The Knollcroft Gang

When Himself (my hubby) was a young teen, he and his family moved to a new town.  In their new neighborhood there were quite a few young boys his age and he made friends with them fairly easily.  They would hang out at the local park, Knollcroft it was called, playing basketball and just doing what teen boys do.
Through the years these boys kept in touch and when they married their wives became good friends and they got together as often as possible.  Himself was 41 years old when we married and I was faced with a dilemma.  The wives of the Knollcroft Gang had all known each other for a minimum of maybe fifteen years.  When we all got together, I tried to fit in but didn’t have much in common with them.  We didn’t get alot of invitations and this hurt Himself and upset me.
Well, I decided to do something about it.  One couple at a time, maybe two, I invited them to dinner.  This way they would have no choice but to talk with me and we could all get to know one another.  This was a big success!  Phew! 
One couple in particular has become the best of friends to me.  They are the couple I mentioned in an earlier blog (Sunday’s bbq!).  G & P are two of the kindest people I have ever met.  If you were in trouble you could call them at 3 AM from two hours away and they would get in their car to come get you.  I love them and am blessed by them.
The Knollcroft Gang, those who live within three hours of each other, have been getting together on New Year’s Eve for nearly 40 years now (I am the baby of the gang as I am about ten years younger than most of them).  They used to go to a restaurant and then come back to someone’s house to bring in the new year.  Now we cater a dinner and stay at one person’s home and it is a nice time. 
Some friendships are for a season and others span the test of time.  Through my hubby I am blessed with these lifetime friendships.  Life is good.

10 responses to “The Knollcroft Gang

  1. Awww I love this story.  I’m glad that worked out for you when you invited them to dinner.  I have a few friends that I have had since 3rd grade.  Of course they don’t live anywhere near me….they are in the Midwest.  But I know I can pick up the phone anytime to call.  I know my friend, D, I called and talked to her for 3 hours on her 5th anniversary 6 years ago when I left my husband.  She never rushed me off the phone and was there to listen and actually congratulate me.  Those longtime friends truly appreciate you because they know where you have been.  Anyway this is your blog and it’s about you not me.  I have to stop myself sometimes because I get off on a tangent.  Have a great Independence Day!

  2. well ,how odd that you should be blogging about friends too:-)
    well not really ,as friends are very important to us all ..
    One of my good friends is having ‘planned ‘major surgery tomorrow,Maureen ,so if you would add her to your prayers for the next few weeks that would be good ..
    I met her in the all girls high school..many many years ago 🙂
     we both asked accepted Jesus as saviour the same first then Maureen …it was a good year lots of people saved in Driffield around 1979-time …our own little revival !

  3. Hi G!  Just wanted to drop in and wish you and your family a wonderful 4th!
    love, your sister in Christ, Lollie =)

  4. What an encouraging story.  You’re right about those long term friendships. I don’t know what a day like today would be like without them.  Thanks so much for the encouraging words.  I can’t tell you how it helps to know how far and wide the prayers are spread for us today.

  5. Dear Gail, it is strange, but I’ve come to this site a few times, and only see your JUly 1st entry. Well, I decided to leave a third comment on your july 1st entry and signed in. IT was then this new entry appeared!!! hmmm….the same thing on my blog too. Wonder what’s happening with MSN these days! I also just noticed the new pictures you’ve put up. Your little bells is so cute. 🙂 Which are your children?the one labeled "The boy and the girl" or "my babies"?? ok dear aunty Gail, :), will sign off now. Have a great day ahead!

  6. Plum trees have thorns about one inch long.
    I am reminded of the verse in Proverbs which states if a person desires to have friend, they must be friendly themselves.  Looks like it worked when you applied it by inviting the couples over for dinner. 
    The same principle seems to work here in Blogland too.
    Have a blessed day (BBQ too, but don’t eat any green hotdogs) 

  7. Hi Gail,
    Stopping in to say Hello. Loved the post, it’s wonderful how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?
    Hope the week is a great one for you and family.
    May God bless you.

  8. heiya Gail, LOoked at the pictures again, and I think your girl looks like you! How old were you when you got married? you mentioned your hubby’s age but not yours. Well, have a great day!!!! 🙂    🙂

  9. Hi Gail! Glad you laughed so hard today! yes, there is a kid in all of us isn’t there? By the way, my hidden camera caught you accidentally letting out a "poot" while you were laughing! hahaha….ok. I’m just being silly today. Have a great night. Sweet dreams!! 🙂

  10. I’m not sure if there is an update? Well, I’m about to head to bed. Just wanna say good night dear Aunt Gail. 🙂  From your reply, I gather your dh is more than 10 years older than you. Is that true? well..
    hope you have a good day ahead! Blessings upon you and all!

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