18 responses to “ROFL!

  1. Hello Gail,
    Glad you enjoyed "The First Meal." Some people say coincidences don’t happen. Well, they do. I imagine your husband didn’t propose to you at the entrance to a drag strip though. I did! Really such a romantic place to do it:)
    Great reality check about Windows which is really QDOS but Bill bought it for $50,000 when his original system wouldn’t work and he had a week left on a contract. QDOS is Quick and Dirty Operating System. It still fits! Bill is a businessman and nothing more.
    Peace & Blesings.

  2. Hi Just Bogging by, I my I realy had to stop and read that blog I thught my computor was well doing something I did’t expect . Thats funny.
    Lisa  Back at the Ranch

  3.   That is funny i too thought my computer  was acting up as usual.Cute baby…I love the kitty too.I am so glad to met people on here that are christians.Grandma’s too!~LOL~ Well have a great weekend and take care! Hope you are feeling much better!

  4. Hello Gail,
    I think everyone who knows Jeff likes him. He keeps his stuff rather clean. I really enjoyed his TV show but too many people didn’t get it. I enjoy the old time comedians. Jerry Clower, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, The Marx Brothers, The Keystone Kops, & The Three Stooges, I still laugh at their antics. A few innuendos thrown in but nothing crass like today’s comedians. Memories of a better time when life was simple and no one really had to fear anything.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. The image didn’t quite show up right, but I got the gist. I too, thought my computer was messed up. I’ve been having problems with updates!
    Meg tagged me too, and I’m still working on the list. To narrow it down to 10 is very hard. As you could tell on my other list, I don’t play favorites.

  6. Can’t do the triptans, I have a heart thingy.  But I have having that taken care of so hopefully soon I can try them.  They still scare me.
    I LOVE your MICROSOFT thing! ROFL!

  7. Hello Gail,
    Glad you enjoyed the trivia. I must have been tired to have posted such a thing. Or was it too many problems from MSN and I was relieving stress? Relieving stress from MSN or the moving? It matters not which it was, it is done. Your welcome about the new thing you have learned. However it is, some people have had a good laugh, some good memories recalled, and others something new learned. Mak’e pe do. (All is good – Cherokee).
    Peace & Blessings.

  8. Hi Gail,
    Got me too, glad to see its a joke, but you know when you think about it, its just about the truth.:O)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
    May God bless you.

  9. Hey Aunt G, You got me here!!! hahaha…I was like, I don’t want to RESTARt my computer!!! ahaha…
    Anyway, hope you’re doing ok! By the way, I wouldn’t go ewwww at stretch marks, or varicose veins! they are all feminine beauty! haha…Take care dear Aunt G!

  10. Hi G
    I am glad you liked my post and that pic… it really represents the way i feel.. if that makes sense….
    Oh and the automatic updates was too funny!
    Lots of Love!

  11. Im so sorry if my post offended you Gail  I am using my msn space sorta as a place for me to deal with issues i am unable to talk about….. my family is listening to me now and it seems i am gaining some respect and possibly even healing some of the heart break i have been thru.  So sorry tho if its offensive.

  12.  Beautiful Isabella and what a beautiful name too.I just wanted to say hello.my computer has been acting up.I tried getting by over the weekend but couldn’t get into anyone’s site.Well G hope you have a great day!!

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