Ten Hour Work Days


As previously stated, I am a low energy person.  (*)Sleeping and thinking of sleep are two of my favorite past times.  Enter – The Grandbaby!  My dd was going to find a sitter for Isabella when she went back to work.  (*)I visualized my little doll at a sitter’s house and just didn’t see the kind of lovin’ I would give her.  It near to broke my heart just thinking about it.  So, here I sit, or don’t sit half of the time because I am getting up to remove Bells(*) from whatever danger she has found.
Our day starts around seven AM.  Breakfast and a bottle for Bells and a hot cup of tea for me….sometimes tepid tea, actually. (*) I try to watch some of my news programs in between taking a wire out of Bells’ hand, taking her down from standing at the tv table, removing paper products from her hands and mouth, well, you get the picture.  Yes, there is a playpen but I want her to get good and tired out so she will nap for a loooong time (*)
Some days we will go with Himself to the Cafe for breakfast.  We are meeting other parents/gran(*)dparents who break up their morning routines just as we are by going out for breakfast.  (*)(hugs break)(snack break)  It is encouraging to see that I am not the only one who is bleary-eyed (typing one-handed while giving Bells the rest of her bottle).(*)
Nap time and I finally get to wash the floor or catch up on line.  Ahhhhh…..Then another bottle and a snack (see above notes).  Sometimes we go to see the greatgrandparents until the next nap time.  What joy they get from Bells’ antics!  I get such a kick out of seeing them enjoy her. 
We play and then it is time for nap #2.  If Himself is home I lie down for a while.  If not, I try to do something around here to neaten up.  But as the old poem goes, "…go away cobwebs and dust go to sleep.  I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep."  Amen.
Waiting for dd to come home, we will go outside, weather permitting.  Walks with the stroller, weather permitting.  Grocery store, Target, weather permitting.  Weather determines alot in the Atlantic Northeast.
When dd comes home, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.(*)  However did I do it with my dear little daughter what with working full-time and all.  There is a big difference, though.  Youth has its advantages.(*) 
Taking care of a grandchild, though, is so much different.  There is so much more room for laughter and awe.  Knowing that the times she will let me feed her her bottle are waning I hold her close instead of letting her hold it herself.  (*)  Not completely understanding the (*)feeling that I am going to burst with the love and joy that is within me just because this little being exists.
All in all, the exhaustion and sore muscles I am enduring are far worth the (*)(poopy diaper) time well spent that will last for such a short time.  May God give me the strength to be Isabella’s (*) full-time caregiver until she goes to school.
blessings, g
(*) The times I had to get up to remove Bells from where she aughtn’t be!

11 responses to “Ten Hour Work Days

  1. Hello Gail,
    This sounds like "Genuine Antique: Been there: Done that: Now I need a nap!":)lol Grandchildren can always find more things to get into than our own children could – that’s progress. Then there are always the times when the grandchild refuses to take a nap and right when Mama is supposed to show up, falls asleep.
    Thank you for praying for the soldiers AND their families. It means a lot to the families to know that people care for them as well.
    It is good to be back.
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. Bless your aching bones- you are a great mom! The peace of mind you’re giving your dd & getting to be with Bella as a baby is so worth any sacrifice. But I can’t imagine keeping up with a baby at our age- it  was hard enough at 20!

  3. Ha- great minds wander alike- we were commenting on each other at the same time! I thought about trying to find my friend, but last I had heard, she had taken a hard path in life & I didn’t feel we could relate anymore. In my memory, she will always be that dear sweet young girl with freckles & big dreams.

  4. Oh G!!

    I work 9-6:30 most days, get home around 7:30, make dinner, do stuff, chill in front of the computer (no internet at work) etc etc etc…My work days make me exhausted and I worry about the level of “mother” I give my own three — add a grandchild into the mix???  I don’t know that I would be awake enough.  But one thing I CAN say with certainty – how much I was grateful to my own mum who took care of my oldest (she has passed away since) every Tuesday, and it was such a  joy for her, and such a comfort and relief for me to have her watching him !!  They shared so much, I had no idea they had such little time left together, yet he remembers it still.  He remembers his Nana doing puzzles, making him ice cream cones, playing CandyLand…and reading to him over and over again no matter what.  I can only imagine what joy Bells brings to your life…and what joy YOU bring to her life, and to you DD’s life…she feels safe in leaving Bells with you…you have created a safe, secure place for your family.  What a blessing!!!

  5. I love grandmas.  Their moms with time and perspective.  What could be better?  I just went to spend time with my grams tonight.  I love her for all the time she spent/spends with me.  But I’m sure you are tired.  You deserve a nice long rest.
    What inspired my blog?  Just thinking of how differnt my sister is from me and yet how much she doesn’t let it annoy her, and realizing how great it would be if we all did that for eachother.  Ya know "world peace" and all that jazz. Sometimes I just like to get sappy.  🙂  I’m so thankful for people like you who see relationship and value it more than things like promptness (though I’m rarely late for stuff that has a definate starting time)

  6. Sounds exhausting…..but well worth it…..as it will only last a little while.  I look forward to the time when I become a mother….I just hope that time presents itself before I turn 40…..I’m 36 now.  I’m patiently waiting…..Anyway this isn’t about me….enjoy your granddaughter while she’s little…

  7. oh my goodness, this —> (*) is too funny. I kept wondering what it meant till I got to the end. LOL I’m glad you are enjoying your grandbaby. I like the line about sleeping and thinking of sleep. Too funny. I think my favorite pasttime is my computer. Too bad I haven’t found a way to blog in my sleep. 🙂

  8. Hi Gail,
    Those grand children can make a body tired very quickly, can’t they? I have just finished a time with all of mine, one or sometime’s two at a time. This coming week I’m not supposed to have any, although I love them dearly and would do most anything for them, I feel as if I’ve gotten a reprieve, I am worn out, I had the three year old last, Whewwwwww, what a workout. I feel for you.
    But I consider it worth it all and I figure you do too.
    May God bless you and your Bell’s.

  9. just remember the benefits Gail….your upper arms will be so toned up by next year from lifting Bella out of harms way..lol
    thanks for taking the time to remember me in prayer , I will be praying for you too

    I KNEW that’s what those asterisks were for! (It apparently hasn’t been long enough ago for me…)
    While I know you realize you’re lucky, I sure hope dd and dgd realize it, too.
    My mother was miles away when I was raising babies, and I wished EVERY DAY that she was closer. You’re a blessed family!

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