I Survived

Well, as you can see, I survived the bd bbq.  Twenty-six people coming and going – mostly staying!  We had a blast and I believe dh had a wonderful bd.
Yesterday morning I was on my knees praying and I asked God to let it rain up until the time of the party and then stop.  Well, that’s pretty much what happened and it just goes to show ya that we need to pray in specifics! 
I am trying to think of interesting details to write but my brain is still mushy.  I slept and slept this morning and Himself didn’t even wake me for church because he knew how exhausted I was.  I was on my feet most of the day yesterday preparing food and just going from one spot to another.  As I had previously mentioned, I don’t deal well with crowds well so I have to keep on moving to not be stuck in one. 
My parents came a few hours early to help keep me from getting too anxious and it worked like a charm.  My mom wouldn’t allow me to get upset about anything and just took over if she felt I shouldn’t have to deal with something.  (Yes, Mom.  I did notice that!)  The Boy kept getting into the guacamole my dd made and my Mom kept slapping his hand and telling him to get lost!  He was so greedy!
When it was getting late and only a few people were still here, we got rather giddy.  My sister and I laughed sooo hard that it hurt!   Clean up was done in stages and we were in pretty good shape this morning. 
I am so glad that most major bd’s only happen once a decade!  I have a biggy coming up but do not plan on having a party.  I have something else in mind…………
blessings, gail

22 responses to “I Survived

  1. I’m so glad it went well & you had sufficient help. I stress myself before hand, saying "NEVER AGAIN!’ then afterward, when my worst fears don’t martialize, I wonder why I don’t entertain more. I received an AS in Accting & an AA in Business; I will be finishing my bachelor’s eventually, but after 15 yr of part-time school, I’m taking at least 3 yrs off (told my 15 yr old that we can go to college TOGETHER! Won’t that be FUN?.) I’ve promised my poor husband that I WILL learn to cook again!

  2. you didn’t mention the sinful chocolate rasberry cake that you made and I ate.  I paid for it later but it was worth it.  You did a wonderful job and I’m proud of you…

  3. Yahoo…Aunty Gail made it!! And it’s so nice to read of how you had such a good laugh till your stomach hurt!!! hahaha…That’s so nice! and thank God He gave you the great weather too!
    Thank you so much for the prayer you left on my page…when I read it..I really felt very much comforted…thank you so much!
    Well, it’s off to preperations..and an early morning awaits! Take care!

  4. Yea!  My mom  got a passport and left a comment!  Now, don’t get any ideas about asking her questions about me!  g

  5. Sounds fun and exhausting! You know, it’s funny.. nobody here does that (what you asked about on your comment). Maybe Europeans are just smarter than Americans in that way. LOL Maybe they realize that louder doesn’t make it any easier to understand. haha

  6. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for your comment you left me.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the bd bbq.
    Have a great day!

    I really don’t have a problem with crowds, but I’m always exhausted after something like this. I have this ridiculous need to "entertain."
    Husband always says, "They’re big boys and girls, EdgyKay. They can make their own good time." But I insist.
    I’m glad it was fun, but I’m even more glad that it’s all over. Now if I could just figure out a way to get me a piece of that chocolate raspberry cake…

  8. Hello Gail,
    Glad you survived the BD bash! Anything like that I would definnitely be hiding somewhere. I don’t get along with crowds either since so many of them get so noisy. There are certain aspects of life which make it worse. That I can understand. Glad the BBQ went over so good and the rain past – now if I could get some rain.
    Peace & Blessings.

  9. Hello Gail,
    You have certainly been blessed with the treatment at the VA. They keep trying to change one medication or another. Then not keeping up with decisions that were made in my favor previously. When I get my meds at the VA they are free (70% disabled, 100% unemployable). The only two clinics where I am seen on time is my primary care and mental health. The lipid clinic will probably delay me even farther now. Glad you have it so good with the VA.
    Peace & Blessings.

  10. WTG for facing your fears! You are an overcomer and that is so awesome! It does really help when you have a good network of support!

  11. I’m really not all that adventurous. I never do anything unless Bill is with me. He’s braver than I am. I would never have asked those teenagers for directions because I knew they wouldn’t speak English. I probably would’ve just driven around until I found a sign. LOL Heck, I wouldn’t have been out there driving around in the first place. 😛 Thank God for my man!

