May I have your attention, please…….

Announcement!  My mom, Marie, now has a Space!  She is just setting up shop so please give her a visit at  She just loves reading all of your comments and feels like she knows some of you already.  Please support her in the wonderful way I know you all can do and please make it about her, not me, okay?
You all are the best!  Will catch up with you later.  Bells is acting too cute for me to ignore!!  g

29 responses to “May I have your attention, please…….

  1. Hey AG, I checked her space out.. but no entries yet…ok, have to ciao. So busy packing! Take care and have a blessed week! I leave EARLY EARLY morning!

  2. Hi Mom (he he he),
    Well, don’t worry that you won’t get any grandchildren because I am working on it (means, reducing my work time and spending time to roam with my church buddies and youth groups as they’ve started complaining that I’ve disappeared).
    But it is definitely tiring (my work) right now and I have to continue my present schedule for at least another 1 month before slowing down. Well, I’m completely out of touch from outdoor games as I love to. I know I am missing lots of things.
    But the problem here is, I am not at all feeling that I am tired as long as I sit in front of my comp and watch thousands of codes. Anyway, I’ll take your advice seriously. In fact, you are no different than my mom coz she keeps telling the same (find a girl coz she needs a grand child). Well, moms are same everywhere.
    Regarding windows vista, I have two different views. From a geek point of view, one like ‘it is not up to my expectations, same old wine in new bottle, but the bright part is: it’s wine’. I can’t believe they took 5 years to build this stuff. But leaving alone the geeky analysis: It catches up with Apple in User Interface, but consumes more hardware if you want to have the full visual experience. But I don’t rule out Windows Vista, I still like it.
    Regarding speed and security, I am not willing to bet on it. Definitely it’s not much faster than Windows XP in the same hardware. I suggest you to get hold of some geek in your church or your place and repair the laptop instead of giving to Dell coz they are bound to charge absurd amounts for services.
    If you want to upgrade this PC to run Vista, I suggest it meets the following specification at least, to get full Vista experience: 1.6GHz processor speed at least, 128 MB Video RAM, 20GB Hard Drive, 1GB RAM. However, this is minimal requirement and also, Vista’s hardware compatability is poor, run the vista upgrade check before installing.
    I suggest another alternative, if you have choice. If you have good p4 PC, upgrade that PC a bit to run Vista (RAM – 1GB, Video RAM – 256MB) and retain Windows XP in your laptop because Vista is totally newer OS from Windows XP and you might need to get adapted to it (I found it frustrating in the beginning). Also, it might not support some cute small softwares you have in your Windows XP machine.
    If it’s viruses or worms that’s bothering you, then I suggest to ditch all the anti-virus you have and go for Kaspersky ( anti-virus software. It has 30 days trial version which you can run and test. I have high regard for this anti-virus since it saved a week full headache for me at office. I threw Nortan, McAfee and rest on the dust bin and purchased this for office. But use that 30 days and test it thoroughly before purchasing it.
    Well, you might have heard about Linux and you might be tempted to use it. I request you to hold on for another 5 months (that is, one month after Vista release) and I will inform.
    Well mom, I have to continue my work. Take Care, God Bless you.
    Ps: I visited grand mother’s space, I didn’t have any place to leave my comment to make her feel happy. Help her if you can. Well, will be absent for 2 more days from blogs but will be reading comments.

  3. Hello Gail,
    I just dropped in to see what condition her condition was in. She has her first blog up and interesting. Did the add friend thing with her. I hope she unerstands my sense of humor. I referred to her as Triple Nickel Grammyc and then later said maybe it should be Grammyc the Triple Nickel. Of course that was before I looked at her profile! You have a great sounding Mom.
    Peace & Blessings.

  4. Your Mom sounds like a sweetie, but of course that’s not much of a surprise since she raised you! (Insert polite applause for my Southern Sugar-Slopping techique) Actually, she’s a real pistol & I’m looking forward to getting to know her.

  5. Thanks for leaving me a comment. Yeah it’s been a while. How have you been? Anyways i think i’m gonna keep blogging.
    God Bless

  6. Oh sure!  Ditch your loyal blogging friends for a cute face!  I see how ya are (and I don’t blame ya one mite!).
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  7. Hello Gail,
    People who insult the town that gave them their break to get to where they are today do need prayers, I won’t forget. My Grandpa taught me to tell it like it is, my parents were ambiuous in their reactions.
    Glad you like the joke. I couldn’t resist doing it up. I still have some more to do – How to tell if you are older than dirt:) etc.
    Your Mom sounds so cool. I can haradly wait for her first reaction to me. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.
    Peace & Blessings.

