One Ringy-Dingy…

We fought getting a cell phone for the longest time.  They, and people who used them, seemed so obnoxious. 
Then September 11, 2001 happened.  So many people were able to hear their loved ones’ voices just one more time.  Shortly thereafter, Himself’s manager’s father was on a hunting trip – alone.  He fell in a ditch and, had he not had his cell phone, might have perished there with a broken leg.  Only his son knew the area he was in.
Our first plan was for one hour a month for twenty dollars a month.  Piece of cake.  Himself took it when he went out and I took it when I went out and it was just for emergencies.  That worked out well for quite some time.
Truth be told, I don’t remember the progression of aquiring several more phones – one for each family member – except that the number of phone booths has dwindled and the need to be in touch with a teenager and the safety of an adult child on the road all seemed to become of vital importance!
Our wireless plan is more complicated than a Rubik’s cube.  We have extra text minutes for a fee and the "In" plan is a blessing.  My entire side of the family sticks with one phone company so we can be in touch without having to pay exhoribitant long distance fees!  That helps when your family is bicoastal.
Well, I guess the cell phone is a blessing for the most part.  Still, I wish some people didn’t attach them to their ears.  It is a terrible disfigurement and an entire different entry about manners in public places.
Hope your Lord’s day is fulfilling and that you are able to "Walk with the King today and be a blessing."   g

16 responses to “One Ringy-Dingy…

  1. Cell phones are a necessity today.  I just got a new one yesterday with a travel charger since I will be traveling soon.  I couldn’t imagine not having one especially when traveling alone.  I remember using mine to call different family members when I was on vacation in Hawaii by myself.  Part of my routine was to hike to the top of Diamond Head every morning and call them from there.  It was the most liberating experience.  Comment on energy from my blog…well I ended up resting the rest of the day and have not started on cleaning yet.  So here I go!  Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Hi Gail!
    And welcome to the masses of OBNOXIOUS people. I have more than once done the Paris Hilton thing and used the phone as a prop to look busy… LOL. I suspect that is obnoxious behaviour.
    I hope that you are having a great weekend so far.
    Love, Lori

  3. My whole family has cell phones now. We even disconnected our "land line" because it wasn’t neccessary anymore.
    I couldn’t imagine ever going without a cellphone again. Yes, I am one of "those" people!

  4. wow, nice wish!church was great, after singin we had testimonies and we can see how the Lord’s workin in each member’s life. I’m so thankful for all He does. besides, great preaching in charge of one of our missionaries. It was about drifting away and how easy we do it, comparin it with snow and the feelin u get when u are skiing, once u started the race down, it is impossible to go back or to stop, thats the sme that happens when u drift away, it’s subtle, and u drift away slowly…well it was a good ya, blessings

  5. Hey Gail oh Gail,
    cell phones?? What’s that?? ok, i’m kidding of course, over here, most people change cell phones once or at least twice a year. (not me though!) THe thing is that you must have a COOL handphone. If the company comes out with a cool gadget, EVERYobdy must change or look out of place and uncool! haha….check out the ammount of handphone stores here!!!!!! LOADS and LOADS! WHen you go to a hair saloon and whip out your cell phone, make sure it is THE latest. The hair dresser judges you by it. If you have an old model, she’ll give you a traditional hair cut, if it is the latest, she’ll give you a hip and trendy one. See……it’s all about looks. taht’s why people have it stucked to their ear where it can be seen. The ones who have it hiding are the ones with the older models. hahaha…Take care!! Blessings upon you!

  6. Rude cell phone behavior #1 – when people are talking with you and they answer their cell and start having this whole other conversation which you of course cannot be involved in so you sit there wondering – "Should I just go?  Or would that be rude."  As I say this I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done it to a friend or two before – but still – it’s rude.

  7. Just read your comment on Lori’s on weight matters …haha…ok, so AUnty Gail, wants to loose weight and get something from M’sia too?? hmmm…but I’m sure you’re slim already! Give me some statistics and I’ll see if you qualify! haha….

    Oddly enough, I just this morning was pondering my dependency on cell phones. I was just about ready to back out of my driveway when I realized that I didn’t have my cell phone with me.
    I debated for a moment, dreading the hot, humid walk (of about 15 feet. yes, I’m that lazy) back into the house for the phone. Then I decided that since I was driving 8 miles — in the daylight — to a job where I could talk on a phone for FREE all day — and would be leaving by 2 p.m. for the 8 mile drive home, that I would be fine without the phone.
    Besides, if something actually did  happen en route, I knew that EVERY OTHER DRIVER on the road would have his cell phone, too.
    I first knew I was in trouble when I called home — FROM MY DRIVEWAY — to see if someone would help carry groceries in.
    I’ve been "reassessing" ever since.

  9. Here I thought I waited a long time to get a cell phone???
    Now it has become my special friend…
    If we all get those ear pieces we can get together and play ‘Star Trek’…
    I get to be Captain Kirk!!!!

  10. We have a love/hate relationship with ours – I love it / hubby hates it.  My kids are always whining about all their friends who have one and why can’t they have one.  I just tell them their friends parents obviously love their children more than we love ours . . .

  11. Where to comment – here or there or anywhere?  I’m leaving you a comment on my space as it pertains to the comment you left me there – wow – I’m starting to confuse even myself.  I’ll leave it on the same thread you left yours on. See ya there. 

  12. No stats for me Gail? hmmm…now I have to think hard….well…what’s the deal then? Mmmm…you gonna join Lori on the run?? haha….well for you dear Aunty Gail, I’ll specially send you something come Christmas ok?? You take good care!!!

  13. Hey Gail,
    I’m glad to know you’ve found a good women group. It’s hard to find that nowadays..when women are so busy stabbing each other’s backs.
    As for myself, I used to have more guy friends then women friends as well..but recently, I have found some terrific women friends too…and it helps..coz we women need to pray with one another. Well, the women in this group have issues to deal with. Actually three of them….now some of them won’t show up! God grant me wisdom, or one of the other women wisdom on how to deal with this…
    Take care dear Gail! I appreciate your comments and insights! 🙂
    Men usually talk about superficial stuff…but you won’t belief it, the men in my church group talk about how to become better fathers and husbands! haha… 

  14. I too held out for the longest possible time before giving in to the cell phone thing. 
    Before I had my cell phone, I can’t even count the number of times I thought about how handy a cell phone would be.  And since I’ve been a carrier of a phone for the past 2 1/2 years I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve been grateful to have the device.

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