The Sky is Falling!

In our little town, there are five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.  Most of these schools are pretty darned old.  One night last week, around eight in the evening, 7-8000 lbs. of ceiling fell into a third floor classroom in one of the oldest elementary schools. 
An emergency meeting for the town was held by the schoolboard early this week.  Two friends of mine told me about this meeting and it was not good.  School is scheduled to begin September 11th (yeah, bummer of a date) but may have to be put off several weeks.  This brings up the possibility of losing all three one week vacations (Christmas, Winter and Spring breaks) and numerous long weekends.  Planned vacations will be devastated for faculty and students’ families alike. 
There is talk of half sessions but this is a town of working parents who would have to find childcare for that extra half day.  We are a small enough town that we have no bussing except for the special ed. students.  If a snow storm comes in while school is in session the schools never close.  (A bit tooo accomodating for working parents?  Maybe.)
Tempers are flaring all around.  Bells and I had breakfast in the Cafe yesterday at the same time as the Board of Education crew.  "People are saying it was a good thing there weren’t any kids in the classroom when it happened.  Well, there were people painting that classroom that day!"  Of course the first thought is for the children but I agreed with him that we have to think of everyone involved. 
My son goes to the high school.  There is no good reason that I can think of that the middle school and high school shouldn’t start on time and that the school that is being repaired can’t have half day sessions along with another elementary school (all elementary schools are at capacity enrollment).  I know it will be difficult but it just doesn’t seem right or efficient to disrupt the entire school system because of this near calamity! 
I know this may sound harsh but there are activities in the upper grades that students will never be able to experience again if school doesn’t start on time.  Pep rallies and football games.  Social, service and academic clubs.  This is just to name a few. 
What happened in one elementary school is terrible but, thankfully, not tragic.  Parents have the right to be up in arms.  Is this any reason to punish the rest of the students?  I would welcome your thoughts.

4 responses to “The Sky is Falling!

  1. says ….can’t see why they can’t sort something out before next month …how long do they need !
    I will ask Gavin about your ‘pop up ‘ problem &mail you 🙂
    it is pouring rain here this morning so I will not be going far .you are right  in saying we are blessed in having the time with our little ones …I just love watching & listening to them ….Fergus showed his mammy & daddy his burp trick..they both laughed so he did it over & over …what fun ….
    hope your weekend is filled with joy

  2. You’re right, bad day to stop by, lol.  but comments are ALWAYS welcome.  It’s just when people who have never even stoped by before send me friend requests….it’s weird.  I look forward to exploring your blog!!
    ANYWAY!!  Have a great Saturday!!!  Nice to MEET YOU!!

  3. Hi G!
    We had a VERY similar situation happen here in my town.  One of the schools was scheduled to open on time, and suddenly a dangerous situation occurred.  What our town did was to integrate, based on geography, the students into the same grades in the other two open schools.  Was it inconvenient?  Of course it was.  Did it work?  It SURE DID!  Everyone got a lesson in cooperation and acceptance, and in time the issue was corrected, the kids were able to return to their own school, but education was NOT interrupted!  Nor did the middle school or high school not begin on time.
    If the children could be integrated into the other schools for just the short time, it would be better than beginning late, and certainly it does not require every school in the town to delay start.
    I am certain there is info on line about our situation…the school affected was the Bryantville Elementary.  I suspect if you google that, you will see the solutions we came to.  Perhaps you could present this as an example?  Just a thought.

  4. Aye, there is no reason school can’t start on time ~smiles~, especially considering that America is one of few countries that actually have indoor schools, most third world countries teach their kids under lean-tos and wall-less huts.
    We are very spoiled as Americans ~smiles~.  I sure am glad no one was in that building either ~sighs~.  Smaller towns generally get screwed on the amount of government money they get for rehabilitation, building, etc. by the larger cities who suck up most the funds.
    I hope your heal at God’s speed, and let us hope that is fast!

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