Friday Fifteen

Totally random facts: 
1.  I love totally random facts!
2.  There are no deciduous trees native to Australia.
3.  Honey is the only food we know does not ever spoil.
4.  Evian backwards is naive.
5.  Bones have "bendability."
6.  We have 29 vertebrae.
7.  Seven cervical (neck) which support the head and allow for neck movement.
8.  Twelve thoracic (mid-back) which anchor the rib cage.
9.  Five lumbar which give the lower back curve.
10. Five sacrals (OH! My aching sacrailiac!) which form the tail side of the pelvic girdle. (Can you tell I am reading Kathy Reichs again?)
11. Brooklyn was once the 8th largest city in the world (watch the beginning of Welcome Back Kotter reruns!).
12. Adding ground ginger to gassy foods such as cabbage will take the gas out of them.
13. People who live together before they get married have a higher divorce rate than those who do not.
14. The unemployment rate in the USA is now 4.7%.
15. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidents.
Phew!  Have a blessed weekend!  gail  

8 responses to “Friday Fifteen

  1. I also have a wealth of (mostly) totally useless knowledge floating in my head. I use it just often  enough to make myself look stupid.
    I wonder if Alzheimer’s is related to all of the technology used to make our lives better – teflon, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, etc.
    Could you go to my space and then go to my new space (I have the new address there) and see if you can leave a comment?
    Happy Labor Day

  2. Yeah fun facts are always….well…!  Especially random ones.
    ~Tosses a liberal dose of blesings to Gail~

  3. I think those facts were very interesting -like the chocolate one -I always knew it must be good for me to eat chocolate …lol
    hope your weekend is blessed with joy

  4. Hello Gail,
    Good shopper your boy is. Getting that much stuff for the amount of money is amazing especially for someone concerned with fitting in.
    Another trivial fact is that two cups of coffee per day will help prevent alzheimers. Chocolate is always good for everything – just don’t eat too much or you might look like the Goodyear Blimp;)
    The only affects from the move were two cat scratches and two bruises plus a little tired and sore. Otherwise everything is fine. Finished her move out with 30 minutes to spare.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. ooooooohhhhhhhhhI can finally add a comment again after three whole days!!!!! Tried morning, didn’t work, was gonna give up, but thot of reading your blog, and guess what I can comment again!!!! yahooooooo!!!
    I like totally random facts too!! I’m always buying fact books for Nel to read. 🙂  Do you know that most people who live in together before marriage break up within 2 months?? the rest will most likely break up before 2 years. So now they are thinking not to call it co-habitation, but intense dating!! haha…..I just read it recently. Do you know that Pluto is no considered a planet? but a "dwarf planet" so essentially now there are 8 planets, and not nine. ok, enough.
    Have a blessed weekend Aunt Gail!
    with love and hugs!

  6. hey aunt G, i take a peek on my space n you’ve left a comment. how nice. 🙂 thank you……
    blessed night, sweet dreams…..n th Lord watch over you n give you peace…sweet peace.

  7. Hey there!
    I am back home and I put the definintion of SVT in my blog this morning for you.  Hop you are having a great week!!  First day of school today.  I have to go with Chris and get his schedule fixed…..Good thing I have a cousin in high placed, mwahaha.  I haven’t played that card yet but I am about to.  He is a mucky muck with the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state.  He will make things happen for us.  Long story.  Much frustration.  There is a blog in the works here.
    I will catch up with you later~

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