  8. Hi Gail, The dust has settled I am off being featured and now my life can get vack to normal and I can visit everyone. Thanks for yur prayer and your kind words !!!!!
    I went and met your sweet mom . How Lucky you are to have her here with you blogging.
    Have a great day tomorrow,
    Luv Lisa

  9. HI Mom (he he he hope you wont get mad at me for calling so though you might have mentioned just for fun).
    I am doing great and figuring out ways of dumping out this hectic work. But the problem is, when I go home, when I see my PC there running that Linux thing, I can’t leave home without saying a hi, but then once I said hi, I forget my other activities.
    Right now, the box running suse linux is my gril friend I know it’s time to get more real convertible girl friend who can become wife. But my second attempt requires a bit more time (well, my first attempt went shaky for long and then flopped 6 months back, she dumping me to find someone, well, she’s christian too, but hey no hard feelings – life is short and you can’t keep hard feelings on people all along).
    I am 28, Indian – South Indian, working in United Arab Emirates (Dubai) since 2002 after working in India and Singapore for 3 years. I am working as System Analyst with lots of nerve wrecking daily pressures.
    I haven’t seen my home for past 4 years and I am desperate to ditch the current job and this country and leave to my country for a long break and then move to some other country for 3rd innings of my career life.
    I do have bunch of relatives here, including my own sister, but my mom is still there in India – 65 years old and she can’t travel so I can’t  take her here too.
    Well, regarding Vista, what I was trying to say is, you may require to spend $200 more to upgrade your laptop hardwares to experience full features of Vista. Also, lots of tiny softwares which you might love in the current laptop might not work properly due to backward compatibility problems in Vista.
    So, I suggest to use Vista in any extra desktop with hardware upgrade and make sure things are fine before installing in your Laptop.
    I know, that was the situation I faced here in office some time back with virus and I had to re-install one pc, install kaspersky and then scan in network.
    Well, avoid complexity. Just get hold of some good hearted geek in your church and ask him to do clean it up. I wish I was there… I use to do lots of this sort of things for the people in our church as a kind of service because they loot in service centres.
    I am getting back to my work and I will be back later. Gosh… I’ve typed my blog and haven’t posted for days. he he he… kind of busy (yesterday forgot to take dinner – well don’t yell at me, blame my PC which kept me occupied at home too).
    Have great day.
    God bless you.

  10. Hi mom (well, I kind of like moms coz they are so loving),
    Definitely I we (my mom & me) don’t have any problem with each other. It’s just I am bidding my time for certain things to get over and then I will pack my bag to India and then I will decide about my next move from my home.
    We talk to each other at least twice a week. But she’s pushing too much for me to get married. Well, I am given a deadline until Feb 2007 to find a girl by myself or else I will have to marry someone who my mom & relatives fix (yeah, we still have this arranged marrage – though optional in India).
    Well, to get married, first I have to get convinced that I need to get married. Well, the concept of wedding is kind of odd for me right now coz I am tied up with my career and ambitions too much.
    I guess I will give a serious go for next 4 months and conclude my wedding & all those stuffs.
    Also, I am typical 1960’s person and so I expect wedding to be once and no divorce, but finding a girl with such attitude is extremely hard in India right now. So, not in hurry. It’s not that there won’t be anyone in this world, I might meet someone like that in near future.
    Above all, I’ve given that part partially to Lord and he will take care of it in due time. He he he… I know that ‘partially to Lord’ sounds weird.
    Though I don’t claim that I’ve never been to pubs and bars, it’s true that those things are not my liking and most girls around me are such ‘fun’ loving girls. I remember one incident happened at my previous company with my collegue who is from France.
    She asked me to take her out twice. First time I took her and her choice was disco and drinks. I don’t drink or smoke or go extreme with girls and so i ended up with the first meet. She got irritated and started making fun of me claiming that she live very interesting life. Then after long time being quiet, I had to reply extreme rude once to shut her up.
    Well, now days most people believe getting into all sort of non-essential things are cool way of living and no one realize how precious life they’ve got which can be lived only once until they screw with their life extreme. I have dificulty moving with those people.
    Well, it’s not that it’s everywhere, but I haven’t looked around coz I am more tied up with my work and come on, I don’t like to have a girl friend and spend no time with her. It’s better I don’t have; at the moment though.
    Well, I assure you that you’ll get your grand child sooner coz even I feel that I need a break from this hectic and reckless bachelor life. Maybe once this project is over, I will take some decisions to restrict my office hours.
    Life has become so busy that most people forget to have a look on their either sides adn notice the people who are waiting for them and I am one such person.
    Well, definitely this is not a kind of life I am going to live. I have lots of things to achieve, but I know I can’t achieve everything overnight and it has to be a process and I have to make sure that I live until the day I become an achiever. I will definitely slowdown my current maniac style and have time for other things too. Well, I have one long time unfulfilled thing to do as well: Read complete bible in English at least once. I wish to do it before I go to India.
    Apart from all these hectic life. I am living good. Take Care, God Bless you.
    Love & Regards, your son Rhonald.

