Info. Needed

Okay, my perfectly brilliant blog buddies.  If you can help me out here I would truly appreciate it.
I am not very computer literate and would like to find out how to do the "click to make the list appear" thing.  Instead of having my 99 Things About Me list take up a whole page, how do I make it so it only appears when you click on the title of the list?  First one who can answer will get a great big cyber hug and a kiss on the cheek!
The holiday weekend went quickly and uneventfully.  When holidays are on a Monday, do you find it screws up the rest of the week for you?  I know it is Tuesday only if I think about it otherwise it feels like Monday!
Bells needs me so I will try to continue later.  g

15 responses to “Info. Needed

  1. Hi g  sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you i have not been able to leave comments or to even blog for some reason…
    wish i could help you out with your question but i am still trying to learn everything myself.

  2.  about the list thing…maybe you could  put it in a blog entry …then it would do that …just came to say ..yes the curd is made just in microwave  ..if yours has levels it will tell you in the instructions what temp .each level is (we had one like that that’s how I know  level 10 was 700 on ours )
    going to house group meeting now

  3. Hi Gail ~smiles~,
    I am an IT professional, unfortunately I don’t know a thing about how this new live works ~chuckles~.  I just figured out how to fix it so you don’t have to go back pages when your looking up someone’s site ~chuckles~.  I hope you find it though.  I will look up some MSN Live Spaces stuff to see if I can find it.  If I had to guess it would be under layout and modules.  I like cyber hugs and kisses ~winks~, so I wish I knew ~chuckles~.

  4. Hello Gail,
    The results are pretty accurate. I only let out what is needed about me. I have seen so many things and done so many things people would get bored with it. Anyway, The past is history, the present is now and now is what we live for. The past is merely reference to be used to try to help people and to keep from making the same mistakes again. Thank you for believing that I have a big heart. For those who are worthy of help, they get it with no questions asked. Some of my famiy members are so egotitical they don’t deserve help, they get enough without mine and when I have attempted to give some they have gotten rude. Life goes on.
    I agree with Adam on where to go to fix the problem. He needs the hugs and kisses more than I do with his life situation. I will let him work it. Or if I get into it and find it, he can still have the hugs and kisses for the aforementioned reason.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. Hmm.. I’m not really sure. I haven’t done that. But I know what you mean. I think the list looks good on here though.
    Speaking of lists, I think YOU need to make your list of the top 10 songs of all time! LOL

  6. Okay- I don’t know if you’ve received your answer, but here goes!
    First, write your list as a blog entry & publish. Add a Custom List- (you can use the one you already have- select edit list, but delete all the items) & click "Add an item"; in the "name" box, put something like "All about me" . Open up a second window of your space, & click ‘View your space"- at the bottom of your entry is a button called ‘permalink’, click it & you will get a URL link for that entry. Highlight the link, Ctrl C (copy) then go to the 1st page with the list- click in "Web Address" Ctrl V (paste) the permalink. Save & then view- you should now have a short list with just the one entry- when you click it, you’ll go to the blog entry! BTW- its the same process for doing a Guestbook, if you want.

  7. Hi Gail, I will come back later tonight, but I have no idea why we can’t leave a comment at Julieann’s space. If you figure that out let me know right away. Now I am worried. Maybe we could email spaces. Maybe they have a problem , and yes her work is brilliant. Very brilliant to say the very least!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Lisa
    I will be back after I make dinner.

  8. HeyAunt Gail, I thot I’d be the frst to get the cyberspace kiss from you!! haha…but Meg beat me to it. 🙂
    Yes, you have to first publish it as a blog, then get the permalink add, and add it to your custom list.
    I’m fine…just busy busy….trying to get our passports done and all sorts of stuff. HOpe you have been good??? SO how do you use your ginger?
    Just wondering, we use it mostly with fish, chicken and beef….which means almost everything right? haha…
    Here’s one recipe…. boil a small pot of water, add in your sweet potatoes (about 3 or 4) cubed to about 2 inches, cane sugar or regular or brown sugar, about 1 inch of ginger and some pandanus leaf (I think you can get em at the oriental grocery store…lovely smell). BOil till potatoes get soft….eat warm. It’s really soothing to eat. 🙂 Take care! and have a blessed night!

  9. NOOO I’m not hinting that you are annoying me. Where did you get that idea?? I just said on that post that others should make their own list.. and you obviously know a lot of great songs. I would love to see yours! I know it’s hard to narrow it down; it was for us too. And we left off a lot of good ones. But still, I think you could do it! I’d like to see your list. If you have some songs I don’t know, I could download them and check them out. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the sweet comment! Nah.. nothing TOO horrible or I wouldn’t post it on my blog. LOL These aren’t things that in any way consume me but just things I deal with from time to time. It makes me feel somewhat better to talk about them and find out that so many people deal with these same issues (not that I’d wish them on anyone).

    I knew I’d be too late, dangit!
    That’s the ONE thing that I know how to do; I still have to have Son #4 help me when I post photos…
    As for The Boy’s shopping: You’re a better mother than I. I would NEVER truth any of my sons (well, maybe #3) to go shopping alone. First of all, I’d be afraid of results like yours; then I’d be afraid they’d come home with nothing but a new video game and $50 worth of…God only knows. It would vary with each kid.
    Besides, they’re greedy. They KNOW I’ll buy more; they pick, I pay. But I stand right. beside. them.
    And hey! I just discovered Kathy Reichs. I just finished…oh, crap, I can’t remember the name of it, but she’s in Israel, researching bones from Masada. I enjoyed it, although I felt a little too dumb to be reading it. Technical stuff makes me dizzy. er.

  12. Thanks for your kind words.
    The first “wreck” was Princess Ruth’s departure for college in Oklahoma.  This “wreck” was not very bad as she is a senior this year, due to graduate in May.  Besides, we shipped her off with her stuff, which she had to unload herself.
    My second “wreck” was taking Princess Rebecca, our youngest, to college in Missouri.  She just turned 17 this past April and seems so young to be “leaving home”.  My mental preparation for this time, my youngest child leaving home, did not really prepare me for the actual experience.  In a certain sense, I suddenly feel “old”.
    My right hip pocket is where I keep my billfold.  The two back-to-back school loans (for small private colleges) just added to the feeling of being in a “wreck”.  Other than missing my two daughters more than I would have thought possible, I’m fit as a fiddle ( a somewhat middle age, overweight fiddle) and as happy as a possum eating a dead cow.  

  13. Gail, you’re a gem!  I sure did need the lowdown to decifer the "serf code!"  Right on!
    To delete a list:
    Go into Edit your space.  At the top of every list, just underneath the list title, is an Edit list option.  Click on that.  Once you’re there, at the top is a Delete list option.  Click that.  Click Delete again from the prompt asking if you’re sure you want to delete.  Done!

    You know, I’ll read just about anything except science fiction.
    I especially like Carl Hiaasen and David Sedaris for their sharp humor, and all sorts of mystery writers, from Arthur Conan Doyle to … Somebody whose first name begins with "Z."
    (I learned about the bendable bones about six years ago, when #2 Son had what they called a "greenstick" fracture; essentially, a bend.) But books are good for learnin’, aren’t they?!?

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