Off to……

….an out of state wedding we go!  Himself and I are going to have a three day vacation starting tomorrow so I will be "incommunicado" for a while.  Was thinking of bringing the laptop but will try going cold turkey instead.
We haven’t had a vacation for I don’t know how long.  Himself was in the travel industry until a few years ago and we were able to go away occasionally but then I got a fear of flying – well, I’ve always been afraid of flying but it got worse.  Since he is no longer in the business it’s not worth talking about.
One short travel story, though.  We planned a family trip to California and Colorado to see friends.  On the flight from Calif. we had to stop over in Texas.  Well, I have dear family in that particular part of TX and I told Himself that if we were going to have to stop there it might as well be overnight.  My aunt and uncle got all of my cousins together and we had a great visit. 
Onward to Colorado.  In five short days, we had been in three different time zones!  Eastern to Pacific to Central to Rocky Mountain.  I do believe it was after that trip that I took a few years off from flying!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Do something fun and pamper yourselves a little.  You can’t count on someone else to do it!
blessings, g

19 responses to “Off to……

  1. I go cold turkey sometimes ~chuckles~.
    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip, and we’ll seeya when you get back ~smiles~.

  2. Hello g, thanks for stopping by my space. I was just reading your 99 things………..I think I got to about 50 in a post and I stopped. I couldn’t think of anything else.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend away.  A holiday is always a nice thing and I live for vacations! Everytime I think of what I want to do when I finally finish my PhD, it all involves travel to the most exotic places:) When I go away for short periods, I usually leave my laptop behind……..sometimes we need a break from technology too.  Take care and God bless.

  3. Hi Gail,
    Well, I have finally made by your place, sorry I have been behind in my visiting. I hope they get the bugs all worked out of this "Windows Live" thing
    I hope you and "Himself" have a wonderful trip. Be safe and we’re looking forward to you getting back.
    May God bless you and keep  you safe.

  4. missing you already .lol
    had to laugh at your  bit abpot Bella in your last post 🙂
    Fergu loves to go for a nap & goes to the door & waits to be taken ..hope this phase lasts !

  5. yeah, might be a good idea, since this weekend is our national holiday here!!!!!I’ll sure have some bbq’s to go and some celebration, hopefully but the thing is I really dont want kids runnin around and makin the SAME OLD NOISE they do and just being kids, cause u know we alway celbrate this holiday @ my cousin’s in the countryside, and I really get tired of 4 small boys, ages from 18 months to 8 yrs old, man I dont want that!!but whatcha gonna do right?¿love ya have fun, and be back relaxed and enjoy ur tripblessings

  6. I’m glad to hear that your favorite season coming,it’s called ”fall” in USA!it’s also to hear that you have a three-day vacation,wish you have a happy holiday!wish you have a good times!you said you have a friend who is studying in Beijing could you tell me which school he or she study in?the PEKING university or TISHINGHUA university,they both the top universities in china!

  7. Ciao G,
    Wow, going to a Wedding, that sounds great….I hope that you have a really great time, and God will bless your comming and going, as well as the New Wedding couple.
    You’ll have to post some great photos of your trip away.
    Be praying for you and your safe return home again.
    God Bless You
    Hugs & Kisses

  8. Gail,
    Hope your had a wonderful trip, restful, and had a few napps, I love them too, and thanks for the comments about my photos. I have been tired all week long.

  9. Hi,
    I love air travel, but sometimes it freaks me out, especially when the flight shakes because of the bad whether. I loved the view from the propeller flight when I had to travel back to Dubai from Kish (An tourist island of Iran). It is a really lovely amazing view of the sea from the flight. Since it’s a propeller flight, it’s closer to sea than the usual. But then suddenly a jerk made me freak inside though I managed to put the mask that I am not scared and smile.
    Well, my hatred is not on the people or any country, but it’s just against that religion for it’s extremism and hypocrisy.
    You won’t believe how womanizers these Islamic Arabs are. In the begining it was really shell shocking for me because all I see is these people inside burka (head to toe covering) and when I came to know their life styles and evening life, yuck… you feel 1 million times better being a christian. Not that we christians or any other religious people does not do anything offensive, but at least we don’t put this religious mask.
    well, i know I have to dump the hatred. I guess I have to first get out of this country and either go back to India or some other country. Working on that, perhaps next year I might go back to India or Switzerland (I have a job offer) or U.S (no offers yet, but will try when I finally decide). But I prefer going back to India and sink inside that large mixed cultural country. It’s a perfect different world in it’s irregularity.
    One way, being irregular itself a beauty isn’t it?
    have great off days. God bless ya.

  10. Hi Gail,  Long time no comment…it’s been crazy busy and I don’t always get time to visit everyone’s site.  Hope you are enjoying your mini vacation.  Love the new layout and colors.  It brings out the blues in Bell’s fairy costume.   

  11. Oh Gail, I had no idea you were leaving town HA HA HA !!  and confess, we both saw that computer in the motel lobby – it called out your name !!  no cold turkey for you!!
    I am about to blog about our adventure today, I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it was to meet you in person – I have a new lifelong friend, I am sure of it!
    Tell Himself the corned beef is still in the fridge – I will eat it in the AM, before church, but the trout, etc – GONE!!  Hee hee!!
    Take care – love you !!

  12. It’s funny you ended this entry on that note because I got that checked off the list with a pedicure on Saturday.  It’s only the 2nd professional pedicure I’ve gotten in my entire life (I’m saying that practicing on each other in beauty school doesn’t count).  I’m 99.98% sure that I wouldn’t have gotten had Mom not been in town and needed to have her acrylics put back on after all her hospital and rehab stuff.
    Yes!  Mama came out to see me, and she’s doing great!
    It’s a shame you feel the way you do, currently, about flying.  Air travel is the best thing going (in my maybe not-so-humble opinion).  But you know?  There’s grace for everything we have to do in Christ.  Should the need arise, I believe the Lord will give you grace to travel by plane once again.
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  13. And thanks for the comment on the family picture. I took it and I NEVER take a good picture of anyone! 
    Yes, that’s my girls and grankids, The Princess and Baby Jack.

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