It Looks So Easy!

As my dear daughter pointed out, when you see the pictures, it looks like it was so easy to take them.  Our little adventure to Sears for the baby’s portrait took a couple of hours.  Do you know how difficult it is to get a nine month old, independent crawler to sit still?!?  Ugh!  Still, I just KNOW you will agree that the results are perfection!
Personally, I am not a big back to school shopper.  Since The Boy is now in high school I just load up on spiral notebooks, folders and loose leaf paper and figure out the rest after the first week. 
Last year I decided to do something different about clothing, though.  With Himself’s approval, I told The Boy that he could have $100 dollars to buy clothing for school by himself and that would be it.  If he went shopping with me he might get more.  He chose to go by himself.  To the mall.  One hundred dollars at the mall for a then fifteen year old.  I sure didn’t expect him to get much but did he ever surprise us!  He got two or three pair of pants/jeans and three or four shirts.  Those of us who live in the Atlantic Northeast know that that is quite a haul!
This year he is getting $125.  We’ll see how he does as he is going with a friend this time.  I actually found a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon for his favorite store.
I do believe the prolotherapy worked a bit – maybe 20%.  I still have pain but it is not excruciating in the morning.  Praise the Lord!  Now I have to see what the next step is – if there is a next step.  I am just thankful for less pain. 
Hope the larger print is easer for ya’ll to see.  Figured I’d give us ALL a break!
Blessings, gail

14 responses to “It Looks So Easy!

  1. Yes, those photos are ADORABLE!
    Market research shoes that people tend to buy more when they shop with a friend.

  2. I sure am over you being in pain!  Does your church believe in the laying on of hands and the sick recovering?  Our church sure does, and I’m surely grateful for it!  The Lord’s gotten me out of so many jams just that way!  Anyway, I’m praying from here.
    Love you,
    Carol 🙂

  3. Good to hear the prolotherapy is working.  Your granddaughter is beautiful….looks like the Gerber baby.  Good for your son.  You"ll have to let us know what all he gets with his $125.  As far as the comment on my blog about a younger man.  It wouldn’t work for me.  I’ve had my share of experience with younger men.  They like to be taken care of.  And I’m certainly not going to go back to being codependent.  Not going to be someone’s sugar momma.  If they are accomplished in their own way, then fine.  But otherwise I’ll stick to the older more experienced man.   

  4. You know, it’s so funny that you say that.  God is trying to teach me that His provision doesn’t necessarily always come in the ways that I might expect it to.  And it’s funny too.  Pastor Mark pointed out something about one of the ways God will deal with us.  He used the example, oddly enough, of the laying on of hands.  He talked about how we might go out and lay hands on a person who’s sick and see nothing happen.  And it’s like He’s asking us, "What do you think about Me now?  Do you think my Word is still true?"  It may not be an audible voice, but it’s there nonetheless.  And we’re like, "Um.  I’m not sure what to think about if Your Word is still true."  I think we all do it to some degree or another.  We hesitate when it doesn’t work out the way that we thought.  I’ve certainly hesitated! 
    But at least He’s gracious and still keeps on working with us and still keeps reaching out to us to teach us to trust Him, trust in His Word in spite of it all.
    Makes me think that the typical life-span of a human being isn’t enough time to learn His ways, learn to really walk with Him, trusting Him implicitly, and get it right.  But, then, we know that He even knew what He was doing when He measured out the span of our lives…
    It’s almost overwhelming how much there is to know about God and how little we actually know…
    One thing is for sure: He’s good.  Another thing for sure is that He’s faithful.
    Don’t you just love Him???

  5. Hey Aunt Gail :),  Clever you get an A++ for doing your research and discovering what SVT is! haha…goood good…. wish all my students at uni were like you! hee hee…
    I am better now….but I wanna believe the healing is complete…I am sick of getting SVT……it used to come and go…but in recent years, it’s just gotten worse…so I’ve been to the heart surgeon 3 times already… I wrote in my blog he recommended some sort of surgery where they zap  a nerve. So when he asked me to go see him again, I refused.
    Anyway, your little Bells is soooo cute. 🙂  I like pic no. 1, so young and with beautiful pearls already. 🙂
    Take care and I pray too that your healing will be complete in Jesus Name! Amen.

  6. Every time you say "himself" it reminds me of something and I JUST NOW figured out what it was. Have you ever seen the movie Babe, Pig in the City? LOL I am laughing now. If you saw it, you’d understand.
    Oooh the pics are cute. I love the first one best. I remember those days of spending what seemed like an eternity trying to get them to smile. 🙂
    Yes, my kids think I’m cool so that makes me pretty happy. They always want me to go on trips with them. Their friends always tell them that they have the coolest parents. I don’t know how long that will last, but I’m enjoying it while I can!!

  7. Awwwwww, she’s SO CUTE!!!  We better be having a girl.  lol  I can’t believe I have to get back on a plane in three days…yuk.  I hate to fly.  I am staying for 4 days this time, but wtih my sister instead of my parents so that should be better.  They just live two doors down from my mom and dad so I can still see Hannah every day.  But I get to see my sister more too.  I miss her terribly. 
    I shouldn’t have bothered to unpack, lol.  I hate these new rules.  I never used to check a bag, but now I have to because of shampoo and all that stuff.  What a pain.  It adds 40 minutes on the ground at the airport.  GRRR.  They almost took my mascara away at Seatac on Sunday.  I said "Go ahead, it’s nearly empty anyway."  Funny that they let me take it through on the way over….
    Anywho.  Hope you are having  a good day! 

  8. You may not believe this but Cassie and I just recently met!!  My best friend is the commentor below you in my post (Tammy) and the person I wrote about today is her father.  But Cassie and I have a very close friendship that developed very quickly.  It was a God thing. 
    Sometimes I wish Hannah lived with me and then others I don’t.  She is working through a lot of hurts right now and it is good that she is where she is.  God had his hand in this whole thing.     She did live with us until mid April when she suddenly decided to move back to Olympia (interestingly enough, within 2 weeks of said boyfriend doing the same…)  She was pregnant within weeks.  Two weeks to be exact, I just counted.  *sigh*  She was supposed to be moving in with my parents and instead she moved in with him. 
    So you see, we have issues here. 
    I am learning to trust in Him.  It is my saving grace. 

  9. Aunty G, achoo???? hahaha……..well….it isn’t as bad as the spring time in the good of USA. coz it’s more forests here than flowers…fresh air. 🙂
    Take good care, and rest well. Lord I pray A G will have peaceful slumber tonight…and that You will continue healing her muscles that the pain will eventually reduce to nothing. In Your Precious Name, Amen.

  10. It’s morning here. About to get the kids off to school and have a little workout. Got a hair appointment today (finally). I need a cut SOOO bad and I’ve been putting off coloring it till I get it cut. I have so many gray hairs! AHHH
    🙂 Have a good day.

  11. any relief from pain is good ,hope it continues …
    great idea to let your son do the buying .at least he will wear what he buys !
    the photos are lovely ,Isabella  is beautiful ..just now most of my pics of Fergus are of his back as I chase after him,I have to fasten him down to get a decent pic !Gavin informed me I have over 9,000 photos stored on my hard drive…. so I am having a separate one for photos  

  12. the’ thing ‘published itself before I finished …lol
    hope you have a wonderful day today,it is just after 10.30 am here  & sunny too!
    ps my hand is completely healed ….thanks for praying

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