Where Was I?

Taking a muscle relaxant for my back before I go to sleep at night has made getting up in the morning a lot easier due to the lack of pain.  The only bad side affect is that it makes this low energy person that I am even lower in energy come morning. 
Today I had to watch Bells for my dd.  This went better than I thought it would as God was merciful and Isabella was in a great mood.  When dd came home, I had to go to the supermarket.  You see, today is my dd’s special friend’s birthday.  Having my bd on the 26th of December, my parents always made sure it didn’t get lost in the shuffle of the holidays so I believe in celebrating birthdays properly whenever possible (see Happy Birthday entry). 
Anyway, I went to the supermarket to get the ingredients for his special day’s dinner.  Sirloin burgers with portabello mushrooms, etc., etc.  I did not want to go to the supermarket.  I just wanted to vegetate and do as little thinking as possible.  The nap I took did not refresh my mind so I was thinking extra hard.  I had finally made it to the last stop – the bakery to get fresh rolls.  Not wanting to block the aisle, I left my cart in an out of the way place and when I had gotten the rolls went to retrieve said cart.  It wasn’t there.  I looked around and just could not find it!  When a store manager happened by I asked him what to do about it and he made an announcement for everyone in the store to check their carts and make sure they had the right one and to return the wrong one to the bakery department.  Nothing.
To be truthful, I have taken the wrong cart once or twice.  However, I would realize it was mine when the items in it didn’t look familiar!  Well, I guess you can guess the rest.  Yes, I had to start all over again!  I was near to tears.  This isn’t a little corner market.  It is a big store.  Well, I shopped all over again, forgetting only one thing and dinner was a success.
I am looking forward to my sleep tonight.    blessings, g

18 responses to “Where Was I?

  1. Hi Gail,  I"m back from the dead….LOL.  Yes that’s the kicker about muscle relaxants, it will make you slow down and relax but it does relieve the pain.  That’s messed up about having to go through the store again.  I don’t like grocery shopping so that would be the worst for me.  Well I"m exhausted but wanted to stop in real quick to say hello.

  2. Hi Aunty Gail!
    Ah, you started off with low energy…but then you went grocery and had to do it twice!! Perhaps, that is the plan, to get you some extra needed exercise to boost your energy level! haha….ok, I know it is HORRIBLE to loose your cart after shopping. It’s happened to me before, and it is HORRIBLE< especially when I have to carry Jo and have Nel help me push the cart! Believe me, people are not very helpful here too! well, so now, I ALWAYS keey my eye on the cart.
    Take care and hope you’re deep in slumberland. HOpe you get a little breathing and stretching exercises everyday A Gail, it’ll be good for you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for being honest. Most people are too worried about being considered  Politcally Incorrect, lest they offend someone.
    Probably the same people who want to bomb us while we sleep. 
    We seem to have alot in common – at least on the health front. I was diagnosed with Fibro. I got tired of his fence sitting about testing to eliminated other conditions, so I changed docs, got me a pain management team and THEN some good stuff got done. Herniated discs, pinched nerves, etc. that was my problem.  
    I’ll be back to read your space. I may not comment every time, so if you don’t see me here, then that’s me.

  4. Hey G, first of all lemme tell you I miss you soo much, and that I hope your back pain gives way sp you can be on your feet totally good :-DHope to talk to you soon, and I will write bout this weekend maybe monday, cause we’re havin like 15-20 american people, from my pastor’s church in th US, I met 3 of them last night at cell meeting, and they were so nice, one, Dustin spoke perfect spanish, Kyle, mm he was learning and practising, very good, but poor Jeremy, was all shy, cause you know cell meetings, they are full of testimonies and thanksgiving, and many people talkin, but I was a good girl, and passed him notes with the translation of almost every word, or at least the most important facts, including verses, testimonies, and whatver was spoken, he was glad I could tell, though he wasnt much of a talker.ok enough for now, I’ll tell you all bout it soon!!!blessings and dont forget goin to church!!!!!! and keep on prasin the Lord!!!!

