Not a creature is stirring not even a cat.  What delicious quiet I am experiencing right now.  Bells is in bed and I am the only other person home.  Before dd moved back in, I had quiet from the time The Boy went to school until he came home.  I cherished that time alone.  Oh, well.
A big shout out of thanks to Meg for giving me the much needed info.  I tried making the changes but spaces was persnickety again.  I will take care of it when the pc is fresh!
I was able to spend time today with my young friend, J.  For the last four or five years she has been working in "Eastern Asia" as a teacher/missionary and is now going to be a student for the next semester.  I cannot name the country because it is considered "creative access" which means they don’t allow Christian missionaries.
J. has been learning the language of her host country and has decided to hone her speaking, reading and writing skills in university there.  No slouch is she!  She is a graduate of Harvard University in one of the areas of science. Nearly every time we get together I am able to pick her brain and she is able to teach me.  It doesn’t matter that she is only 27 years old.  She loves to teach and I love to learn.  Today was a continuation of a lesson from the winter on the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as a new lesson on mitochondrial dna. 
The first time I saw J. was when she spoke at my church.  I said to myself, "Self.  You have got to get to know this girl."  So, I did!  I will miss her when she leaves again this week.  Have a great trip, J.  You are so very special.  Thank you for your friendship.  blessings, gail

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  1. Hey Aunt G, time if quietness is rare but precious! I wish I had that…but with two little ones…it is close to impossible. Not even in the midd of the night with Baby Jo’s random wakings!
    I think I know the country you’re talking about. Well, God bless all these missionaries who give up their personal ambitions to follow God’s calling! Take care and God bless!
    p.s we use ginger in stir fry too…ginger has been known to take away the raw smell of meat. Which is why we use it when cooking meat.

  2. yes, friends are the best ever, I think God created friends cause he knew they would be special people in our lives, thank God for friends!!!miss u, havent see u online much these days, maybe cause I havent been online myself!! heheI’ll have to tell myself to get some time for my friends, lolblessings, Praise Him Forever, for He is good!

  3. Hello Gail,
    I only use the tests for relaxing and for laughs. If I see one that wounds interesting I’ll try it but I don’t go out of my way for them. After last month & Sunday, I needed a couple down days. My oldest daughter’s move in August and then on Sunday she had two flat tires on one side of her car. Naturally, it was raining while we were changing the tires. LIFE!
    It is good that you are getting time to spend with your friend. A precious moment in time that should be cherished forever for this age will never come again nor will the exact same memories be possible.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. That’s great to experience life through a friend.  She’s an accomplished young lady.  Good for her!  Sometimes I wonder where I would have been had I not gotten married.  Guess I’m making up for lost time now…..LOL. Like you I enjoy learning so much.  That is so awesome how she is serving in Eastern Asia.  May God be with her in her travels and studies.   

  5. Yeah, next year I’ll get some quiet time.  My daughter will start kindergarten ~smiles~.  Her birthday is in November, so she misses the bus for another year.  She is smart enough to go, and she could use some brushing up on her social skills.  She is my little princess after all ~chuckles~.
    Your friend sounds very nice and intelligent ~smiles~.

  6. Chris has autism.  So he DEFINATELY qualifies on every level.  Right now, we have not applied for SSI for him, because we make too much money blah blah blah, but once he graduates and his lovely father cuts him off just like he did his sister, we will "declare" that we are no longer supporting him and we will apply for the benefit for him.  I think he will be able to live independently someday, but not right now.  If you look on my site under "my favorite entries" there is one called  "Chris, or as he prefers to be called, Jet!"  I talked about him there.  He is really high functioning and in fact was misdiagnosed for many years as ADHD.  Check out the entry. 
    The wedding.  Oy.  My aunt tried to take over her son’s wedding basically.  The bride didn’t want a big wedding and my aunt did.  So she had her friend fly up and spend three days making food and she rented tables and chairs, china and silferware.  She rented fishbowls with fish in them for centerpieces (who knew?) she got a cake, she bitched about the flowers, she had a friend make the flower arangements, bought the flowers, basically took over the wedding.  Afterward, when the bride and groom were gone and we were at my aunt and uncles house for the "after party" my cousin kept talking about how her "heart hurt" and how awful it was and she and her mother kept saying things like "weddings are all about other people…"  I thought they were about THE BRIDE!!  I feel for the bride but my cousin the groom DID try to get her to elope, he knows his mother.   *sigh*  It was just ugly.  The brides family felt superflulous (can you blame them?) and my aunt walked around looking like a hag all day.  It was so awful.  Nobody considered the bride.  They just kept overrulling her. 
    My daughter watched that debacle and decided right then and there that she wants a marriage not a wedding.  I totally agree. That’s why Allen and I went to Vegas.

