But I Don’t Want Another Cat

Exactly one week and a day before Christmas, 2003, was one of the worst days of my life.  My son was home sick with the flu, my husband was going into the hospital for back surgery and my beloved cat, Reepicheep (named after a character from The Chronicles of Narnia), was very sick.
Reepie had been steadily losing weight and we were very concerned for her.  I had dropped her off at the veterinarian’s office in the morning and anticipated picking her up later in the day.  Exhausted beyond reason, I had just gotten into bed for a nap when the vet called.  Reepie had terminal cancer and the only humane thing to do was to put her down.  Well, I just started crying.  Dr. C. wanted me to come to the office but I explained my exhaustion and inability to drive in such a state and asked him to take care of things.  The whole family grieved for a very long time because she was one of those special pets who gave love as well as receiving it.
Fast forward to this past spring.  My wonderful daughter is now living with us and her ex, who got custody of their two cats, has to move and can’t take the cats with him.  Will we please let them move in with us?  Oh, no!  I don’t want any more pets to fall in love with and grieve over. 
The pleading continued until, in a weak moment, I agreed.  Unbeknownst to Himself, Jasper James and Toby Ray arrived in the dark of night to live with us.  Himself was not happy.  I will not go into detail except to say that he now accepts the critters and even likes one of them.
The one we all love is Jasper of the one blue eye and one green eye fame.  He is a big, easy going guy who loves to be around people.  The best thing is that he is not a lap cat, like Reepie was, so I don’t have to deal him climbing all over me.  He just goes with the flow and is a pleasure to have around.
Toby is another matter.  If you were to look up "scaredy-cat" in the dictionary, Toby’s picture would be there.  He is all black and he has big golden green eyes and they widen at the slightest movement or noise.  He hides in dd’s room or in the rafters of the basement ceiling.  Sometimes he lets us near him but only if he is extremely hungry and we don’t move fast.
It had taken me a very long time to rid this house of all of Reepie’s fur.  Oh, well.  It’s a good thing I have a vacuum. 
blessings, g

12 responses to “But I Don’t Want Another Cat

  1. DEar Aunty G, Space is driving me nuts! It took me a long time before I could add ac omment here coz it kept disappearing.
    *sigh*…well, as for your story on cats! haha….you sure have your hands full!!!
    I wanted to get a dog for Nel, but my hubby said No!
    Actually…I have not had a dog for almost 15 years now, coz I was so sad when the last one died.
    WHen I am ready to have one now, hubby says no. Probably a good idea,
    coz all that vacuuming will take too much time!
    How do you cope??
    Take care and have a blessed day!

  2. Hi G,
    Stopping by to see how you’re doing, hope you are fine and having a great day.
    Aha! I love the "Spit Happens" Pic.
    May God bless you.

  3. Hey G!!
    The changes I was referring to are the changes to Spaces. I don’t know if I like it or not. I haven’t found anything that is better than it was before yet.
    I know what you mean about the pet situation. We lost a dog a few years ago and I can’t bring myself to get close to another one yet.
    Jasper sounds like my kind of cat.. That’s sort of the way my Oreo is. She isn’t a lap cat. But she does demand attention on regular basis.
    Have a great day

  4. I’m getting used to the new Spaces, but they decided to update in the middle of my last post! I finished it this morning, & navigating around seems to be much smoother- but loading pages take a while. Like you, I lost my dearest cat Lily 2 years ago- it took me a year before I could think about another; then I got 2 kittens to replace her!

  5. Just 2 things to know about cats.
    10 commandments:
    1.  Must feed the kitty.
    2.  Must feed the kitty.
    3.  Must feed the kitty.
    4.  Must feed the kitty.
    5.  Must feed the kitty.
    6.  Must feed the kitty.
    7.  Must feed the kitty.
    8.  Must feed the kitty.
    9.  Must feed the kitty.
    10.  And whatever you do, make sure that you never forget: Must feed the kitty!
    In the beginning God created the kitty. 
    Then God said, "Let us make man so there’ll be somebody to feed the kitty!"

  6. I know the new layout is weird and hard to get used to, but it seems to be running smoother. There for a few days, I couldn’t get into anyone’s sites hardly, including my own. Maybe this will be better in the long run.

    Stupid, Stupid MSN! I DON’T like the changes. I want the control!
    Jasper is…intriguing looking.
    Sometimes I like cats. I was visiting some air conditioning — er, I mean, some friends — this past weekend when their cat, Ralph, licked my toes. I about pooped right in my pants. It was a strange, yet fascinating feeling.
    Keep cool.

  8. Hi Gail,
    I know exactly what you mean about getting close to pets. I have always loved cats and dogs unfortunately i am so allergic to cats that i cannot have them around me and we did have a dog we called her "momma"  she was an old stray dog but when I got pregnant with my son she changed!  She started using my carpet for her potty breaks!  I had to give her away because it was not healthy for my son to be on the floor where she was doing her business…. made the whole family sad……..we may get another dog someday…. one that is completely trained tho!

  9. Hello Gail,
    I know it would be easier to just let it ring but then they keep calling over and over again. I have gotten a lot of phone calls to stop – even from politicians, that is a remarkable feat. Also my phone calls have been reduced dramamtically. The benefit of different things for different folks keeps life interesting. I would hate it if everyone was like me. People being different is great for education – the best man made thing in the world.
    Peace & Blessings.

  10. grrrr…just wrote a comment & it didn’t make it onto here …..
    so annoying !
    pets do cause a lot of heartache & expense ,but they are worth both 🙂
    I am a bit baffled by the msn changes ….I invited you onto my friends list ,I do hope you accept !

  11. Awwww I’m glad the kitties found a new home at your place.  Your dd’s ex sounds like mine.  He refused to let me take the cat when I left.  I didn’t pursue it and ended up getting my own cat.  Anyway in response to the comment you left on my site.  You hit the nail on the head.  If it sounds confusing, that is what I am but much better than last week at this time.  I left HH at 345AM last Friday.  Ok have a great weekend!

  12. King Butter approves of the recent additions.  He’s thinking of sending his book, titled "How to Train and Maintain Your Human Staff", to them.  It will help them to establish proper order in the household.

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