One BBQ Down…

…two to go.  Not being a big fan of the great outdoors, it was a long afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong!  If I didn’t have allergies and if I didn’t desire shade it would be great to be outside all day! 
Then there is the hot dog, hamburger or cheeseburger debate.  Personally, by this time of the summer I have already had enough of all of the above, thank you very much.  Hot dogs (frankfurters, weiners, whatever) are a mystery meat I will only indulge in several times a year and they have to be the right brand (Thumann’s, Sabrett’s or Hebrew National who answers to a "higher authority").  Then the salads – macaroni, potato, and pasta.  Today, due to the large hispanic crowd, there was arroz con frijoles, empanatas and another dish I don’t know what it is called but it was fantastic.  My dd and I made a good sized bowl of guacamole and brought tortilla chips.  I saw guacamole on burgers and other things and was glad that it was enjoyed.
Tomorrow’s bbq will be the same fare but much smaller with our closest couple friends.  You know, the couple you are so close to that you can call them at 5:00 in the evening on a Saturday and say, "Whatcha doing for dinner?" and they, if they have no plans will respond, "Nothing.  Wanna order in?"  That’s G&P.  Nearly every time we are together I tell my hubby how blessed I feel to have this couple in our lives. 
Monday is our turn.  My sister and her honey are coming over and I haven’t decided what to make yet.  Doesn’t matter.  I could say – Hey, let’s go to the store and pick up what looks good and she would be game!
Did I just give TMI?  (Too much information?)  Ha!  Sorry.  I ramble.  Hope that those of you in the States are appreciating our history.  For those of you both in and outside of the USA I send warmest greetings wishes for a lovely, weekend.  blessings, g

4 responses to “One BBQ Down…

  1. DEarest Gail, You are having such a good time, you popular girl! 🙂  Send me some of the meat. Over here meat IS expensive, especially ham, bacon etc.
    Anyway, aunty Gail…..I’m having probs with my little Nel …when you get time…could you spare a moment and read my latest entry and provide me with some suggestions and motherly tips? I need help on this one. 😦

  2. Dear Gail,
    Thanks so much for the advice and thoughts on the issue with Nel. I bet it zapped all the energy from you having to think back into mummyhood days when you should really be enjoying your holiday weekend! 🙂
    Thank you for taking time to answer…I am now trying to deal with it…and like you said, not let her manipulate me with such behaviour. ALso putting into practice Wright’s advice.Today’s been a little better.Thank you once again. 🙂

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