A Friend Indeed

What an adventure!  I didn’t let ya’ll know in advance just in case our plans were canceled for any reason…………I was blessed to meet Laurie Lollimouse in Massachusetts before the wedding on Saturday!  She drove over 90 minutes to be with us!  We met in the lobby and she may be small but she has a chiropractically approved hug!!!  What a sweetheart!  There was never a moment of discomfort.
Lols, Himself and I went to a wonderful place called Persey’s for breakfast.  What a huge breakfast menu!  If you want to know what we had you’ll just have to visit Lol’s space because I want to remember what it was I ate but I haven’t memorized the Scottish name of it, yet!
After dining, (Lols did all of the driving!) we drove to New Bedford – lesson #1 – the "d" in Bedford is silent in that town.  Lols is a good teacher.  Himself walked to the Whaling Museum and Lols and I went on a walk – straight across the street from the car!  There was a neat shop with everything from Yankee Candles to brass door knockers.  At one point, I picked up a candle snuffer with strings of beads hanging from the bell and I asked, "How the heck do you put out a candle with this thing!"  Lols gently told me to use the other side!  I was holding the larger, snuffing bell in my hand!  Lesson #2 – think before you speak!  This could have been a terribly embarrassing moment, and, I must confess, I was embarrassed but Lols was so sweet about it.  Just had to laugh.
We then walked about town looking for  some more interesting shops but only found a very small outdoor marked where I bought Chinese slippers for Bells.  Neither Lols nor I wore walking shoes and our feet were complaining when Himself called on the cell to let us know he had finished his museum tour.  We bought a throw away camera and had Joe take a couple of pictures of us and, after we returned to the motel, Lols left.  I felt bereft!  It just wasn’t enough time!  We live over four hours from each other but I am hoping we can work it out to meet up again.
Truth be told, I used to speak without thinking first quite a bit.  For years I made a conscious effort to stop doing that and, finally, I have gotten to a point where I am comfortable with myself in that department.  However, this weekend I backslid halfway!  I constantly felt like I had foot in mouth disease!  The candle snuffer thing was benign and turned out to be funny.  I will write more tomorrow and try to explain myself.  Right now I am quite travel weary and I think my recliner is calling out to me!  Lesson No. 3 – do not blog about feelings when travel weary.
Blessings, g
P.S.  Sorry Carol but I don’t do blue so I just had to change my background again.  I don’t do yellow, either, but I do cook!!

19 responses to “A Friend Indeed

  1. Hi G sounds like you had a great time.
    Thanks for your comment on my space… I do go periodically to one church.. But i dont intend to let a church rule me ever again.   Thanks for all your prayers I am grateful for them.

  2. Hehhee….pooop fixation??? ahahaha…….YUKKSSSS!!!! no way! LOL. Just have to write poopy stories now and then you know, for that is part of raising children. 🙂  I never knew corn comes out whole no matter what…but wait, if you chew it, it should come out smashed, right? not complete corns……
    Ah,….AG doesn’t chew her corn?? like BAby JO??? LOL……and how does G know? she looks at the poop???hmmm….now…who has poop fixation? Anyway, I don’t think I’ll study mine….
    ok, it’s getting too gross for me now.
    Hey, your trip sounds so wonderful!!! Lollie sounds like a real hospitable person….you mentioned, not a moment of discomfort…that’s really cool, considering you’re meeting her for the first time! SHe must be a really warm person to make you feel so at home at once!
    I wait to hear more !!!!  Nv mind about the candle snuffer…we all ask silly questions sometimes! LOL…but your question wasn’t silly, it’s just that you didn’t realise what you were holding…. and I would’ve asked the same question. 🙂
    ok, see…when you’re away for trhee days you get a long comment from me!!! 🙂
    Take care !! And love to you from all my girls! *hugs*

  3. n I did visit Lollie (sorry so many entries)…the way Lollie described you, makes you a really wonderful person G!!
     Fighting over that camera!! haha…
    you know, over here…we fight to pay for each other over food… I didn’t kow people did that over there too. 🙂 Ok, enuf from me already. Nite!