  5. Thanks for your encouraging words.  I am still bummed and really down about the whole situation.  I do hope and pray that she comes around someday.  She lives in MO and we were freshman college roommates.  She has very distinct highs and lows.  (most definitely bipolar) In college, it was just once a month.  Now it seems to be all the time.  I wish she would seek help.  Please keep her in your prayers.  That’s all we can do.     

  6. I hate shopping for food at any time …
    having to do it twice would make me want to cry too !
    pleased you have found something for the pain…side effects are not pleasant at anytime …but low energy is a  bad one !
    I can’t be bothered to go out when it is so warm & sleeping in this heat is a trial …I am going to lay down & read for an hour ..or two:-)

  7. Hello Gail,
    The funniest stories always come from the truth. She was a legend in her own time. Everybody loved her (well maybe except for the romantic couple). Definitely someone to be emulated. I miss her. Feel not sorrow on her passing but rejoice, she is with the Father in her Heavenly mansion.
    Peace & Blessings.

  8. Hello Gail,
    Tis but a mere twist of fate that hath dealt the hand that uses Celsius rather than farenheit for mine temperature. Tis easier for those in Malaysia, India, Finland, England, & Canada to compare temperatures. When my children were growing up I did it to them to tease them. During the winter they felt colder and during the summer they felt cooler. It is actually around 90 degrees right now. I haven’t quite had the time to play with it enough to figure out how to show both celsius and farenheit at the same time. Some day I will decide which way to go.
    Peace & Blessings.

  9. Aunty Gail,
    How was your weekend? 🙂 Hope your back is better?? I’m gonna start this Beta study soon…and I’d love if you could join us. The book Beta was written by Neil Anderson. Check it out and let me know. Thanks.

  10. so obviously some very old woman took the cart without realizng and now was humiliated to turn back
    Perhaps you "pre-shopped" for someone who desperately needed more.
    There are so many positive ways to look at this (along with driving you crazy !!)

  11. Unfortunately that’s it for me for vacation until after the 1st of the year.  Of course I will have the long holiday weekends over Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  I’m feeling better now.  It’s just going to take some time.  I typed up the whole experience and it ended up being 6.5 pages.  It was very therapeutic but not publishable.  Thanks again for your support.

    Sorry to hear about your pain; sometimes we have lived with pain so long we don’t know what it’s like to live without  it, as I’ve discovered. I hope you soon find permanent relief!
    Now: my biggest worry about the cart thing? Who the heck doesn’t realize that the items whizzing across the scanner at the checkout counter ARE SOMEONE ELSE’S?!?
    The first zucchini or bag of walnuts or turkey breast that crossed in front of me would be an immediate tipoff! (None of those are my favorites, obviously.)
    Secondly, I’m such a dope: not only would the cart-snatcher have my groceries — he or she would also have my purse (and a kid or two, too!)
    Consider yourself lucky? Just a little?

  13. I love Lollie’s idea of "pre-shopping" for someone else- turns a senior moment into a public service!
    No big deal about getting ready for a teenage boy- our older son or mother-in-law visit yearly, so all the stuff is ready to go; we just made up the other bunk in Sam’s room & stocked the fridge- then let the Lord take care of the nerves!

  14. And regarding the Bible study, just seeing your face is enough for me.  Hey, if you can just stop by and say hi, I’m good with that!

  15. Is it just me, or is MSN completely freaking out again? I tried to get in  here earlier but couldn’t. This time I had to refresh about 10 times, but it finally opened. This is the way it is with most of the sites I’ve tried to visit, including my own. But when I went into the What’s Your Story pages this morning, they all loaded easily. I don’t know what is going on!

  16. Aunty G, I like the photo which says "spit happens!" hahaha…I can totally relate with that! Hope you have a good day ahead!
    with warm wishes..

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