I have no idea what happened to this post!  I saved it and then published it and it disappeared!  Let’s see if this works and then I will try to rebuild what I formerly posted.  gail
Okay.  That worked so let’s try this again.  I am so tempted to delete yesterday’s post because it worried some of you.  Just wanted to let you know what that day was all about for me.  I do appreciate all your prayers.  You are dear to me – all of you!
Now, down to brass tacks (if you haven’t heard of that saying – tough!  Look it up!  Ha Ha!).  I’d like to know who the child is who wakes up from Bella’s afternoon and what she has  done with my granddaughter?  She will be an angel most of the day and then her evil twin takes her place in her crib.  It isn’t always when she wakes up from that nap.  Mostly it is when her mother comes home from work.  My poor dd!  All she wants is a big smile and hugs and she gets a complaining magpie!  We did notice a big lump where her molar must be coming in but wouldn’t that hurt all day?  If she hadn’t been cranky when she got up today I would say she is punishing her mother for leaving her all day.
On a brighter note, SCHOOL STARTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had construction going on in some of the schools so we had a scheduled late start.  Yes, the ceilings of the classrooms in the school where the ceiling collapsed is fixed.  I truly love The Boy but was so tired of his lazy loafing since summer school ended.  He was supposed to get a job but if Himself didn’t force him to I just don’t have to energy what with watching Bells to enforce it.  So, back to school he went and not a day too soon!
Bless you all, gail

13 responses to “Oops!

  1. Hello Gail,
    OOPS? What a geat blog! ~chuckles~
    I don’t remember the sites where I found the information at. I’ll find them again and post them. There are so many other stories that were changed for the benefit of making the US look good or a popular person.
    Thank you for finding my post interesting. That is my story about my 9/11 and my reactions. I have no idea why I started out with the first part like I did – it just happened.
    Anyway 10 September was Grandparents’ Day – so I hope you had a grand one.
    11 September was Patriot Day. Let’s stick that in the eyes of the Extremist Muslims.
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. It just seems so sensless, and yet; I know that God is in control and he sees the beginning and the end.  I have to keep reminding myself of that truth every day.  The media are trying to make a circus out of it I guess.  My sister said they were at the school today, trying to talk to anyone who would stop.  The administration has asked them to leave, but they remain.  They will no doubt be at the game on friday.  I wish they would just leave them alone.  But it makes good copy, you know?  Handsome athlete, hint of scandal, true or not.  It is so frustrating. 
    Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. 

  3. Ciao G,
    Thanks for stopping in for a visit, it was really great to see you, and thinks for your kind comments….and your questions as well. I will do my best to answer all of them here, but really, the whole story is quite a long one. ha ha.
    The first question you asked was, was Sam a Christian, yes….he sure is….:) I am VERY happy for that and he lives a very good life for God…
    Well, the next one was How did mee, I hope that I do not take up too much of your space here, because this one can get a little long. ha ha. But after a very bad marriage, that was abusive, and I was almost killed, I went to live with my brother and sister in law,and their 4 children. After a year, my sister in law thought that I was lonly, and she was right, I really was, and always, always prayed to God to send me a wonderful man, one that was of His choice, because I was awful in that department, so, she listed my name in a Christin Soul Mates site on the internet, and it was there that I met him. We chatted for a year before we met, then I went to Egypt to meet him, he is truly a gift from God. and I cherrish every moment that we have together.
    How did we end up in Italy…that too is VERY long….after meeting him, and getting engaged, I went back to Canada, tried many times before I went to Egypt to have him visit my country, and they would not allow him to come. After I arrived back in my country, I tried again, and still not allowed for him to get a visa to come into Canada. I was very upset with the system, and did not know what to do. I had spoken to many goverment officials, and still nothing. You see, I am not predigest against people of any kind, but I am not in favour of some religions…but when speaking to the Canadian Embassy, I come to see that they are all Muslims working there, and therefore, they would not allow Sam a visa to come to my coountry. But they allowed their own type. Being Christian in a Muslim country is not an easy thing at all, and they are sometimes killed for this fact…so…..Sam eventually was able to come to Italy, and this is how I ended up here, thus far…
    I know a little of the language, but not much, just little, but I can get around. ha ha.
    You asked me if I was lonely, yes, sometimes I miss my family, but I get to speak to them every day on the pc, so it is not really bad at all.
    And you wanted to know How long I have been here in Italy, I have been here for 2and a half years.
    I love Italy, it is much different than home, but as they say, home is where your heart is….hahaha. I love country life, but italy is a big city, and for me, I love the challange of being here, It is very interesting. Lots of different people, places to see, and all that.haha.
    I hope that helped you some…but if there is anything else that you wanted to ask, go ahead…I dont mind at all.
    God is so good, and I love Him with all my heart, and I am so thankful for God blessing my life with such a sweetheart. Every day I thank Him, as I have so much to be thankful for. I am alive, and I have a sweetheart of Gods own choosing, and I love everyone…Muslim and all, just not the faith. I hope that you can understand that…
    May God Bless You,
    Hope to see you come back again for a visit…
    Take Care
    Lotos of Hugs and Kisses for you.

  4. I have a hard time with listless, lifeless male beings in any form loafing about the house my own self, actually, so you have my full sympathy, and I can fully appreciate your feeling of relief.  There’s just something about the look of sheer disinterest on a man’s face and an obvious unwillingness to engage in the process of living life that just gets my blood to the boiling point!  Chock it up to residues of the past.  Interestingly enough, today would have been my 19th wedding anniversary had I not chosen to bail on the gig. 
    I would have loved to have known Jesus earlier in life, but there is one reason, and one reason only, that I’m thankful I didn’t know Him before I did.  Had I come to know Him while married, I would have stayed longer beating my head against the wall.  But, then, there’s no way that 2 people can be caught up in the iniquity that we were caught up in and have a good life.  It just is not possible.  Thank God for the blood of Jesus!

