Happy Birthday to Himself!

 My husband of nearly nineteen years turns 60 today!  Usually, he just wants to hide when he has a decade birthday but he decided to have a "family" bbq today.  Turns out we will be having at least 21 people and possibly more here today and we are expecting thunderstorms!  I had a talk with my Heavenly Father and asked if we might be able to avoid having the storms once the company comes and I know everything will be just fine.  We have a wee house but they (who are "they" anyway?) say the more the merrier, right?
Himself is the oldest of four children – three guys followed by one gal.  He is a hard working man who loves his family very much.  As I type, he is on the treadmill (the only treadmill within a three mile distance that hasn’t become a laundry hanger) and we will be going out to breakfast to celebrate his day.  Breakfast has always been his favorite meal of the day.
I would surely appreciate any prayers you might send up for us today as I don’t do well with crowds and still have so much more to do before company arrives.  Blessedly, my Mom and Dad will be here a few hours early and Mom has promised to dump any clutter into the Boy’s room saying that he won’t even notice!!
Blessings to all, gail

6 responses to “Happy Birthday to Himself!

  1. hey nice to see you again, and happy bday to ur dh, hope the bbq goes fantastic and I’m sure it will be, plus u dont turn 60 everyday :-)I have to say I am very happy and thankful for everything that the Lord Almighty has done in my life and in our small group, we had the Lord’s Supper last night, and we had precious fellowship and testimonies bout what Jesus means to all of us, I got home at about 2 in the morning, and when I was gettin off the bus and gettin a taxi, 2 guys got on the bus and robbed one drunk guy that was sleepin in the bus, I got so nervous and had my own fears and remembered when I was stolen my cell phone, mm not good, but My Precious Lord protected me and so I got home safe, as always. :-Dlove ya lots and save me something from the bbq ;-pblessings

  2. I’m not good in crowds either- my grad party last month had over 40!- but I found if I relax, don’t worry about how clean the house is & let the little details go, I actually have fun. Enjoy the day, the family & your beloved husband- hey, what’s a little rain, thunder & lightening when you can have bbq!

  3. pleased to see things went well
     glad you like my quotes …
    just had to put my own on there too 🙂
    we all should write down the ‘bits’ God gives us so we can look back on them

  4. Hugs G !!
    It sounds like all your fears turned into fun for the BBQ and you were blessed by having your parents there – it’s great when someone can help out and you know they do it out of love so you don’t feel guilt (well, not too much).
    I love the point when one gets so tired one gets giddy – sounds like you and your sister hit that and enjoyed it to the fullest!
    Take care and enjoy the blessings that a Monday can bring (and yes, Mondays, contrary to popular belief CAN bring blessings – hee hee)

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