So Far So Good

Had the prolotherapy injections this morning and so far the pain isn’t all that bad.  Even the injections weren’t bad.
If you think of it please pray for me this weekend.  I am hoping that this will cure my morning back pain.  Thank you all  very much.  I enjoy visiting with each and every one of you!  blessings, gail
p.s.  Not to worry, Mom!  I’m fine.  I love you!  Talk with you tomorrow, probably.

9 responses to “So Far So Good

  1. Hi Gail will pray for you that those injections are the cure for your pain………Hey by the way I invited you to be my friend a while back and you never accepted……:(

  2. I don’t know how to reinvite you.  Yeah I know I"m not going to accept everyone who asks me to be their friend.  There are 2 I accepted that never visit my site.  Doesn’t make sense.  I wonder if I can delete them? 

  3. Just taking it easy before I go into my part time job tonight with Noah.  That’s good news about the doctor calling you at home….sounds really dedicated. 

  4. I pray this will be the solution for the pain. I know how hard it is to live with back pain- my husband has had 3 herniated discs (I think 1 has collapsed now) for over 10 yrs. The pain is always there, but morning is the worst. I think 2007 will be the year he finally gives in & has the surgery. We’ll be praying for you- have a blessed weekend!

  5. Hi G I am only just now able to get into your site… for some reason I have been experiencing some difficulty getting into different sites.   I will be saying a prayer for ya….

    I prya that this treatment is a wonderful thing for you, how could I not?  And it seems very natural…however, I do ask, what are you doing for the long run?  Are you on some good NATURAL additives for your joints?  There are so many out there…but the product they are bound to is what makes it vital between absorption and non-absorption.  Although I have several prescription drugs that keep me healthy, I also have complimentary supplements which REALLY keep me healthy!

    There are some amazing natural, plant-based anti-inflammatories out there that are either topical or in pill form.  They do an amazing job!  Basically, it is important to recognize that God not only created the doctors, He also created natural homeopathic remedies to help us.   Check out Very cool stuff.  These men are Christians, Joe is a doctor, both are registered pharmacists and they also received their licensing in homeopathy/naturopathy through the American Medical Association or whatever body governs the real deal…
    We are NOT talking snake oil here, believe me!  We are also not talking GNC or Centrum Silver…this is the real deal.  I make sure, now, that I get enough Magnesium, Chromium, and Zinc, as well as Omega-3 and the general vitamin.  I have done a ton of reading (outside their site) and have found only the best studies align with what they report…JAMA and Lancet both support what they have expostulated for years!
    My basic focus lately has been on Omega-3 and childhood depression.  I would love to wean my 10-year-old off mirtazapine, but have to find a delivery method for omega-3 that he can deal with.  He is all for it, but fish oil tabs tend to be big…there are chewables that are “pleasantly lemon flavored”…just wonder by whose standards that is!  He told me he would “try them”…he is anxious to try something natural vs something prescribed to help him feel part of the world again.
    I have also started my daughter on a daily probiotic.  There is SO MUCH literature onthat lately!!!  She has kidney troubles, and her doctors have her on 250mg penicillin in the AM and the PM…so 500mg/day.  This has been for years.  It has stemmed her outbreaks of strep infections, but still her protein levels in her urine are WAYYY too high.  When someone (anyone) has been on a therapeutic treatment of antibiotics, those antibiotics tend to replace anything that was GOOD bacteria in the small and large intestine…even my son’s counselor asked if Rosemary was on a good probiotic supplement.  Well, now I can say YES SHE IS!  It will help regulate the bacteria in her gut and restore the balance that is most likely missing.  No idea about the high protein levels, it is of great concern, but she is healthy in every other way.  I know there is a way to correct this, too !!
    Ok, enough preaching about homeopathic ways…I just believe God gave us natural ways, as well as blessing scientists and doctors with ways to develop new drugs.  I believe in a harmony between the two. 
    Love you lots,

  7. praying for you as usual gail …
    chronic pain saps energy and affects everything in our lives ,
    praying that this therapy works for you (going to read about  it again now )

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