To sleep; perchance to dream…

When we had been living in our humble home for about two and a half years, I did the math and figured out it was time to replace the water heater.  Himself did not agree with me so I let it go – for a while.  My feeling was so strong that I talked him into it.
We were able to get a top of the line water heater at a discount through a friend and the older of my two younger brothers, being quite handy in all things pertaining to heating and cooling, offered to install it.
Brother and niece arrived bright and early and, while I hung out with niece, brother took on the task of removing the old water heater, which was attached to the chimney, and installed the new one.  Being a perfectionist, he didn’t like the way the flame was burning and so he removed that which he had just installed and what he found may very well have saved our lives.  Our chimney was clogged!  It was not venting properly!  He cleaned it out as best he could and, again, installed the water heater and the flame burned properly.  We called in a chimney sweep and had the chimney repaired and a cap put on the top of it.
My friends, we all had the beginning symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, e.g. sleepiness with the inability to sleep, crankiness, etc.  Had my brother not been so alert we may have died in our sleep sometime after the installation.
We immediately purchased CO detectors and I would implore each of you to do the same if you haven’t already.  Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas.  Entire families are wiped out from it.  We have had the fire department here when the detector has had a high reading and the utility company came and was able to find the source (a cooking implement on the stove was trapping gas!).
Please do not waste any time.  Get out there and invest in something that could very well save your lives.
Blessings, gail

13 responses to “To sleep; perchance to dream…

  1. wow, it is so true, in here entire families have died cause they were careless or had the heater installed in the wrong yablessings

  2. *shiver**shiver* Scary…. Thank God you found it out Gail. The Lord whispers to us sometimes and I’m sure it was He who was giving you the urge in your heart to change the heater.
    We have no chimneys here, and we use electric heaters, no fire involved.
    Why no sleep Gail? Anything troubling your mind? Well..I hope as I write this, you are finallly fast asleep. Take care too, since you are facing the thunderstorms. Over here it is a dry spell! This time of the year is always the worst! WHen it gets too hot, our neighbouring country gets lots of forest fires which sends all the haze here, and the polution index goes up. 😦
    I’m hoping for some rain soon. Take care dear Gail!

  3. Renters don’t have that option – especially when they only rent a portion of the house and the remaining portion is inhabited by someone who will only spend money on the yard (big yard…I think she has somewhere between 10 & 20 acres) and the dogs.
    My room is more like a studio than a room.  I have my own entrance with 2 locks on the door, and 2 locks on a security door, and I park near the entrance.  The door leading into the house locks with a dead bolt lock that I lock from my side.  The landlady occupies the remainder of the house.  I don’t share the rest of the house as I have my own bathroom and shower and closet.  The area is as big if not bigger than many studio apartments for rent out here.  I cook with a little electric coil one-burner unit and sometimes with a microwave and have a cute little refrigerator with a real, insulated freezer.  So, in other words, I’m all self-contained and have no need for access to the rest of the landlady’s house.
    The downside is, one fine Sunday morning a year 1/2 ago, I awoke to the smell of smoke.  As I was coming to, I thought maybe the landlady had built a fire in the fireplace, but then as I started coming to even more, I realized the smell of smoke was far too pungeant.  I opened the door (which has a dead bolt on it that locks from my side) that goes into the rest of the house, I called the landlady’s name but got no answer.  The house was full of smoke.  I called her worker who helps her with the land, and at the same time, I had 911 on the line.
    I stood stunned and horrified for a half a second as I watched the worker go into the front door of the house.  Reality set in for the last half of the second that this was not his property, not his responsibility to try and be a hero.  So I go in the house after him not sure what I’d do if something happened to him, how I’d get him out, etc.  He comes running past me in the living room with a pan with a black stream of smoke rising from it.
    As I follow him out the front door, I fail to see a step up to the entry way before both big toes meet the step – a full dash having been interrupted by the meeting.  So then, the worker is helplessly trying to get me out of the house as I scream out in agony at the broken bones I can feel in the one toe (actually the bones were shattered like shards of glass).
    To this day, I still have to keep foil over the vents because of the smell of burning kidneys that remain in the vents – which the landlady cannot smell due to a head injury that occurred a few years back that caused a condition that caused her not to be able to smell.  I told her about it, but she wanted me to call someone to clean out the vents, she didn’t want it to cost over $150.  I didn’t make the call because I didn’t know if she was going to leave me to write the check too, and I knew with such a terrible smell, $150 would just get the vent cleaners in the door.  It wouldn’t cover the cost of actually getting the vents cleaned and sanitized.
    So…I trust God.  He hasn’t failed me yet!
    And I want to thank you so much for your gracious comments.  And want to especially thank you for being an awesome sister!
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  4. Wow that is so scary!  My whole house is completely electric and for that I am thankful.
    Thanks for your helpful comment on my site I dont know anything about a county board of realtors here but we have just decided to just go with the flow and in 6 months we will probably take down the sign since we have upped the price on our house and we are sure no one is going to offer us what we are asking.

  5. Hi Gail,  thanks for the advice…. Im still trying to decide what I want to do. Im a real basket case on this.   I dont like the town I live in I do have family here but we have nothing in common mainly because i do not smoke or drink. I feel alot of turmoil about the whole thing. One of my daughters wants to move the other wants to stay here with her friends. They have never went to another school and shes getting ready to go into high school. SO, this is just really a big decision to make.  I dont want to hurt my kids or anyone in the process.  Sometimes i think my wanting to move is purely for selfish reasons.  Im gonna get on my knees today and really pray for Gods guidance.   How do you really know when God is guiding you?  I dont know, im just really at a confusing place in my life.
    Thanks for youro comments its so appreciated.

  6. Good story.  Thanks for the valuable tip.  Haven’t left on vacation yet.  Will be leaving this coming Friday.  Have a great weekend!

  7. it is amazing how God lets us know when something is amiss…
    we just have to be listening ,as you obviously where !  I think sometimes we hear God & think ‘it can’t be ‘pleased you were paying attention that time 🙂
    young people must be the same the world over ….there are lots of sensible ones too
    it is a seaside holiday town & is full of holiday makers just now …they seem to think they have right of way !
    enjoy the weekend

  8. Hello Gail,
    I am sickened by all the bad news in the world. I get sickened by people complaing about things when they haven’t fully researched the topic.  Maybe that is because I spent most of my life analyzing things. It felt good to declare a day of prayer and mourning for the tragic events that occured in India. Is that not how humans are supposed to treat other humans? If not, then I am a total freak but what a way to be! I love it.
    Peace & Blesssings.

  9. Hey Gail, it was cool you finally posted about Carbon Monoxide detectors, of course I praise God you are alive to warn us all…Iwill do my best at getting it up and active tomorrow afternoon, ok ?  And I love you for bugging me about it, Praise God!  You rock !!
    With love,

  10. I know and doesn’t it seem like anything can "get you" these days? This is particularly frightening because of the odorless aspect. You don’t know until it is too late!
    Great post!

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