The Land of Peaceatanycost

In the Land of Peaceatany cost, the town’s people seemingly go about their days in the same fashion as in any other town.  They live and die.  Laugh and cry.  Dream and sing and moan and groan. 
What makes this town different is that half of the residents will do anything to keep from being disliked!  If a child wants something one parent said no to, the other parent will say yes!  If  a deal is made between two people which disturbs a third party, the deal is broken.
In this Land, the children appear to be very happy.  They get pretty much whatever they want from an indulgent parent and go out beyond curfew with little or no consequences.  When they want money, it magically appears in their hot, little hands!    In these same homes, there is one parent who is the hero and the other who is the ogre.  The ogre often cries.  Alone.  Or screams!  But is ignored.
When these children grow up, they invariably set out on their own to other lands believing that they will be able to make their own fortunes.  What with their charms which achieved their already easy living it would be so simple to conquer other worlds – maybe the entire world!! So, off they go…
…and home they return shortly thereafter.  The world, you see, didn’t like them very much.  When one of the grown children ranted , they were thrown out on their ears!     When they insisted on respect , they were told to earn it.  When they wanted to be fed because they were hungry,  they were told to get a job.
"But I am special!"
"You are nothing."
What is left for them to do but to return to where they were princes and princesses? 
What will become of them? 

9 responses to “The Land of Peaceatanycost

  1. Hi there G,
    Colin is getting a taste of what you described…he suddenly isn’t getting life handed to him on a platter…I was way to generous with him, and we both got lazy…and now he is paying.  All I can say is, better now than later, he is only 19…
    Hope you are in good health today – rested and headache free!
    Gotta run and make dinner, I just got home a little while ago  (yawn)
    Love ya!

  2. So A.G did you write this story? what a name for a town! peaceanyanycost…if I didn’t try to decifer it, I’d thought it was Peacan-yany-cost or Pantihose, or whatever. LOL Did you write that story yourself? it is GOOD! many parents need to hear that. Over here, MANY MANY kids are being spoilt to the bones like that…. They think the whole world is in their hands and they can get whatever they want. The teacher in school lifts a hand, and the parents come rushing and teacher is given a warning. Man, so nobody has a say over the child’s lives. I’ve tried giving a Christmas present to one of these kids before….no big deal to them, coz they’re used to getting presents that are worth thousands of dollars, so anything less than that is not worth looking at. I pity them, coz one they will suffer… Not only that, THEIR parents are suffering now..coz these children are usually RUDE, DEMANDING, while mum is the SLAVE and MAID.
    I try not to treat my children that way.  I tell them before going out, if you wan something, ask in a nice way, but mama may say, No or Yes. Depending. If I Say No, I mean No, and no screaming. I also get them to help with a little housework, by picking up own toys, wiping the floor if they spill something. My husband and I have also agreed that if one says No, the other is not to undo it by saying Yes.
    Why, did I write a book or blog on here??? HAHA> can see, I feell strongly about this issue. ONe day I’ll blog about iut ok? 🙂 but you said it VERY nicely in a little story. 🙂
    Now, I think I’ll coem back and steal this later and forward to some of my Kings and Maids friends. 🙂 haha… Take care AG!!!

  3. wow, what a story, yes, sounds like um planet earth, haha, well i souldnt laugh since it’s a very sad story, but true, I hope I can raise kids to be respectful and teach them and guide them to Jesus feet one day, that would make me say, "Now I can truly rest in peace", I want my kids(yes I want kids) to be raised in a christian hom, not that being raised in a christian home makes better kids, but it gives the foundation and the values other homes dont have, so they one day can become useful men and women in God’s service and for His glory, man I dont know what’s gotten into me, I think I owe this to hearts, did u read her entry?? gee, I’m only 25, single, and I’m pretendin I have a hubby(I love that word) and grown kids, hahahahok ♥ ya lots byebyePS: where r the pics?

  4. How are you feeling?
    I totally agree with your post by the way.  I get irritated by birthday parties where all the kids have to go home with "gift bags"…who came up with THAT idea???  IT’S THE BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY’S DAY.  They SHOULD feel special, that is what it is about!  Now we have to give EVERYBODY on the team a trophy so nobody gets their feelings hurt.  WHY???  Is it so wrong to learn about winning and losing?  We are doing such a disservice to these kids.  When they get out in to the real world and there is no "fair".  Just reality. 
    OY, don’t even gert me started.
    Just curious, why the post? 

  5. I totally agree.  And I see that happening all over our great country.  Even when I was growing up my dad made me earn half of everything or he wouldn’t help.  I didn’t like it much because all the other kids got whatever they wanted.  I am glad they raised me the way they did, even if we didn’t get along all that great.  I still hold those values and try and pass them on to my kids anyway that I can.
    I think another problem with America is we don’t have any rituals anymore.  Christianity has some rituals but nothing like the Jews and other religions that teach and tell you when you are a man.  In America you just grow up to the magical age of 18 or 21 and viola you are a man?! ~chuckles~.
    Marriage is another problem.  It is so easy to get a divorce today.  From what I have seen, people get married knowing how easy it is to get out of it.  I have been married for almost 15 years this November.  I know that is not long for some of you ~chuckles~.  But it is a long time compared to most marriages, which only make it 6 – 7 year average.
    I am so glad I have good children that do well in school and have a firm religious foundation to fall back on.  I am a firm believer that at some point in our lives there will be no one to help us except God.  We will be completely alone by human standards, but as long as one has faith they may recover from tragedy.
    And by far, the largest problem in America is the sublime religion of ME-ISM.  I have noticed that a lot of parents buy their kids all these things to keep them out of the parental hair, so to speak.  I was raised in a family where materialism was the order of the day.  I was taught that materialism is more important that anything else.  That if you break my stuff I will sue you or there will be ramification.  I got in trouble when I would vandalize anything conceived to have great powers of materialism.  So in essence I was taught that materialism held value far and above my soul.

  6. This is a great entry, and oh so true!  I firmly believe that some parents are raising monsters and these same monsters and turning around and biting them in the butt.  What happened to the days of raising your children with values and learning to work hard?  Why did these days disappear for a lot of kids?  Lovely lovely entry.  It is an issue that drives me bonkers.

  7. they will wake up one day with kids of their own and repeat the whole sorry saga !
    great story Gail 🙂 
    may your weekend be blessed with restful sleep

  8. Great piece of writing!
    Is this what Failure to Launch is?  By the time the serf and Queen got through the initial "training" of our kidos they looked forward to college and part time jobs as an escape from the Land of Forced Labor for the Betterment of your Eternal Character.
    Glad to read you’re feeling better.  May you be blessed with health!  serf ‘rett

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