  12. Hi Gail, I had blogged about a certain time in my life and it offended my Mom… she called me crying and telling me when she dies she has instructed her husband to not call any of her children. She calls me each time one of my sisters thinks my blogging is offensive… im getting tired of hearing all the complaints.  So, thats why i blogged the one you read…. I was just upset.  Im gonna have to learn to write things that do not offend my family members. Its hard to do that sometimes.
    Dont give up on me!  Im still going to be blogging and need all the friends online that i can get!

  13. Hello Gail,
    You have left me speechless! My wife says that is a first. If anyone knows, she does. I always have something to say about something. Saying I am a great American, I am flattered, complimented and proud that you feel that way all at the same time. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who just spoke his own mind and didn’t care about what others thought. Keeping in mind that honesty was foremost in my statements and sometimes a little radical to make others think. Just trying to get other people to think and get along no matter their differences.
    There are a lot of schools who do not have sex education. The countries who have sex education in their schools have the lowest rates of STD’s and teen pregnancies. The central US is too conservative for the most part to allow such a subject to be taught let alone find a teacher who could properly teach it. Care to move out here and become a sex education teacher?;) Read "Dry Land Farmer" first. It is definitely a negative towards moving here.
    I only put people on my blog list who I respect and enjoy reading. Also you are a good jumping off point to other places. I am an adventerer and an explorer simply for the sake of education. I do the same with the other blogs on my site. Being retired gives me the time for such stuff.
    Peace & Blessings.

  14. Dearest Aunty G, you survived the BBQ, I survived my first day at lectures! hahaha…
    ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. Basically, they just make life difficult for everyone…because everything has to be done so carefully with strict guidelines etc etc. It’s just time wastage. I don’t see the point of doing it for education..though it may be useful for government offices and quality control organizations.
    well A.G..will end here. Making quick visits before the eye starts to smart too much!
    *blessings* and *hugs*
    So nice to see Himself has left you a message here too. haha…you are popular and loved aren’t ya. 🙂

  15. Hello Gail,
    Abstinence is the ONLY sure way to keep from getting pregnant or from catching an STD. Pity the poor fool with a latex allergy that uses a latex condom or his partner has a latex allergy:) Sorry that had to come out. My wife is allergic to latex is why I thought of that.
    I wish I had an explanation for the handle Alien Hunter. I really don’t have one. It just came out. Any suggestions for what it means would be appreciated. Since I have no explanation there can be no incorrect answer. Only an answer can be had. Maybe I should have a contest for the meaning;)
    Yes, you are the first one to call me a geat American. Doubt it not fair lady for I could not stand the pain it wouldst causeth thee to be so in doubt. OK so I can go from Redneck grammar "Dry Land Farmer" to Shakespearean grammar at the drop of a hat. I’m just a West Texas boy at heart, an Air Force Brat, & Retired Military. Just someone who believes in standing up for what I believe in, what I know and not caring what others might think. Read my next blog which I just put in. It is going to cause a BIG stir when the facts are presented to the liberal crybabies.
    Peace & Blessings

  16.  Lots of good reading here! You have the respect of Alien hunter that is a hudge plus.He does cause one to think! I need that….LOL
    I love crowds especially family.My house is where the party always is and the more the merrier.I am the perfectionist with you though.I wear myself out with all the details of the party! LOL
    Well take care
    Thanks for sharing

  17. HELLO!
    You should celebrate this next birthday of yours with a HUMONGOUS BANG!!!
    Nothing like a good bbq party I say.

  18. Sheese!  What’s the deal with commenting today?  It feels like pulling teeth just to get a comment to post!
    Anyway, as I was wanting to say earlier…what was I wanting to say???
    Hey!  Will that do for now?  😀

  19. Hello Gail,
    NYC was a double tragedy and too many people only remember 9/11/2001. Shame on them. People were hurt in 1993 and they deserve consideration too. May these dates never be forgotten.
    You haven’t told me what your concept is of why I use "Alien Hunter" for a handle. Now I have other people asking. Have you been starting a conspiracy to make me think;)? Since I have no idea why I use it their can be no insult, just ideas to put together and come up with an answer.
    Peace & Blessings.

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