The Backyardigans and Bella

Remember Barney and how he made us cringe?  Well, I believe he is being usurped by the Backyardigans, a variety of child animals who sing and dance their ways through adventures.  Their adventures all take place in their common backyard (all of their houses are next to each other in a curved fashion which allows their backyards to meld into each other) and it is their imaginations that take them all over the world.
My dgd, Bella, LOVES the Backyardigans.  My ringtone on my phone is her laughing to her mom singing the theme song!  Bells is only seven months old but she does let her preferences be known. 
The cute little crew even has space on My Space.  There are explanations of which character is who and what their attributes are.
So far we have not gone insane from listening to the tivo’d shows – uh, take that back.  The Boy can’t stand them!  Oh, well.   Payback for the Power Rangers, I guess.
Anyway, if you are looking for a children’s show which isn’t offensive this would probably be a safe bet.
blessings, gail

4 responses to “The Backyardigans and Bella

  1. Hey Gail — thanks for stopping by my space!  Just by reading your 99 things, there are many things we enjoy in common!
    I hestitated putting that last post on my blog.  I  am still thinking of taking it down.  Any opinions?
    I am enjoying your blog and it IS nice to visit with one of the "chosen few!"
    Be blessed !

  2. I’ll have to look for it in England …not heard of it yet….
    Fergus likes football on tv,probably because that is all he has seen on it !
    he waves both hands in the air & shouts & cheers along with his daddy 🙂
    your Isabella looks a lovely happy baby ,she is so sweet in the sunhat too.

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