  7. I seem to be having more of that quiet alone time than I was prepared for here lately.  Hubby went to a new shift and after the girls go to bed and I can’t sleep I’m alone at night. So far I’ve been able to deal just fine. Your friend sounds amazing. God bless our missionaries.. The work they do for the Lord is so amazing. Sorry I haven’t been by much.. Been super buzy..

  8.   Just stopping by to say hello and to wish you a great day! My best friend lives about a 600 miles away but for 25 years we have remained as close as we ever was.Friends are truly gifts from God!

  9. I believe that true friendship knows no age boundaries!  So glad you stepped out on what you knew to be right and are now reaping the rewards for it!  Sweet!

  10. I just hate the whole friends thing.  I liked it better when I got to choose who I put on my space as my "friend."  Now when someone asks to be my friend I have to go through this whole rejection thing.  It stinks.
    I hate rejecting people.

  11. Hey Aunt G, just dropping by to wish you a great weekend! 🙂
    We have a busy weekend here…there’s a charity concert to raise funds for an orphanage…a pretty grand dinner at a ballroom, and I get to play the piano in one of the final performances with some guest artists! yahoo! 🙂 (it’ll be the song You raise me Up).
    Well, gotta go. Blessings to you and all!!
    love and hugs from all here!  
    So, that’ll be fun and exciting!

  12. "OY" is kind of a family joke around here.  It started with the saying "Oy with the poodles already" from Gilmore Girls and just got shortened to "Oy". 
    We are  B R O K E

  13. I hate it when I post when I am not donee writing yet.  I dont even know how I do it. 
    ANYWAY! As I was saying, BROKE, at the moment, so no yardwork this weekend.  The first week of school killed me, along with two trips to Oly in a row.  So I have to wait a few weeks before I can buy some more plants.  I don’t like to buy stuff unless we have the cash for it.  AND it looks like we may be planing a wedding for December… so that will take all the extra money I can scrounge up.  Lucky for me she wants a small affair.  It all pends on whether of not he can find employment that offers insurance for her.  She is currently on our plan.  If he can, than we are full steam ahead with the planning.  It will be a small intimate affair, but still.  It takes planning.  We spent about 3 hours yesterday talking and brainstorming.  It’s fun.  We are really starting to heal our realationship, God is so good.
    Have a great Friday!!

  14. Hello Gail,
    It is truly a blesing to have family & friends who are not in the world of Blog that send me such great items. This one is making its rounds through email also. I am sure it is getting to many people. I have gotten quite a few recently and am having a difficult time deciding which one to post when. Emails such as "Installing Love," "Christianity is a Fight," and "Merry Christmas" cards to the ACLU. Since the ACLU wants to take God out of everything, then we should flood them with cards that say "Merry Christmas." My Brother in CA., Aunts & Uncles love to send me this stuff. It sounds like fun with the ACLU. Will post later.
    Peace & Blessings.

  15. Hmmm…Ginger in stir-fry I need to try that.
    You got to love friends who challenge out intellect…That is good company.
    Yep…Yep…Quiet time is good…
    However, for me as long as it is not too long.
    Like you we love our families.
    Have a wonderful weekend…Greg

  16. I am, not that much, but I am, I’m doin pretty good in Biblw College, the first test, Doctrine, wasnt perfect, but I’ve improved, I’ve got some great marks, I’m trusting the Lord to provide everything I need to accomplish what He wants me to do, miss ya love yaMay our Lord Almighty bless you today!~pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you~

  17. Thanks for the hugs & kiss- you are so welcome! I could use a little quiet time, but the "season" isn’t over for another month, so I’ll stay on the go until mid-October. I’m actually considering a mini-retreat by myself to the hostel at Pigeon Point or Montara Point Lighthouse- just me, God, & my knitting bag!

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