Heading out for the weekend.  You all stay safe and see you on Monday or Sunday night.
Also, Bells fever is gone!  Thanks for the prayers, gail

7 responses to “Adios

  1. Dearest AUnty G,
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend! M glad to hear that Bell’s fever is gone. 🙂
    They say, a grandchild is the real child of the grandparent. The real child was just an experiment! haha….
    I read what you wrote on Israel. Yes, we have to pray for Israel. However, the atrocities done by both Israel and Lebanon are terrible..
    My dad watches CNN everyday, and he prays f ro Israel, even last night at homegroup, we prayed.
    Take care dear Gail and kisses and hugs for little Bell! 🙂

  2. glad you’re fine, me sort of, just the usual.tomorrow, church, GREAT :-Dand afterwards we have lunch at church and business meeting, and then pastor’s house with a friendbusy day tomorow.PRAISE HIS NAME ALWAYS!blessings

  3. Sorry – been a bit overwhelmed lately.  Also took a trip to visit my sis, with my mom.  It’s good to be back here among blog friends again though.
    I’ll be emailing you soon.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. pleased the baby is well again
    I am still ahving trouble getting into some spaces ,got into yours okay just now:-)
    hate the tiny box to write in as I cannot check over what I have written …lol
    bed time for me now ,write (nearly midnight )more soon

  5. Oh no I wasn’t offended at all.  I would agree that my post probably didn’t make much sense.  Of course I had to leave out a lot of details.  S has the address for my blog but claims she never reads it.  I believe that but I still am being very careful not to let out too many details.  Sorry if it sounds too confusing.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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