Follow Up

The Boy’s shopping trip:
two pair shredded jeans (two different colors) ((Yes, they are in style again.  Bummer.))
two tees (both dark gray with different print)
debt of $20 repaid to friend who drove to the mall
$14 unaccounted for
Will this happen again?  I don’t think so.  Am I angry?            As you can see, my emotions are running the gamut.  I am so disappointed in him.  It’s a shame when you see a kid regress.
On a brighter note, since he did so well in summer school, he will be able to take a college prep. math instead of the "useless" math he was scheduled for.   
We are supposed to see the sun this afternoon in the Atlantic Northeast!  Hurray!!!
Blessings, gail

5 responses to “Follow Up

  1. Thank God, my boys have never been real concerned about what clothes I get them. They hate to shop. I think I’M more concerned with them looking cool and stylish than they are. Jordan is more fashion conscious now that he’s older and sometimes we argue about what is "in." LOL I’m just very grateful that they don’t care about labels. I never did either. I never saw the sense in paying $200 for something when I could get something that looked exactly the same for $40.. brand names annoy me! LOL I guess I rubbed off on my kids a bit because they don’t see the sense in spending that kind of $$$ either. I am so glad I got them a bunch of clothes for the school year before we left WA because everything is so high here. Josh has been wearing new jeans all week and he still has a couple of pairs in his drawer with the tags still on them. It’s great!!
    Funny you mention my haircut because I was just getting on here thinking about writing something about it and I saw your comment. Yes, it is always scary but I’ve had to change so many times.. and I never do anything drastic with my hair anymore like I used to. The gal did a great job from what I can tell. I guess I’ll go write about it now. 🙂

  2. We had a video made with this song and the one playing on Tammy’s site, a Steve Curtis Chapman song, pictures set to music.  I have a copy of it.  I pull it out every now and then.  I was blessed enough to be there when he passed away.  It was like he waited for me to arrive from Hawaii, he died three hours later.  I flew all night.  It was an honor.  We know he saw Jesus at that monent because for days he had been so dry, eyes, nose, lips…but at his last breath, a tear slipped out of his eye, and then he was gone. 
    It was so quick, three months.  He was 51. 
    For months I couldn’t listent to this song without crying in deep gulping gasping breaths.  I knew he was in heaven, but the here and now was so painful.  But now it is so comforting.  When my daughters dog had to be put to sleep last year, we just KNEW that John met her at the gates, he loved her so much it was silly.  I know it’s funny to think of a pet in Heaven, but that dog was a gift from God to my girl and I knonw he brought her home to be with Hannah when she gets there.  I don’t know if all dogs go to heaven, lol, but I am SURE that there is at least ONE there.
    I love the vision of the husband turning around.  It is so comforting.  And I know it is so true. 
    Have a great day!!

  3. Well, that’s still not bad – at all!  How easy would it have been to spend $100 on one item?  Just chock up last year’s sucess to beginner’s blessing (especially since we believers don’t believe in luck).  We don’t have to like our kids’ style so long as they’re covered, yes?

  4. he chose them and he will be wearing them -and just look at him with Bella  🙂
    don’t lose any sleep over what he wears  Gail, as long as he is okay and going to school …pleased the’ math’ is going well .

  5. Fortunately , Sam is a canny Scot like his mother & is always scouting out bargains; so far his style is acceptable- jeans or shorts, t-shirt with camp shirt over, or a polo. Of course he knows Mom pays the bill, so he stays in line.
    I’m so sorry about your f-i-l; you are right, it’s a cruel disease- we’ll be praying for your m-i-l

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