I think that one of the cruelest results of the fall of man is Alheimer’s/dementia.  Seeing the light leave someone’s eyes is so sad.
Isabella and I went to The Cafe this morning for breakfast.  A couple of weeks ago we had met a senior citizen by the name of Edith.  We chatted a little bit and I told her I would look for her to have breakfast with her some time in the future.  Well, she was there this morning and she did not remember meeting us.  We sat with her to keep her company but it was not a good day for her.  She apologized for not being good company and repeated herself several times.  When she did, I treated it as if it was the first time she had said it.  It costs me nothing to help her keep her dignity, right?
This disease first entered my life with my grandfather.  Caring for him was turning my beloved grammie into an old woman before her time and it is only now that I can look back and realize that I did not go away to college for a reason.  God knew that my gram, my best friend, would need me.  Out of 365 days in a year I must have been to her house at least 300 of them just giving her a break in the routine.  She appreciated it so much and I know that she loved me as much as I loved her.
Now my f-i-l has it.  Not as badly as Gramp but it is still a trial for my m-i-l.  We try to visit them often, especially with the baby.  I see the struggle.  It’s trying to treat the questions the same every time they are asked that is so wearing.
If you know someone who is a caregiver for a loved one with dementia please try to visit them on a regular basis.  This will bless you greatly. 
blessings, gail

11 responses to “Twilight

  1. Someone I love very dearly was diagnosed with Altheimers, and her daughter moved her to Pamona – which is a pretty good distance away.  I haven’t spoken to her in a while.  I’ve been thinking about calling her daughter recently just to let her know I haven’t forgotten.  It’s tough.  I’d like to see miracles in the realm of masses of people getting healed from these very types of things.  I believe the day is fast approaching where we’ll see unprecedented miracles such as these!

  2. I agree that alzheimer is an especially cruel disease I have a little story to tell you about… i used to work in a nursing home as an activity aid and i loved the job.  We had an elderly lady who was a reitred sunday school teacher her husband a wonderful elder in their church and she was struck with this horrible disease of alzheimers.  At first you would see them walking down the aisles together holding hands and later she didnt know who her own husband was she was scream at him and make him leave. Sometimes he would be in tears.  And then later he would come back and she would ask him, "Where were you, I have been looking all over for you"   And he always said, " I was right here and i will always be right here and I wont leave you" And he didnt.  Reminds of now of that movie ‘The Notebook’   I will be so glad in heaven where we wont have to face these kinds of cruel diseases.

  3. There have been some amazing results on Marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease.  Marijuana actually prevents Alzheimer’s and may also help heal damage.  You should be able to Google it or look on NORML’s site.  I usually get the newsletter from them, so I wouldn’t know where to begin as a site mapper.
    I enjoyed the fact that you let the woman keep her dignity.  That is very important.
    Did you ever watch that movie 51st dates with Adam Sandler?  If not you should check it out, it was very cute and was about memory loss ~smiles~.

  4.  Hi  
     I know kids are so cute dressed up….That was so sweet of you having lunch with her.My Dad has oldtimer’s.He calls it that because he was funny all my life and he refuses to let it get at him.My Dad was a Methodist pastor and he could read the bible out of memory.He was a great speaker and it breaks my heart that he has no short term memory.We knew because years ago he would go to the post office and come back without the mail. he has gotten worse and he stays between my three sisters.
    Well take care and God bless you for making the lady’s day! I wish everyone was as sincere as you!

  5. Hi Gail, This disease I have only read about, and you blessed this women this morning, you are a very kind loving person.
    This in a family unit must be  very hard on all to watch, and know that the prognois is not good. You sound very strong, but also would not be if you didn’t have faith.
    I have you in my prayers today and  God hold all involved in the palm of his hand.
    Lisa     thanks for the visit.

  6. You all are so kind.  I wasn’t looking for a pat on the back.  I just know what God would want me to do and, if I am not being a brat, I will do it!  It’s taken many years to have that attitude and some days I don’t really have the strength but "I can do all things through Christ who lives in me," right?

  7. Noticed someone else recommended a movie here in your comments.  So I’m going to follow suit and recommend The Notebook if you haven’t already seen it.  It’s based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.  Awesome.  Anyway just stopped to say hi.  An interesting fact about Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.  Nearly all with DS are confirmed to have Alzheimers on autopsy per research at Johns Hopkins.  I’ve seen a lot and they are the early Alzheimers type….very sad. 

  8. I’m on call this weekend….no biggie usually just a few calls where I don’t go in..playing hookie today….will probably go in on Sunday afternoon for a bit….only need to work 4.5 hrs to make my 40.  Besides they know how to reache me today if needed.  I’m just so tired and worn out….taking care of me today.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  9. Bill’s mother has gotten really bad the last few years. I can’t imagine the frustration of going through something like that, constantly forgetting things. It’s a tough thing to deal with for everyone.
    Actually, I don’t exercise on a totally empty stomach. I’ve found what works for me. I eat a South Beach maple nut breakfast bar when I get up and that gets me through. I’ve tried protein shakes, yogurt, banana, etc. but when I got on the treadmill I would always feel really sick. That little bar is enough to settle my stomach and give me strength for the workout, then I eat breakfast afterward. I’m sure it’s probably different for everyone.
    Have a great weekend, Gail!

  10. someone in my school year has just gone into full time care because of Alzheimers- her husband couldn’t get enough home care for her and was sad to see her leave her home but couldn’t manage her himself .she is only  55 years old.Made me count my blessings I can tell you !

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