The Pied Piper

When I was a child, some of the best times we had were at my Aunt Liz’s house.  She was the Pied Piper who could get just about any child to follow her with her sense of fun.  Although I saw her dark side on occasion, it was still fun to stay overnight at her house and play with my cousins’ toys and eat junk food we may not have had at home.
At Liz’s wedding (in the 1950’s), it got very hot and so she tore her gown below the arm pits and yelled, "Air conditioning!"  She then danced to her heart’s content.
Aunt Liz died last night.  She just couldn’t stay off the cigarettes and they made worse the physical ailments she suffered from.  She was only 72.  She didn’t want a funeral but, instead, direct cremation.  On Sunday, we will gather together at hers and my uncle’s house for what she called her graduation party into heaven.   She’s still the Pied Piper.

10 responses to “The Pied Piper

  1. I’m very sorry about your aunt. She sounds like she was a really special lady, and I just have to love her name!

  2. Dearest Gail, my deepest condolence to you at this point of time. I’m lost for words when it comes to situation like this. There’s just never the right words to say. May the peace of the Lord rest upon you and family as you go through this time together.

    I’m sorry, Gail. She sounded like a woman after my own heart.
    The thing that comforts me in these times of mourning OUR loss is: "Lucky them. They’re out of the colossal fiasco we call ‘life,’ and are livin’ large and loved."
    So go and laugh on Sunday, and maybe, if it’s hot? Rip your sleeves off and yell, "Air conditioning!"
    Thanks for your kind words and prayers on my end. They’re appreciated more than you can know.

  4. Hello there, my deepest condolence to you in this moment. Our Lord of Lords will give you and the family the strength needed. I send you and ur family all my love and prayers, and a HUG for ya blessings

  5. Hey G, I love the suggestion about ripping your shirts and yelling Air Conditioning !
    My friend, Kim, on the Praise Team, also was adamant I get the CO detector UP !!  It will be my Sunday PM project, I  PROMISE!!
    Love you!!

  6. I think when someone leaves behind a legacy like that it’s a direct link to understanding a little bit about heaven. I’m guessing your sleeveless aunt is dancing about heaven and her laughter will waft down here every once in a while just for you – to remind you of all that is "better yet" and just ahead for you.

  7. i am so sorry to hear about your aunt passing away.   i never know the right words to say in situations like this but my heart does go out to you at this time.
    i also wanted to thank you for the very nice things you said to me on my website. it meant a great deal to me.

  8. Wow.  My favorite uncle died of pretty much the same thing – 4 packs of Virginia Slim 120’s a day.
    The comfort of the Holy Ghost be with you all.
    Carol 🙂

  9. so sorry to hear about yoor aunt Liz..
    sounds like a lovely person
    your photos are nice ,Isabella is so cute 🙂
    I miss your comments on my space 😦

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