Tagged, Too

I got tagged by Meg to list:
Ten Things That Represent Me:
1.  My Bible.  It represents the love I have for my savior, Jesus Christ, my leanings on the Holy Spirit who guides me and my Father in heaven who loves me unconditionally.
2.  My dictionary.  I love words!
3.  The book beside my recliner.  Always have to be reading something.  (Am I sensing a theme here?)
4.  My kitchen range.  Cooking and baking for people is one of the ways I show that I love them.
5.  My friends because they are of such a high quality that it reflects my wonderful taste!
6.  My stretch marks.  (I heard you say, "Ewwwww!" Hearts!)  I consider them badges of the honor bestowed upon me by God to be gifted with raising two wonderful (though trying) children.
7.  My zebra print purse which reflects the eccentric side of me.
8.  Tea/coffee pot for all of the great conversations with friends and family shared over a "cuppa" as Mom would call it.
9.  A weeping willow tree for all of the tears I have shed when I have done things my own way and crashed instead of listening to God in His perfect wisdom.
10. A golden crown which waits for me in glory. 
That was soo hard!  Now I tag,  hmmmm,  everyone!  Let me know if you post a list!
hugs, gail

6 responses to “Tagged, Too

  1. Great list, Gail! You know, half way thru I was having trouble thinking of anything else (after thinking for a day or so) but then one thing would make me think of something else, which would lead to another… I ended with 14 things & had to cut!

  2. List:
    1.  Jesus is mine.
    2.   I am His.
    3.  He is mine.
    4.  I am His.
    5.  Jesus is wonderful.
    6.  He thinks I’m pretty wonderful too!
    7.  I don’t get that.
    8.  But I won’t dispute it.  🙂
    9.  Because I am His.
    10.  And He is mine.

  3. That’s good because it’s all I got.
    In fact, I was just telling someone who’d called me up with all her problems, ‘Jesus is all I got.  He’s all I’ve got to give you.  But He’s all you’ll ever need!’

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