  11. Well, regarding those geeks in your place, these geeks have one common habit of forgetting things and keep reminding them otherwise they won’t remember

  12. Hello Gail,
    You are making this sound like a fun time:) I’ll  be nice, it’s only those who deserve my "nasty" treatment that get it. Then it’s not really nasty, just honesty.
    Peace & Blessings.

  13. Lol, you said you were going to leave off blogging to enjoy your granddaughter’s cuteness, and I said something like, ‘See how ya are?’
    Well, for the record, you’re just as you should be!
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

  14. Dropped by Mom’s and left welcome note.  Did you warn her about some of us more , shall we say, "eccentric" bloggers?
    And did you tell her that there are people who actually believe what they read here in Blogland?

  15. That sounds like me. I’m so besy all the time. In schhool i’m talking history and life skills. also a little bit of science. Yeah God’s word is so special to me. I love it. Well there’s a lot about me so idk.. what do you want to know?

  16. Hey Gail.. Thanks for the sweet comment about my date. You’re so right. I had already counted my blessings.  I’ll check out your mom’s site later.. Just wanted to wish you a happy hump day!

  17. Hiii… well, I get excited to visit your space. Just dropped into say a ‘hi’ to my mom.
    Well, didn’t know that Carol overtook me to accept you as her mom. Well, I don’t mind adding another loving sister like her.
    Things are pretty fine. But it seems that I can’t follow your advices to take my job light, meet people and find a proper girl. My boss who ate so much time in our project is now demanding to finish the project as planned and it’s gonna be lots of extra work time (we indias suck in that, no planning and always tight deadlines as if people working are mules).
    Anyway, I will see thig project and if it takes too much of my time for nothing, then I will quit and find another job.
    Have great time. Give my regards to grand mother too.
    God bless you.
    Love, Your Cyber SOn.

  18. Ok G, I will check out your mom’s space — very cool to be sure!!  Hey was just hearing a lot lately about fibromyalgia being treated with DMB & Venus Fly Trap Extract — both sublingual — you heard of that yet?  I would be afraid I would put the stuff  under my tongue and  – zzzzz fly in the mouth! and I would feel the need to close my mouth around it !! LOL!!
    Again, sorry I missed your call — check out my blog to see how exciting Cuy made my day yesterday !! EEEEEEEKKK!!!  I am glad Bells is always within sight!
    Love ya!

    Thanks for the note you left me Gail. No sorries are necessary, it was a natural and logical conclusion. I have lost many  friends for the same reasons. I shut them out. I guess it’s partly due to my foolish pride. I hid my illnesses for a long time at first. I was ashamed (and still am sometimes.) When I did bring myself to tell my friends what was going on they were all symapthetic and said they understood but things were never the same again. I only have 2 friends in real life who I still feel close with. The rest are merely aquaintences now. That’s why my blogging friends are so important to me. I just need to try harder to keep blogging when I feel like shutting down.
    Hugs g/f,

  20. Hannah said her tummy is growing by leaps and bounds, lol.  I can’t wait to see her next weekend.  *sigh*  I hate being so far yet so near.  Just 5 hours away by car but it feels like for ever. 

  21. Hello Gail,
    I reckon your Mom didn’t like my  first comment. She deleted it. That’s OK, it is her right and I was in a little funky mood that night. It’s all cool. Maybe she will like my second one better. I enjoy her topics. They are interesting.
    Peace & Blessings.

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