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I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed a new list I formed of worthwhile quotes.  Here is the latest from a dear friend of ours:
"How someone treats you does not define your loveableness."  L. Brickman
There are some who will only love us when we can give them something and others who will love us even when we act horribly.  When I was pregnant with my son, I had nine months of PMS.  My dd’s first words to her new brother were, "Hi.  I’m the one Mommy’s always yelling at."  Yes, I was a horrible person.  However, my dear friend, Laura, called me every other day to make sure someone was still speaking with me!  She actually said that to me!  I was not at all loveable in the world’s eyes but Laura saw me with different eyes and didn’t avoid me and my terrible behavior.  I was still loved by her!
By the same token, if people treat me badly, that does not mean I am not loveable!  They do not have the power to define whether or not I am a loveable person.  I hope I am making sense because, despite the late hour, I am feeling very strongly about this.  Hearts was pointing out on her site how so many women have low self-esteem.  If we will only accept that "Our actions do not define who we are.  God defines who we are" (another L. Brickman quote) we will see that since God loves us we are loveable!  We don’t have to be loved by everyone!
Now I feel I may be able to sleep because this has exhausted me!  Sweet dreams, dear ones.  gail

7 responses to “Worthwhile Quote

  1. "Our actions do not define who we are.  God defines who we are"
    I liked that quote the best.

  2. I really love this post, all your posts are great but this one is special to me and for me. I was always told that I was unlovable and I even posted about it a while back. But I always seen myself as someone who is loving and kind and I have learned to believe that I am lovable.  God defines who we are and therefore we are lovable and loved.
      Its so amazing to me to see Gods people giving to me what I need via these msn spaces and it feeds my soul even.People who do not know me but follow the guidance of God and write those things that will help someone along the way.  God really does take care of all of us doesnt he?
    Thanks so much for posting this and if you dont mind i would like to add you to my favorite blogs?

  3. Great quotes and awesome blog entry. Gives me something good to think about. Bill told me I was cranky yesterday. I didn’t mean to be. I told him that’s just part of my brilliant personality. He said I didn’t have to show him that part if I didn’t want to. LOL I’m so glad he loves me no matter how I act! (and so does God, whew!)

  4. This really is a great entry!
     I have one, from Joyce Meyer ( she is NOT the only author I read –lol)  It is on the words we use on a daily basis:
    “If we really believed that words hold power and that God holds us accountable for them, I am sure we would be more careful about what we say.”

  5. Pretty cool.  To be loved by a friend that loyal is beyond blessing.  We’ve talked alot in our bible study about that sense we all have somewhere deep down of being too much or not enough.  And we all have a tremendous need to be shown otherwise.  Your friend doing that for you shows those who saw it a picture of a God who does that for all of us.  Beautiful.  And I’m guessin’ you’ve done the same for others as well.  What an encouragement!!
    I was just thinking last night how fun it would be to post quotes from friends.  Now I REALLY think I can.  I love your quotes from books etc.  But from average everyday people would be fun too.  Even funny quirky little sentences….hmmmm…. the possiblities!

  6. Ahhh…words of wisdom from Aunty Gail. 🙂
    WHat you’ve written is true that God defines who we are, and we should never view ourselves from how others treat us. Sometimes it is so hard, we try to please others…and hope they will like us. I used to struggle big time on this…in my childhood..right upto my 20’s..simply coz I didn’t have a very pleasant childhood…mainly coz my mum was a hurting person..and she let it out by using really abusive words, and hitting us badly. It hurt so much that I thought I was totally unloveable and useless…but over the course of time, God healed me, and He healed my mother, and He healed our relationship. I’ve come to realise that who I am, is who I am in Christ. It is He who created me, the way I am. Tehre’s no need to go out of my way to make someone like me, I am comfortable now just being myself! Now, that healing can only come from God my dear Heavenly Father who knows us all by name! There..now I’ve spoken the truth..but never on my blog Gail, coz friends of my mum read it. It would hurt my mum if this ever got out. I love her too much to ever let this past out. BUt since your blog has somwehat triggered it..there .
    Take care !

  7. I think that may be one of the biggest hurdles we women have to get over.  Since I’m not a man I can’t speak for the gender there.  This is right at the very heartbeat of what I’ve been dealing with lately.
    One thing I know is that when God puts His finger on an item to point it out, He does so because He’s about to set us free from the item that’s been weighing us down, holding us back.

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