The Cafe

When Himself and I decided to take the advice of experts and go on a weekly date, we logically chose breakfast as the meal we would have on these occasions.  We both like breakfast and it is the least expensive meal of the day.
We have become regulars of a 20 seat cafe in our town.  The chef owner is a classically trained chef who sports a bandanna and a pony tail and his wife runs the business end.  On occasion, we have dinner or lunch there and it is exquisite!
When we gave our dd a baby shower, we asked them to cater and no one was disappointed (where we live it is usually less expensive to cater than to make the food ourselves).  We bring Isabella with us on our breakfast dates quite often and she has become the Princess of the cafe (or so WE think!).
Today is the fifth anniversary of the cafe’s existence and as a joke Himself (dressed in business attire), Isabella and I sported bandannas just like the chef’s!  When we walked into the packed restaurant, the chef saw us and had the biggest smile we could have hoped for!  He said we made his day and we reminded him of his youth!
Oh, what a wonderful thing to make someone smile!

11 responses to “The Cafe

  1. Just dropping by from Raising Girls site. Women outlive men. It is a proven fact, so why not marry a younger man? Just not too much younger:)>

  2. 🙂  Made me smile too!
    Slowly but surely I’m starting to get out and about and make the rounds around Blogland…
    Thank you for your faithful visits, your prayers while in Romania, and for cheering us on! 
    Were you a cheerleader in high school?  Whether you were or weren’t, you’re an excellent cheerleader in the Kingdom of God!  We need those, ya know…And I believe that cheering us on is a lot of what the great cloud of witnesses have going on in the grandstands of heaven every time we make quality decisions to step out in obedience to the faith.
    So, yeah…thanks!
    NYC was a full-on trip!  I don’t know why I didn’t expect it to be such a dirty, scary city, but I was, nonetheless, a little taken aback.  We took the subway to Times Square to the church David Wilkerson founded, ate lunch, then hopped back on the subway to catch our plane to London where we were connecting to our flight in to Bucharest.
    On the subway on the way to Times Square, I knew the Lord had a word for me to give to a guy who was pretty scary.  But it’s not the first time God has given me a word for scary men.  It’s one of those situations where I’ve had to swallow hard and say, ‘If I die, I die – and if I die, at least I will die having obeyed God.’
    Once while in Oklahoma the Lord dealt with me to give a word from Him to a man who looked as though he could have seriously been Charles Manson’s twin brother – spiritually and in every other way as well.  And before I went over to where the man was sitting, all that the Lord gave me was the opening sentence.  I did know by this point if I was just obedient with what He had given me, the rest would come.  And so it was with this man.  I opened my mouth, and the Lord who is faithful totally filled it.  When the man told me he worshipped Satan, I got majorly provoked and boldness like a lion just took over.  I asked him, ‘Oh?  Well then let me ask you, what has the devil ever done for you?  I guarantee he didn’t lay down his life to save you – and he wouldn’t do such a thing.’  In so many words, I alluded to the devil being too selfish and too big a coward to do something like that for a human being.  And then I told him how Jesus Christ would do such a thing for the likes of him and me when no one else would, and I by the grace of God was able to tell him why.
    When the man said, "I was just sitting here enjoying my privacy."  What I had in my mind to say that I felt restrained from saying was something along the lines of, ‘Well, you can forget about your privacy in hell because there won’t be any privacy there – for anyone!’
    By the time I left the man’s table (I was at a greasy spoon-type diner, travelling with my mom), I knew I’d given all that the Lord had given me to give.  And the really awesome thing is that by the time I got back to the table I was sharing with my mom, she didn’t even know what I’d done.  To this day she still doesn’t know.  If she’d known, she would have been very frightened, but the Lord protected her from knowing.
    This man on the subway smiled kind of an evil, mocking smile as I gave him what the Lord gave me for him, but one thing I know for sure about Jesus and the words that He sends His people to speak: they are spirit and they are life, and they are able to cut through all the evil influences and cut straight to the heart, straight to the chase.  For the Word of God is living and powerful.  And it’s funny, too, the Lord had me sit right beside him with my Bible opened before him so he could read with me what the Lord had for me to say to him.  It was terrifying and awesome all at the same time.

  3. Hello Gail,
    So glad you dropped by. Feel free to do so again. Leave a comment anytime. I might be a little slow answering but I will do so. I never thought that my last blog would get so many comments and of such length. No complaints about that. I am glad that you like my site. I refuse to be negative in it. It may seem like it once in awhile but that is in defense of our country, our military, our religious freedoms – merely speaking out against those who would like to keep us quiet. Freedom of speech is for everyone not just the elite rich few.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. i love that pic with the baby girl in the sunbonnet soooo totally adorable!!! 
    oh and i love your site its great!

  5. Dear Gail….hahaha..I like how you said men marry younger women coz they drive them to the grave earlier! hahaha…well, a friend of mine tell me, that sadly, most man have a life span which is 7 years shorter than women’s! She told me that when I married my dh who is 7 years older than me. She on the other hand, married a husband who is 7 years younger than her! lucky she!
    I like your entry today! I can imagine you and your man spotting that bandanna! You must’ve looked cool!!! so did any man pick on you?? heh heh!!
    Take care dear Gail!

  6. There is real power in a loving smile and indentifying with someone like ya’ll did with the chief.  In his mind he realizes someone notices and cares.  And that is important!
    serf ‘rett

  7. Hi Gail!
    I am catching up and reading.
    Yes, a smile is our best accessory! So true.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Lori

  8. Ahhh, dear AUnty Gail, I just had to come here and wish you goonight before I head for bed. 🙂
    kisses from my children to you.

  9. Isn’t the Lord so gracious and good?  No particular reason for saying so except’n that it’s just true!
    I just wanted to let you know I’ve started a new Word study blog and would like to invite you to come and be part of it!  I started this site specifically for Liz, since I know it’s been on her heart to do what she’s never done before: read the Bible through from start to finish.  A little birdie (*ahem* named *cough* Liz) told me she was in the book of Leviticus.  She had started a blog for this purpose when she started in the book of Genesis, but msn crashed the space, so I thought I’d pick up the torch so that we could all keep going with her as she sorts through it all.
    If you’re in, just add a comment and I’ll add your space as a link-ee-poo of participating bloggers.  Since God’s Words are spirit and they are life, it’s sure to be fun for all!
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  10. Awesome!!!
    Is it okay if I add you to my list of participating bloggers then?  And if so, may I state your name – the name that I love?
    Love you,
    Carol 🙂

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