So, this is the new and improved Spaces?  I was just getting used to the other one.  What do you all think of the changes?  I am not partial to this yellow background.  Guess I have to fiddle for a while.
Well, the heat has gotten to my area of America.  The temperature, adjusted for humidity, is 110 degrees F.  It is very oppressive but our utility department is doing a fine job.  The central  air is working very well.  Thank you God!

4 responses to “Huh?

  1. Hello Gail,
    Glad you liked the "How it all began." I manage to run across the strangest things somehow.
    The new and improved "SPACES" is about like going back to the old "Sears & Roebuck Catalogue" before indoor plumbing and toilet plumbing was invented:)lol The colors are all wrong from what they were and not as bright. Gotta do something with my site to improve it and I had just changed it.
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. There are a few things I already don’t like about the new format – the first being that whever I click onto a link on one of my lists, instead of opening a new window with the site like it used to, it opens the space from the browswer I was working with.  Most inconvenient!  Another thing I already don’t like is that whenever I go in to edit, I can’t click back to home from wherever it is I’m working – or at least I haven’t found where to do that yet.  If it’s there and I’m just not seeing it, then that’s my gripe.
    I was going to send a ticket to msn Spaces about these very things I’m not liking.  I don’t know if they’ll listen or not.
    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old format.  They had it pretty much right to begin with.
    But…I’ll get over it.

  3. Hello Gail,
    In rereading my comment from yesterday, that is one I will have to remember. I must have been on a real roll or very tired. I didn’t realize how true it was until MSN told me my space did not exist. I know about outhouses and Sears and Roebuck catalogues, my grandparents were farmers and those were staples on the farm. Finish with the catalogue and into the outhouse it went.
    We will get used to the new and questioinably improved spaces – someday right before they change it AGAIN! The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. MSN loves money ergo MSN is evil. All right, enough sarcasm for the day – at least for now.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. Well, I have to say NO i dont like it, I loved the other one, but whatcha gonna do, right?soo, love ya I’ve got so much to tell you, I guess i’ll have to write somethin in my new space!!blessings

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