Sorry I won’t be able to visit your sites today.  The prolotherapy must be working because I am hurting alot today.  Since the whole idea is to build tissue by irritating the areas where the ligament tears are, I can’t take any anti-inflammatories or use ice.  Instead, I have to take a pain med. which makes me a bit loopy.
I am so thankful for all of your prayers.  Without them, it would be so much more difficult to cope.
Mom, I’m okay!  This, too, shall pass, right?
I hope you all are visiting your houses of worship and giving God His due today.  He longs to bless you!

14 responses to “Sorry

  1. Dearest Aunt G,
    I just thought of updating myself on you before heading to bed…so I see you’ve had the prolotherapy. HOw are you feeling right now?? I sure hope it helps you and that you’re feeling much better? Will pray for you before I head to bed. Did pray for you at church too! 🙂
    Have a blessed Sunday, and a blessed time at church! You take good care dear A Gail, thoughts with you!
    Don’t stress yourself up over the schooling issue ok? you don’t need all these stress, you need to get well first eh.
    God bless and goodnight.
    *hugs* 🙂

  2.  Thank you so much for stopping by for me!!! People are so nice on here.I feel so bad for Richard though.He is a very nice man. Please stop by anytime.I will be back also.Love your site.I will say a prayer for you.I hope you are feeling better!
    God Bless

  3. AMEN, and I agree with you, prayers help us to cope with almost anything, love ya lots, it’s been a looong week, hope this week is a bit more relaxed. love u lots friendblessings

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon!!  It is no fun to be under the weather. I just posted the pictures of the trees we bought today.  Not too many, but a start anyway.  At least we don’t just have dirt anymore!!  YAY!!
    Try to get some rest,

    Because I can make ANYthing about me, here’s my advice:
    Pain medication makes me loopy, too. Because I’m already strange enough without it, the meds make me appear almost crazy. (er)
    This, I have found, is most beneficial when my family members become involved. They very timidly ask, "Can I do anything for you, Mom?" When I pitifully ask for a banana popsicle or a backrub, they do it willingly, then run off — the better to escape the nut in the bedroom who’s hopped up on pain pills.
    They tread sooooo softly around me that it warms my heart.
    So, have you tried acting a little crazy? And pathetic?
    Also, regarding your school situation:
    Leave the worrying to the school board and the administration; they’re the ones who get paid to take care of decisions like that.
    Just pray for the best solution, and work with whatever they give you. I always find that I feel better if I let the Powers that Be know that I’m available as a volunteer, so I feel like I’ve helped in some capacity. Even if they don’t ask you to do anything, know that you’ve done your share to be part of the solution.
    Take care, and I’ll keep you in my prayers, Gail.

  6. Hi Gail!  I found you through Meg’s Garden!  I can’t stand pain medication, I hate that loopy feeling.  I was reading your 99 things about you.  My birthday is on Dec 27th!  My parents tried to make it special, but mostly everyone else just forgot about it!  Now that I’m older, and birthdays matter less, its not a huge deal, but when I was little I resented not being able to bring cupcakes to class! 🙂  Also, congrats on not smoking since February (if you’re still quitting?).  Smoking is SO HARD to give up. But keep trying!  I hope you feel better and enjoy your week!  I’ll be back!PS Don’t forget to add platypuses to #70! 🙂

  7. Hi Gail, Hope you are feeling better by the time I post this comment.  Sounds incredibly painful what you are going through.  Anyway when you get to feeling better, why don’t you send me an invite to be your friend.  I tried and I cannot send another one to you.  Ok take care now.

  8. Yo! Aunty Gail! Whassup??? hehehe….
    ok,ok…how are you? has your family been treating you well and spoling you?  I hope your dh has been spoiling you good. you need a good feet massage, nice warm food and all the pampering you can get, till you feel uppity and good and well!!!
    Thinking of you A G!!!
    God bless!!

  9. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for visiting ~smiles~.  It sounds like you have some health problems of your own as well, I’ll pray that you get better.
    I know there are some right-wingers out there who are more liberal (there are exception to every rule).  Of course you probably realize that it was just a generalization. ~smiles~.  It is so confusing to pick a delegate today because there are so many blurry lines.  You have your compassionate conservatives, nice word for Liberal – Conservative ~chuckles~.  And you had people like Clinton who were Conservative – Liberals, now we have crybaby Independents.  I usually vote Libertarian and as of now we only make up 5% of the voting population, hopefully with time that will change too ~smiles~.
    If I am going to apply titles to myself I guess one would say I am a Centrist Libertarian Gnostic ~chuckles~.
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for the prayers and the enlightening comments ~smiles~

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