Let’s Take a Vote

Do we like the old layout better or this one?
Also, about the boy’s shopping:  He took advantage of us by paying back a friend he owed money to and by buying lunch using our money.  He could have done much better and gotten more if he had compared prices in the sales cirrculars like I advised him.  I am very disappointed in him.  Nuff said.
Have a great Lord’s day, gail

18 responses to “Let’s Take a Vote

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure-the blog part is easier to read, but you do have to scoll a lot to find the other fun stuff. Seems like everyone is in a "remodel" mood this week!

  2. Hi Gail!
    Finally able to get into blogs…my friend is building me a new computer with a bazillion gigs of RAM, hopefully it will be enough to support Windows Live…
    I am so loving the pics of Bells…she is so beautiful and obviously the pride and joy of your life.  I especially love the one of her in the fairy costume looking into the hatbox…I think it is her cutie little bare feet that I find so endearing in that picture!  Also the rolls of baby fat – you must just always kiss her all over because she is so cute!
    About the boy…my boy made a trip to a couple of stores for new t-shirts, and came home with ones with beer/bar logos, another one that was distasteful…now he is finding he can’t wear them to work or to college (heh heh heh) nice way to waste his OWN money…so he asked if we could go shopping together (that way he buys good looking polo shirts, etc).  However, you have an awesome pic of the Boy with Bells…she looks quite comfortable on his lap…that’s the real Boy.  And I know YOU know that!
    Gotta go wake the kids for church, and decide whether my “hot hair” is still looking good for church or whether it needs a good laundering…that means styling after…sigh…
    Take care, love ya, and tell Himself we are on for some great corned beef hash!

  3. I don’t know. I like change. Can’t leave things the same for too long or I get bored. So I say keep experimenting! 🙂
    I have been working on the house all day and haven’t seen any news. I should check in and see what’s up with the hurricaine. Stay safe!

  4. I just saw your other comment about the cell phones. Bill and I used to do that all the time before moving here. We can’t afford two cell phiones here (they don’t have family plans like in the states; it’s really expensive) but we don’t really need to because the stores here are so much smaller.. well the ones in our little town anyway. 🙂

  5. YES, the old one, old is good!!i mean, it’s not that I dont like change but wasnt change supposed to be good!!!I mean cmon, I dont even know how to organize my own blog and you do have to scroll down to see the fun partblessings

  6. Hey Aunt Gail,
    I like the new look, but I don’t like all the problems that come with it!!!
    How have you been? By the way, in the random facts you had something about ginger taking gas out. Well, over here we do that…add ginger with stuff, coz it’s suppose to take the gas out. Ginger is also good when one has cough.
    Well, in Asian cooking we use lots of garlic, onions and ginger anyway :).  take care!!! Your new layout is nice.
    God bless!

  7. well Gail …he will have less choice of clothes to wear and he will do better next time or go ‘bare bum’ !

  8. Hi Gail ~smiles~.
    My son is doing some odd things because he is breaking away from the apron strings of mommy ~smiles~.  He has always been mommy’s boy, now he is starting to listen to my music and asking me questions about why I do the things I do ~chuckles~.  He has a tendency to be a follower, which can get him into trouble.  Some of his friends and relatives enjoy getting into trouble and if he is there with them he is likely to do something stupid ~chuckles~.  In spite of being raised in the opposite direction ~chuckles~.
    It is so much harder for kids today than when we went to school.  I mean the same basic things went on; bullies, jocks, preppies, goths, etc.  Everything is so generic and force-fed to them through showering media.  I remember the insignificance I felt as a teenager and how it allowed me to make bad choices because the peer pressure was astounding when it came to popularity.  I was extremely popular but in the infamous ways ~chuckles~.
    Yeah, a rich philanthropist would be cool, but one can be a philanthropist without money.  Volunteering to drive dialysis patients or cancer patients to their appointments, one can help with meals on wheels.  I personally fight on the political platform mostly.  Trying to make life better for all humans.  There is teaching kids how to read, and help them with speech therapy (the Masons and Shriners do that).
    I am just kicking back listening to some old Creedence Clearwater Revival.  I hope you have a great day.  And your boy has a lifetime of choices to make, and they won’t all be right ~smiles~.  I hope this finds you and yours well! ~smiles~

  9. Hi Gail,  Thanks for the comments on my IQ.  I tend to be much better with words than numbers.  And that particular test had a lot of numbers but my results showed that I’m a "word warrior".  Anyway hope you have a great day today!

  10. Hello Gail,
    I am finally taking an easy day. After the move and all. Yesterday my daughter called and had two flat tires on her car. With cool rain pouring down quenching the parched ground and bringing new life to the grass and trees we changed the tires and got them replaced – no option on that. My wife did the laundry and even folded my clothes for me. I am blessed with a GREAT wife. I usually do the laundry and grocery shopping. We split the cooking, sometimes we do it togather which can be quite a chore concentrating on the food. We manage to get a decent meal together.
    Peace & Blessings.

  11. Hi Gail,  Thanks for your comments regarding my "lost friend".  She was my college freshman roommate.  I’m saddened by the loss but I realize is just wasn’t meant to be.  And I find peace in knowing that.  Have a great week! 

  12. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for coming by and the comment. Yeah, my Paula just called, shes on her way home, Jody and I can hardly wait.
    May God bless you.

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