing nonsense. Take good care and I know the 4th of July is comin up, hope you have a great weekend! May The Lord BLess and keep you and the whole family, May He cause His face to Shine Upon YOU! 🙂

  5. Thanks G.  I’m learning what Back labor feels like.  The cramps are horrible!!! ICK!  Oh well…a little pain for 10 yrs of hormone free preggo prevention!
    I don’t know much about RSS either….just know that I get tons of RSS hits on my page.
    Have an AMAZING July 4th weekend.

  6. Hi Gail. I have a lot of people who use the Rss feature. That just means that they get an update when you post.
    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend! I am leaving this poem to my friends:
    HI THERE!Hi there, I’m a smile.Mind if I jump into your heart for awhile?Maybe your day hasn’t been going just right.You’re way behind schedule and all uptight.Or perhaps it’s an unhappy time for you.You’re feeling alone and so very blue.Sit back, put up your feet and relax awhle.Remember, I’m there with you…I’m that smile.Can you feel me, are you gonna smile back?Be careful, your face is starting to crack!There, doesn’t it seem great to be all aglow?And now you’ve got your own smile…       so I have to go.By – N. Gayle Wade 
    Enthusiasm is contagious.Start an epidemic.
    Happy Independence Day!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gail.
    Hugs, Lori

  7. Dearest Aunty Gail,
    Mama told us you sent kisses our way. Thank you soooo much for that. We send kisses and huggies your way too!! slobbery and wet ones too from little 10 month old Jo jo. 🙂
    Happy Happy day. 🙂
    Jo and Nel

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