  5. Hey Aunt G, have not checked my email yet, but will do so after this. I know who is that "evil twin" of Bells……it’s her "I want Mummy, I miss mummy" twin. 🙂 Tell your dear dd that…I think it’s quite normal that when mummy comes home they start to act up…for that little extra attention. 🙂
    Take good care!!! will go check mail now..

  6. I am behind. Trying to catch up on blogging today. Everyone seemed to have trouble with spaces yesterday but I missed it. I was out grocery shopping and such. By the time I got on last night, it was OK. Lucky me!
    I have to read the next post now to see what you were talking about..

  7. Hmm… I don’t remember how much I was shocked by that 9/11 when I was in India as I have to tell you that my friends call me ROCK for being expressionless for whatever happens around me.
    But I did felt sad when I saw those video replays of people jumping off the floors coz they can’t tollerate the heat and no way out.
    Hm… I hated the whole Islamic community those days and I had strong verbal comabt with lots of Islamic office mates and it took quite a long time for me to settle down, but still I remember those videos I’ve seen where people jump off.
    I’ve read quran a bit, especially to know why islamic people are so insecured and terrifying most times and have to admit that the religion itself is misleading in many parts.
    I know I sound so anti-islamic, but I don’t have problem with the people, it’s just that they fell into wrong beliefs.
    Well, god bless them and save them.
    I got a short break from my hectic work (for about 4 weeks almostin my new job, I am working about 17 hours a day) and thought about visiting you all.
    Hav a great day.
    Adios Amigo.

  8. Ciao G.
    It was great to see you stop in today, and leave such a sweet comment. Thanks so much.
    Yes, Sam is a sweetheart, but his life as a Christian in Egypt was very very difficult indeed. I am happy that Canada is not like that at all, because we have the freedom to love the Lord, freedom to read the bible in the park, even the freedom to witness of God to lost souls. But in Egypt, they do not have this freedom at all. If you are Muslim, and you see the true light on being a Christian, and then become Christian, they kill you. Its that simple, no Muslim can change to become Christian, no how unfair is that…but this is the laws of their religion, not of the country, BUT…the those laws rule the country, so nothing is said…really, in my heart, I feel so sorry for them, and hope that someday they can life in a free country. Muslim are very sweet people, as is everyone, ha ha ha, including Americians…you mentioned that in your comment, that you wished that Canadians would think better of Americians. I really never thought any different of anyone really, no matter where you come from, we are all one…made from the image of our Master, we are all Gods children, and even though you are Americian, and me Canadian, well, you are my sister in the Lord, that lives in another country ,,,,that is all. To tell the truth, all the time living in Canada, I never heard of the differance between CDN’S and Americans, until I moved to Italy, and had someone ask me that….I think that I even looked at her strange when she asked me…hahaha….I had to ask her want do you mean, ha ha ha…..(no, I am not really blond, but I think that the dye went into my brains) ha ha ha, caused brain damage. ha ha ha. She thought that I was stupid or something for sure. ha ha ha.
    I am from a small Prov. called New Brunswick, not far from Montreal, or Toronto. It is on the east coast….really not far from P.E.I. either.But, it is a beautiful place, wonderful country, with beautiful trees, and open fields. ha ha ha, you are making me think too much of home, at this time of yeart the rolling hills would be covered with all different colours…mmmmmm….good thoughts….
    Well, have to run….hope that you have a great evening, and that God blesses you and your family as well.
    Hugs & Kisses

  9. G’day AG! have a blessed night, and sweet dreams! while you sleep, I shall be running after little Jo and Nel! haha…God bless!

  10. Hi Gai,
    Thanks for stoping. I haven’t been on much. I am reallt sufering from exhaustion and broke my glasses. I hope with paryer tomorrow will better day.

  11. Hi gail,
    I am from Southern Part of India, a state called Tamil Nadu (http://www.mapsofindia.com/maps/tamilnadu/tamilnadu-district-map.gif) where unfortunately many geeks like me lives.
    The exact location where I live in Tamil Nadu (State) is: Nagercoil (Kanyakumari), if you follow the map link, you have to look just above the Indian ocean.
    It’s beautiful place where 3 oceans meet and it’s next to sidney beach where you can see both sunrise and sunset from same place.
    Well, that’s my native.
    For past 4 years I am working and living in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) as a System Analyst in IT.
    Well, adding to my september 11 comments, I have more hatred reasons to say.
    You won’t believe the muslims exchanged sweets and cracked crackers in their areas (they are so insecured that they always live together, isolated from other community).
    I hate such people.
    Also I hate them for their attitude of helping only muslims. I look someone as human being rather than attached to particular community.
    They will always be part of community, hide inside a country and pull the country down (as far as history rewinds its the same). You can see the proof of my words if you take the Norway bomb blast incidents long back. those are the muslims settled long back in Norway.
    Heartless selfish people is what I have to say.
    Agreeing to what Shelley said, according to Islam their civil law and religious law are same. That’s why you can always hear them claiming that they don’t have scope of improvement; when they live in non-islamic countries.
    Come on, if they complain being in India the same way (Being a muslim in india, one can’t come up in life – it’s what they claim) then it applies for them everywhere. We have our president Muslim, Prime Ministrer Sikh and Biggest party in India: Congress’ president an Christian and no hindus in top positions but still muslims will claim that they don’t have chance of coming up in life in this country.
    God save them.
    Anyway, thanks for leaving comments in my blog.
    Have great day.
    Adios Amigo.

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