  4. I had to cancel the last comment as it would not publish …very annoying ..lol
    you will have got it by e mail now 🙂
    it is lovely to hear how well you & Lols got on ….we will all meet up one day God willing !
    love & blessings

  5. I would not be able to remember Finnan Haddie on toast either. 😀
    How cool that you met up with a blogger friend! I think that there are some real gems out here! That is awesome. Who said internet is a bad thing?
    I look forward to travelling around too…. and yes, blogger friends BEWARE! LOL. I want to meet them all!
    Love, Lori

  6. i can almost see ur faces laughin over the candle snuffer, and yes i would like to one day meet my blog friends, or Deborah, she’s very special to me, we met like 4 yrs ago, but we havent met in person, we started chattin in some "christian" chat, but now that so called christian chat is so changed, but wither way, then we started with the messenger, then emails, then real letters, then phone calls, then sendin gifts for our bdays, i haver talked for over an hour and a half with her and her mom and dad, they’re so sweet but we never met, I hopin one day i can go all the way to PA to meet her, right now i just cant, dont have the money, but i will one day!!!!ok G, a pleasure as usual, love you lots!!!

  7. Did I say jealous???  Why, yes I did (on Lol’s space, actually)!  I would jump at the chance to meet either of you!
    It sounds like the stuff sweet memories are made of…

  8. I read about it on Lollie’s site before I came here.  It was just the order it was on comments.
    I am glad you guys had a great time.  She seems like a very nice person with lots of faith ~smiles~.
    It is official, we all love ya ~smiles~.

  9. G~
    LOL! PMSLing too… FRIED LAMS!
    I’m finally famous!
    Thank you for the great big smile.
    And I do plan on making a sweep of the country… in a rented RV! no… a bus -one of those tour buses – with a hot tub in the master suite!
    Sweet Dreams!
    Thanks for sharing! Lori aka Fried lams

  10. Ciao
    It was great to see you stop in for a visit and for your kind words as well.
    Hope to see some photos up soon for the wedding that you went to. Sounds like you had a great time away.
    God Bless You.
    Hugs & Kisses

  11. OH the Hawks TOTALLY got robbed last year at the Superbowl.  some of the worst referee-ing…and I am not even a football fan!!
    We had such a nice weekend 🙂  Change is in the air….good stuff, can’t talk about it yet.  I will soon though!!

  12.  i wanted to check in and see how the trip and wedding went.Glad both went well.I love weddings they are so sweet.I am a romantic I can never get or give enough LOVE! LOL It’s a good thing though RIGHT! LOL
      Tomorrow we find out what my daughter is having.We pray girl but as long as it is healthy.Oh I love the grandbabies the more the merrier!!! LOL
    Well, take care and God Bless

  13. Hello Gail,
    Sounds like you had a great time. Remember the only silly/stupid question is the one never asked. Asking a question showsintelligence even if the asker feels it is silly and the questionee laughs. In that case the questionee has no common sense.
    Everything is almost running smooth here. Now if we can just get the cable company to tell us everything they need to get my daughter’s internet hooked up, we’ll be fine. They just say they can’t finish the job and leave. Life with morons.
    Peace & Blessings.

  14. Hi Gail,
    So nice you came by today ,  and I was wondering how
    your trip went. Yankee Candles are my favorite. Christmas Berries is the one I have liked the most but I heard they discontinued that one.
    A confession : I have a Yakee Candle buring when ever I am home and in the house, day or night. Today its Mandarin Cranberry.
    I be back tomorrow for the update.

  15. It is getting so hard for me to comment on spaces – I don’t know why or even if it’s me or them.
    Glad you had a good time with Lols. Where’s the pictures?
    Glad you didn’t have Haggis!!
    I got the quiz on Blogthings.com. I don’t know how to find it once you get there.
    I’m really glad you had a good time. Sometimes what you expect to be fun can turn out so bad.

  16. It’s been so long. My kids back to school schedule is kicking my butt.  I just wanted to check in.  So glad you had a great weekend. 

  17. no Gail…have not "checked mine out" recently. LOL…..hahaha…what a question…..
    ANyways, just wanted to wish you blessings and peace. Take care and I look forward to photos photos…quick put them up! Can’t wait!

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