I was so happy to be able to visit y’all today.  It was a pleasure to catch up.  As I mentioned to some, mornings are the worst time.  I visited some of you at four o’clock this morning because I was up but after a couple of hours my back  loosens up.  Phew!  I look forward to being able to take ibuprofin again!
I have a wonderful daughter.  She has made me so very proud being the mother she is to her daughter and the woman she is becoming.  When I got out of bed this morning to watch Bells, dd had my tea already steeping for me.  This is huge as it is the first thing I look for in the morning and my dd was running late.  When I had a migraine the other day, she asked if she could make tea for me (sometimes the caffeine is the only thing other than Imitrex that will take away the pain).
When she was a little girl, we were very close.  At eight months old, her dad left us for the second and final time.  We did everything together.  In her teen years and up to the time she had Bells, we were estranged much of the time.  Still, we have a connection that was never completely severed and is now strengthening.  There are times when she shares and times when she keeps mum but at least she doesn’t view me as the enemy any more.  I am thankful for this.
I pray that my children will one day be fishers of men and that they will love the Lord our God with all their hearts, souls and minds.  Amen.

16 responses to “Hiya!

  1. Hiya, yourself! You sound like you’re feeling better. I tried to get on Dan’s site & got kicked out also 😦 Hopefully, she’ll drop by & see your note.

  2. Hello Gail,
    Good to see you feeling a little better. May improvement continue in a great manner.
    Your daughter is coming around in a grat fashion. There are a lot of things that children will never tell their parents. Don’t want to worry them too much. Prayer can works wonders on and for people.
    Peace & Blessings.

  3. Good to see that we are friends now…..you daughter does sound very special to you.  That is so nice…..there is nothing like a mother daughter bond.  I will forever miss that….my mom has been in heaven since 1991.  Glad to hear you are doing better. 

  4. Are you kidding me?  I LOVE HAPPY LITTLE TREES!!  That’s where I learned how to clean my paint brush!  lol  That guy  was in serious need of a make over though, that bush of a hairdo.  "Let’s put some happy little trees up here…"  I used to love to watch him. 
    My trees are indeed happy little trees.  🙂

  5. Dear Aunty G,
    Ah, so your dd showed her bit of love by giving you your tea! that’s so sweet! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a bit more on your life A G.  I guess, the years must have been tough for you…bringing up your little dd without help. M glad to hear too that you and her are beginning to have stronger bond. 🙂
    From my experience Aunt G, in my early years, i wasn’t close to mymum either, but she and I made an effort and with much prayer, we are so close today. though in my childhood I had a mixture of feelings, between fear and anger….deep down, I only longed to be close to mum…and that has come to pass now. I’m sure too..that your dd longs to be close to you, as you to her. God bless as He continues to restore and mend!! will be off tomorrow for a short vacation. thoughts with you a.G!!
    keeping you in prayers! take good care!!
    "Father, I pray you will heal my dear Aunt Gail! Restore her back, and heal her completely! Strengthen her faith, and let her know, that You listen..and that by Faith, she will be well!  I thank You Lord for her! in Jesus name..Amen!"

  6. So glad you are doing better!  I have had you on my prayer list.  Your daughter sounds like a wonderful soul so sweet of her to help you out when you needed it and that the two of you can share your lives together.  I hope it will always be this way with my two daughters and me too.

  7. Hello Gail,
    Thank you for the great advice about a weight belt and the concern about my back. I will have help with the heaviest stuff like furniture. West Texas hospitality at work.
    You seem to be feeling a lot better today. I pray that the improvement will continue until you are pain free. Back pain is so hard to deal with, I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer back pain. Those who are, I pray that hey will be given the strength to deal with it or to be healed – God’s will be done.
    Peace & Blessings.

  8. Hello Gail,
    I can well inderstand the feeling of frustration of taking a pain pill, The frustration of pain, and the feeling that it is controlling your life. Biofeedback can help. The mind is a poweful tool and it can be used to help control pain as it can be used to help control seizures. I sit here with memories flooding through my mind – knowing it is good therapy for me but not a good situation for you. I HATE getting thereapy at the expense of someone else. OK that is probably totally confusing. I hope not.
    Peace, Prayers, & Blessings.

