Okay, People. Here’s the Deal:

Requests for pictures of Lols and me as well as of the wedding can not be honored at this time.  DD and/or The Boy lost our Digital camera.  Pix were taken with an SLR camera.  Once the film is developed, I will scan them onto the pc after it is debugged, thank you very much dd and or the Boy for the worms, viruses or whatever that corrupted the pc (I do believe it was the boy).  We can not "delouse" the pc until dd burns all of the digital pictures that are on said pc.  Have I lost you yet?
I would love to post the pictures but just thinking of what I typed above is making my already progressing migraine worse.  Sure wouldn’t mind a prayer or two that this wretched headache would go away!
Hopefully, I will be able to get back on later.  Hugs to all, gail

2 responses to “Okay, People. Here’s the Deal:

  1. We must be connected today.. I’ve got a migraine coming on too.. I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.. And I wouldn’t mind a percocet to go along with your prayers.. hehe..

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