What is Going On!

Getting onto my edit page was a round about, circuitous route of frustration.  Gee!  That last sentence sounded really smart, didn’t it?
When I tried to sign in, it asked me if I wanted to delete myself.  Hmmmm….Kamikaze Spaces?  I hope this doesn’t happen again.
The world is still rotating despite the tough week.  I am so thankful the migraines have stopped.  Chiropractic, if you can find a good chiropractor, is a fantastic alternative to the meds an md would have given me.  My guy, Dr. C., is a couple of years younger than I and is in constant motion.  Yup.  Hyper.  He does listen, however.  That is why I am still going there after about eight years.  No rack and crack for me!
When my former sister-in-law’s mother died, Dr. C. was at the wake because my s-i-l was his patient.  A friend of mine was dying of cancer and Dr. C. wrote a large check for a fundraiser we were holding for her family.  Three family members had to be seen by him in one week and he only charged for one.  Yeah, he’s a great guy.  I am blessed.
The weekend doesn’t look busy at all and I am hoping to be able to catch up on sleep.  Hope all is well in your worlds, g

12 responses to “What is Going On!

  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better- I only have one or two of those a year, but sure take the stuffing out of you.
    Your Dr sounds like an awesome man- reminds me of my Gyn, who have the women in town adore.
    Rest & take care!

  2. Hey AG, SO hard to find doctors like that…most doctors just wanna make a BIG and QUick buck!
    ANyway, just wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with God’s love.
    Ok, my babies are up…it’s diaper changing time….cleaning mess up time. hahaha…
    YOu have a good break!!! God bless.. *big HUgs*..and hope my dear AG is smiling today…

  3. Just wanted to wish you a beautiful Sat and an Awesome Sunday. May His grace shine upon you, May His love and joy fill your heart, May His peace reign supreme in your soul, May His presence be with you, May you feel and know that the Lord is with you, and loves you.
    Blessings dear AG!

  4. Well I guess I will keep my opinions about chiropractors to myself for now.  If it works for you then I"m not going to knock it.  Sounds like an awesome doctor who truly cares about people.  Have a great weekend!  It’s raining here, but love these kind to stay at home.     

  5. Ciao G.
    Hope that you are feeling much better soon.
    Just wanted to stop in and wish you a great weekend in the Lord…May God Bless You with Health and happieness…

    God Bless You
    Hugs & Kisses

  6. Thanks so much for the compliments on my site.  There are so many things to look forward to.  I just want to leave this place a little better than when I arrived.  : )

  7. Matthew 11.28RSV
    "Come to Me ,all who labour and are heavy- laden,and I will give you rest "
    praying that you do catch up on your sleep  Gail .I have slept better the last few days and feel good now :-)we have had a lovely sunny day..been busy too ,done the re-cycling ,shopping and had a driving lesson !
    have a wonderful Lord’s day

  8. Yeah, I think MSN Spaces still acts up sometimes, but hopefully it will be bug free soon.  Yay for the migraines going away – these could be so debilitating!  Hope you have a peaceful rest this weekend.

  9. Hi Gaile,
    I know I disappeard for a while from visiting, but I made it a point to visit today.
    Apart from my extremely busy work which stole my week end too at the moment (can you believe I am working 7 days a week without rest?), I am perfectly alright.
    I think cancer related sickness are increasing world wide. I read in today’s newspaper that our country is spending a whoping $100 billion on cancer alone. Unbelievable.
    I’ll keep him in my prayer.
    Have a great day.
    God bless you.

    I think chiropractic medicine is highly under-rated: I think LOTS of pain stems from our neck and back misalignment. When my sister was injured more than 30 years ago, her treatment by a chiropractor was considered either "cutting-edge," or "crazy," but it worked wonders for her. I’m glad it’s worked for you, too.
    Regarding your post of Sept. 21:
    I just had a long talk with #3 Son last night about what our mission in life is: to make the journey as peaceable as possible. Demanding things from ANYone is unacceptable; we have no right to make other people miserable. None. A sense of entitlement is also unacceptable.
    That post totally reaffirmed my "lecture." Thank you!

  11. i know the feeling, it stinx, hope ur day improves and that thet migraines have given way is great news, love ya miss yabyebyePS: I know it’s short, but im yawning as i write this, ~big yawn~

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