  9. Hello Gail,
    PTSD is a part of it. Epilepsy is another part. The most important part is the pain my wife endured for almost 25 years after a truck ran through our house. She was buried under three feet of rubble and broke her back, lost all feeling from the waist down, and most of those years were spent in a wheelchair. Her pain, her agony, the times she almost didn’t survive a surgery. Watching her get spinal injections. The hours I spent in a ospital room trying to get her to wake up after a surgery and she wouldn’t – sometimes as muchas eight hours. Me playing Superman while dealing with depression and PTSD, never allowing myself to get help becasue my wife needed it more and we had two daughters to raise. I’m just a West Texas boy – nothing more, I will survive – I did what had to be done. I would dig a person out from under rubble again. The anguish on my Mother’s face when the Brinks BOQ got blown up in Saigon on Christmas Day 1964 and my Dad was in Saigon. He was two blocks away. Her confused thinking and I took over. The looks of the people in Panama after Operation Just Cause in 1989. I went there four months later – April 1990. The main thing is the suffering my wife endured and secondly my memories of it. Sorry you caught me in a weakened moment. I try to keep my life off the blog. I care about others. They need support and help. That is now my life’s work. I try to help and make a difference for others.
    Your welcome. I did what I felt was needed of me.
    Another option that helps with pain is a transcutaneous nerve stimulator (TENS) unit. This is not for long term use but can help the brain rereoute nerve signals along the spine. I do not recommend the implanted pump because it is too much trouble for flying or even shopping. The metal detectors can cause a problem resulting in permanent nerve damage. It is hard enough to get on an airplane now days. They can’t even use a wand to ensure you are not carrying some ‘dastardly’explosive on board. You can’t walk out the front door of a store because of the same affect.
    Reread the joke and the read Blonde Mama’s comment. Both quite hilarious.
    Peace, Prayers, & Blessings.

  10. My daughter and I have been through the mill this past couple of years.  We had always been so close but she went through a period of questioning everything that she had ever been taught and ultimately it has led to me being the "marmie in waiting" much too soon.  But we are dealing with it.  I love her so much and she is realizing the consequenses of her choices and God is wooing her back in his soft loving way.  It just breaks my heart that she has had to go through exactly what I always tried to protect her from.  *sigh*  Why can’t they just hear?  It is so painful to watch my daughter repeat my mistakes.  She is so young, not quite 20 yet. 
    But I know that God makes beauty from ashes, Hannah’s whole life is an example of this truth.  So I just keep leaning on him.  I know this baby will be a vessel of healing for both of us.  I just wish is was happening within the confines of a marriage and about 10 years from now.  Guess I don’t have a say in that matter, lol. 
    So for now, I VOTE PINK!!

  11. You are most blessed ~smiles~.  I too have good children and it is from spending time with them and not putting material possessions in front of their soul.  I can’t count the number of times my father whooped my ass because I broke something of his.  So I learned that materialism was the most important thing.  I could not live that way even as a child, so I rebelled.  Such are the things that parents do to destroy little souls without even realizing it.
    I think that shows how much power the dark lords have over humanity.  Televisions, Computers are merely tools, but it seems the devil creates obsession and blindness.  It use to be in ancient times that every number, word, emotion was tied to a spirit and that it is our free will god-given to be able to shield ourselves from darkness, but today few care to understand the truth and live their lives in separation of God…. a true definition of hell indeed ~smiles~.
    I am straight up with my kids about everything I do.  No secrets and no lies.  They know I smoke Marijuana; they know I’m dying.  My son Malachi is 13 and going into Jr. High.  He is an honor student ~smiles~.  He is a gentle giant…. David residing within Goliath, so to speak ~smiles~.
    The Primus, YHWY, Christ, Allah or any other name one wants to give it works in miraculous and mysterious ways ~smiles~.  I am so happy that your daughter has turned out to be such a fine, helpful servant, because only through serving do we understand what love is ~blinks~.  I know so many messed up kids and adults, and I am glad that you have done well with the precious life that God has blessed you with ~smiles~.
    Keep on keepin’ the faith…you have enough for those who don’t!  And that is a special gift indeed!

  12. I have a cousin with that name only they spell it Jourdain.  My middle name is "Lee" but I always wished it was spelled the other way.  I am named after my dad (middle name only, my sis got my moms thank God, Loiuse, lol!)  So Hannah is honoring me with the middle name Leigh, but spelling it the way I would have.  I think that is cool! 
    Hope you are having a more painfree day today!  My back is a little sore….. 🙂  big rocks and all hee hee.  I let Allen do most of the lifting.  He has BIG STRONG LEGS 🙂  I make a show of trying, then I back off and watch.  He mostly won’t let me help, doesn’t want me to get hurt, sweetie.

  13. Hello Gail,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the story. While it is just a joke going round the net, it is more true than some people realze. I worked in an IT section for five years. The stories I have. Yes, some people do get to that point of frustration. I have given such passwords to people like "Stupid," and "Dummy." I didn’t get in trouble for it because they had applied the adjectives to themselves and I would smart off and say that that sounded like a fitting password. Your kid brother would like those especially since they are true stories.
    Everybody occassionally comes up with something not quite in kilter. One lady I know kept speeding up so they could get to a gas station before they ran out of gas. No clue about how to conserve gas when running low.
    As for my last entry, I will leave that up to your discretion as to whether or not to delete it. If you leave it, I will not be bothered about it. If you delete it, that will not bother me either. At least you know that I do relate to your pain in a real manner. Some people say they can relate and can’t really.
    Peace, Prayers, & Blessings.

  14. It’s your job to pray, and it’s God’s job to hear.  And I know that He hears those prayers because these are prayed according to His will.  And we know that when He hears us we have the petitions we have desired of Him!
    And I agree with what you prayed here!

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