Worthwhile Quote

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."  A.A. Milne (1882-1956)

15 responses to “Worthwhile Quote

  1. You could be right. I saw a chart a while back that showed that we were 8 hours ahead of our family in Oklahoma, but we are actually 7. I thought that must be during daylight savings time. I asked Bill if they had it here and he said he didn’t think so. I just assumed they didn’t, but I haven’t asked anyone else about it. Oh well, if we have to do it, I guess that’s OK. I’ve always hated it though. Such a pain.

  2. Er…um…that’s one way of looking at it!  I’d better not adhere to that one though.  I’ve enough enabling going on as it is!  😀

  3. Hi Gail!  Got a spam for ya!
    Calling all who wanna know Jesus!  Please check out the most recent post on my Word Study blog and have a go at the challenge!

  4. Amen to the quote. May I borrow it when I need it to explain certain things to my dear husband? hahaha…
    I bought a book about Pilates from the ship. I will try out the exercises as they claim that it helps people with back pain!
    Take care dear Aunty gail,
    hugs to you from my children. 🙂

  5. Finally!  An excuse for why my kitchen looks that way –I love surprises !!  LOL
    Be blesssed my perfectionist friend…and I also enjoy speaking like a Jane Austen character every now and then!

  6. yes laurie, there is an excuse after all LOLlove ya, I know I have been an awful blogger this week, but promise next will I’ll do better.Plus, today was mayhem, went to a sort of garage sale 🙂 YAY got some nice stuff.later gatorblessings

  7. I just spent some time in our loft area looking for books for Fergus ..
    I enjoyed rummaging around in stuff that should really have been thrown out years ago !
    enjoy your family weekend Gail 🙂

  8. Just a reminder that you don’t have to bite off the whole 7 chapters.  Start anywhere, stop anywhere something grabs you.  Ask what it reveals about Jesus.  Walk away.  Do your stuff letting your heart meditate on whatever it was that grabbed you.  Go back and take peeks at the scriptures as you feel moved to do so.  Go do your stuff some more.  Whenever something explodes in your heart, come back and share with the rest of us while it is still fresh so we can all rejoice together!

  9. AUnty Gail, hope yo have an exciting time at Himself’s birthday bash! haha..are you doing all the cooking? I hope not! Take care and hope that herself and himself will have rip-roaring, wonderful time like teenagers all over again. 🙂

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