Dazed and Confused

Ugh!  Things keep disappearing in my house.  I do not lie when I tell you that I put the kettle on for a cup of tea last night and got the tea bag, put it in the mug, wrapped the "tea dipper" paper around the handle and looked away for a moment.  When I turned back to it, the bag was not in the mug!  It was no where to be found!  I looked at dd’s friend and said, "You DID just see me put the tea bag in there, didn’t you?"  He said yes.  Then where was it?  It never turned up!
Today I couldn’t find the honey.  DD said she was getting worried about me as she had just seen it.  It was in the refridgerator!  Honey doesn’t go into the fridge!  Random fact – honey is the only food known to man that doesn’t spoil or go bad. 
This can be mad scarey, you know?  I almost feel like Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight (I think that is the name of the movie).  Her husband (Charles Boyer) is trying to make her think she is insane by saying she is doing things or not doing things she has or has not done.
Anyway, my wonderful granddaughter is feeling much better.  My daughter felt sick the following day and my son got sick the next day, Saturday.  He had a fever of 103.  The fever broke early this morning and he still had a sore throat so I took him to the doctor for a strep test.  So far it is negative.  I say so far because the three minute test isn’t as accurate as the culture and we are still waiting on the culture results.  Please all say a prayer that Himself and I don’t get this wretched virus, too.
This is week two of being full time babysitter for Bells.  My wonderful dd got a full time job and I just couldn’t bear the thought of the baby being watched by a stranger.  Who would love her like I do?  Well, I am having a fun time, so far.  I was rather worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it but, by the grace of God, we are doing very well, thank you very much.
This past weekend was nice.  Friends of ours who live out of state were here and we stayed with mutual friends a couple of hours away so we could all visit.  It is a shore town and I was the only one who didn’t go on the beach (sunburn is my enemy).  They all came back pretty fast because there was a land breeze and the biting flies got to them.  Oh, well.  Himself and I walked to the beach at dusk and it was so very beautiful.  So clean and different shades of blue.  It makes me want to break out in the old hymn How Great Thou Art.  "Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee, how great thou art!  How great thou art!"
Hope ya’ll have a great week.  Don’t forget to "Walk with the King today and be a blessing."  gail 

10 responses to “Dazed and Confused

  1. How icky for everyone to get sick- every winter we seem to pass things around for 3 months. It sounds like you all had a good weekend- the weather here was wonderful! I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same Pleasanton- there are several- the one I mean is in the SF Bay Area.

  2. What a lovely weekend you had! So nice to walk on the beach at dusk….romantic!  *wink* hahah….. Aunty Gails not gonna write about romantic conversation between Gail and Himself??? haha….just teasing!
    Take care, and your daughter is blessed to have you watch over little Bells while she works.

  3.  My house has a giant black hole in it, too. I don’t know why it won’t swallow up the dirt and trash along with the stuff that I need.
    I’ve been watching The Princess (she’ll be 5 in Jan.) ever since she was 3 months old. Heck, I even flew to Virginia and spent a month with Baby Jack because I didn’t a stranger watching him. But then I had to come home.
    I haven’t seen him since January. But I will next week!
    I’ve been known to break into a praise song, myself. Only in my mind though. With the way that I sing? There ought to be laws against that sort of thing.
    Glad ya’ll are feeling better.

  4. You sure someone isn’t just messing with you? I do things like that to my family all the time. (used to do it to my brother growing up)..  Like they lay their plate down to get a drink, and I will hide their plate. I love watching them look for it with that odd look on their face.. "where did I put that??" It takes a little bit, but then they look at me and I grin. They know me too well. hehehe

  5. lol…somtimes people just have too much on their plates and can’t see what is right in front of them….
    :o) smiles are so easy to give away cause they are free… :o) and very contagious just wait and see… :o) so pass one to anyone you see… :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  6. The Queen+eye glasses+car keys=total confusion in the Castle.
    On the other side is the serf, who still uses a mechanical pencil bought in the 70’s.  Say Engineer Type "A" and slowly shake your head as you wonder which one you would like to live with for 50 years.

  7. I like the ‘walk with the King & be a blessing’ !
    praying for a quick recovery for the sick ones among you and protection for the healthy …
    the butterflies are so beautiful & we have so many this year too ,Fergus likes to try & catch them !
     baby sitting ‘grands’ is a grand job for us grandmas …lol
    I just love it 🙂

  8. 🙂
    I’m so glad you guys got to get away, and thanks for settling the curiosity bug.  I read 1984 in 1985, or somewhere around there, so it didn’t get to me like that, but I can totally appreciate where you’re coming from.
    I look forward to cracking up with you when the case in your house is cracked!

  9. Doing great now….thanks for asking….except I am a little sad that I’ve lost contact with the 2 friends I was on vacation with.  Hope results of the culture come back negative for your family….it’s not fun being sick in the summertime. 

  10. ah ha! So you think this is a spiritual thing?? Well, I understand spiritual warfare. Been there, done that.. a lot. God’s power is so much stronger than that of the occult (no comparison), so you have nothing to worry about. Stand your ground.

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