The Party

Well, we made it through Sunday (my late aunt’s "graduation party to heaven") with flying colors. My two children, my dgd and I drove down to my parents’ house and then to my uncle’s where we joined my siblings, my four cousins, their thirteen children, spouses, aunts, uncles, nieces, friends, well, you get the picture. The house is large and at the head of a lagoon where a beautiful breeze blew through the windows keeping us cool. There were hugs, laughs, a tear here and there but mostly a feeling of closeness between people who had known each other for entire lifetimes and for whom there is an endless circle of relationship.

My aunt’s firstborn gave a short eulogy and people were welcome to comment. My darling Isabella fell asleep in my arms and that made everything right in my world. New relationships became established with the more distant cousins and talk of politics was avoided once we saw there were two divergent camps. Goodbyes were difficult but, as is the usual practice, we promised to keep in touch.

This time, I think, things will be different. I have already e-mailed the eldest of my cousins and requested the e-mail addresses of her siblings. Maybe we will get a cousins’ club going and maybe we won’t. Either way, we connected for several hours on a beautiful afternoon sharing grief, joy and the knowledge that we are connected by a bond that cannot be broken.

My sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of you who left comments with condolenses and for the prayers you sent up for my family and me. I was not particularly close to my aunt but she was only the second of that generation to pass (the first was so long ago I was only a small child) and this is a bit frightening to us, the next generation.

May the Lord be kind enough to leave a generous gap between this and the next homegoing in my family.

blessings, gail

12 responses to “The Party

  1. Aunty Gail, you are back in blog land. Missed reading stuff from you. It is true that sometimes cousins only get together during a funeral or a wedding. Well, I hope your cousin club takes off and next time you reunite it’ll be for a good time of fun. 🙂
    Take care and rest well. God bless!

  2. Hey Gail,Sorry to hear of your loss. The song my brother sang Sunday was "You delivered Me". It’s a Larnelle Harris song and it was perfect. I wish you could have heard it too! Thanks for stopping by.Have a great night

  3. I’m sorry to read of your aunt passing away. 
    I do like her view of gathering to rejoice in her graduation.  My mom has said for years that this is the way it should be for the believer.
    Have a blessed day.  serf ‘rett  

  4. Gail, this is beautiful.  I almost feel like I was there. 
    I hope you’ll have more opportunities to get together with family.  When my grandparents (Dad’s side) were getting up in age, the family met together often.  I can’t remember the last time I heard about a reunion since Mama & Papa K graduated. 
    I hope that your family will keep in touch.  It’s so important to maintain those family ties. 

  5. A graduation party!  What a beautiful way to look at it.  Death can be such a fearful, lonely time for so many, this lends an air of joy at yet another homecoming.
    My prayers are with your family.  -cindy

  6. This has been a long, wonderful, exhausting day. Bill is on the phone with another of his sisters now. He’s been talking to all his family today and they are so excited just like us. On top of all that, we got our travel pay today so I was able to take a huge chunk out of the credit card bills we’ve been running up. LOL
    It’s getting late here, but I’m too wired to think about sleeping!

  7. dearest Gail, The Lord Almighty will surely bring comfort to your heart, and as we know, it was His will for her to go, we know that everything that happens is under His control, so it was no surprise for Him. love ya lotsblessings

  8. Hello g,
    The Mumbai, India blast killed 200 people, and wounded many more. India is in a state of shock. Everyone is numbed from the blasts. It was the work of Pakistani Muslim terrorists. Rush hour and @8 bombs went off within 11 minutes. The gall of annyone to take life in such a manner should get the world angry. If I could avenge but one death, I would do so and sleep contentedly. I am too old for that kind of action but the thought and feeling is there – too much time around the military I guess. Protect family, friends, & Country.
    Peace & Blessings.

  9. Oh G,
    That must have been heart-wrenching for you, but beautiful Bells put it all in persepective, and isn’t God awesome how He grants that to us ?  Families are actually drawn closer because of email and IM…I just got finished talking to my oldest niece, what really struck me was that I was able to share so much of my Mum (her grandma) and my sister (her mom) with her…about good times, not bad.  She is seeing her family in a whole different light now.  What a blessing !!
    Well, perhaps you will join us in reading “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyers…Me, Liz, Wen, and my Neice have decided to do a study of it…perhaps you might join as well?  Or your faithful readers?
    Hope all is well for you, G, may God bless you and keep you and your family.

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