I Am Not That Sweet

In this land I call Bloggerville, I know it is only natural to want people to think the best of me.  Rarely will you see the negative things I do written here.  Let it  be known right here and now that I am not as sweet as many of you seem to think.  Sure, I am a nice person and I seek to encourage rather than to discourage but I can be a real PIA.  My temper is known to get the best of me when at home.  When totally frustrated with my nuclear family, I have been know to scream at the top of my lungs, "Leave me alone!" 
No, I am not proud of this behavior.  I am ashamed of it.  Ashamed that I save alot of my sweet behavior for people outside of my home.  Prayer and alone time with the Lord is the only thing that is going to change this.  It is so hard. 
Ya’ll know I don’t write all that much about personal things like this.   Just wanted you to see that I am a whole person who struggles the same as everyone else.  Prayers are always welcome. 
Blessings to you all, g

19 responses to “I Am Not That Sweet

  1. Hello Gail,
    Everybody manages to do things on computers that they don’t know how they did it. Computer programmers manage it more often than most people. It is one of those things. I’ll get to her site again.
    There are situations that are more complex than what I realize. I will NOT ask about the full details. It is great that it is taken care of.
    And all this time we thought that you were always in control;)
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. it’s great that you can be so honest on your your blog site… it is difficult to show our weaker side, the side that we are ashamed of and not wanting others to see… it take courage… but after all, we are humans… no one is perfect in this world… temper is a difficult "battle"… many struggle with it… but with God you can win!  have a great week!

  3. Gail you are better than sweet.  You are good,kind, thoughtful & if any friend needs you , your there for them.  So you have a temper, so what it’s part of your heritage.  When someone steps on your toes it’s okay to holler & who else steps on your toes more than your family?  I’m proud of you and I’ll say that before all blogville.  Love, Mom

  4. Oh, good! It’s exhausting to be friends with a saint 😉 I need more friends who will be honest about their warts, because I can get pretty toad-like myself & I wouldn’t want to frighten anyone off! My temper is my greatest challenge & I will occationally turn the air blue when I blow a gasket, which, thanks to the Lord, is not as often as it use to be.

  5. Hey it happens to the sweetest of us!  : )  More of us nice people need to get angry more often.  It makes things happen!  That’s how I was finally able to leave my husband.  I got angry and stood up for myself and swore I would never tolerate that behavior again.  Wow got off on a completely different tangent there.  Have a great week!

  6. Hi Mom,
    First, I don’t mind you calling me whichever name you like. Well, it’s hard to be so anonymous, but my pastor will handle that part as he promised. I am leaving to church today evening in another 2 hours. I am happy that finally I am doing something better.
    I am not surprised about your temper anyway, but definitely you are equally sweetest mom too. In this case, I think I am lucky to be outside your family so that you are more sweet to me.
    I myself am a bit different person when people meet me by person. I sometimes doubt whether I have this dual personality where I am all loving, freakish, excited on chat or phone or with certain people and then sudden silent with other set of people. Not that I pretent, but I become like that.
    Worst, I am really pathetic in handling strangers. I go this extreme silence and all observing kind of person and when I become angry or pissed off, I even go physically violent (but dont worry mom, it happens very rare).
    Well, since time I started watching those africans and black american’s way of worshiping god, I am a fan of those people. They just forget everything when they come in the presence of god.
    Have great time mom,
    Loving Son, Constantine.

  7. Hi mom,
    Don’t laugh at me, I am stupid most times and struggling to know small things, but where is your friend invitation module?
    I think you have turned off that module in your profile.
    – Son

  8. Hi G,
     Oh yes it is great to see honesty.I write about day to day here because frankly I don’t have much time.I love reading your blogs because they vary day to day.You are a good witness and people like me need that.So, I would say we all have a bad day once in awhile.Well Take care and  that was s o cute of your son.

  9. Ciao G,
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments. ha ha ha, yes, you do always leave kind comments on my space, ha ha,
    Who wrote this blog? Can’t be you…you always have seemed so sweet and very smart to me.
    I really appriciate all your visits and all your comments, they mean a great deal to me.
    God Bless You My Sister….
    Hugs & Kisses

  10. WOW, thats so me!!!I kow exactly how you feel, and thats bout it cause im too sleepy!!LOVE YA all the more!!!! ♥ ya lotsbe blessed and smile

  11. Dear gail,
    everyone’s personality has 2 sides,you are gentle  and  sweet,however,it will change for some reasons under some occasions~~Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my space~~Would u mind if i add u to my friend list?Good lucks

  12. Oh Gail! Thank you for being just like the rest of us! So often I find myself running at the mouth and at the same time I am thinking "I can’t believe I am saying this, who is this woman?!"
    I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me . . . :^)  -cindy

  13. Oh boy can i relate. but i think i have also shown a little bit of my wrathful side on my blog too.  I think we all can relate really. I dont believe anyone can honestly say that they dont shown their temper frm time to time.
    Well, dont worry about it sometimes we all vent somewhere some place.

  14. Only wished I would have read this before I blew a gasket and pitched a hissy fit Friday night.  It might have kept me in a better frame of mind; it might have limited me to a leaking gasket and standard fit.   I got angry even knowing I would have to go back to The Queen to ask forgiveness before the night was finished.
    What’s ironic is that as a counselor I know the root causes, from the scriptures, for anger.  I often work with married couples in strengthening their relationship, which most often includes resolving anger.  So while I stand there hollering at The Queen, the other side of my mind is racing through the lists to determine where the root of the anger feelings lies.  Anger is always a surface expression of a deeper issue, a root issue.  Anger is like leaves on a plant; pull a leaf off and, with time, another will grow in its place.  The anger is eliminated when we find and dig out the root of the plant. 
    However, I guess I’m like many doctors I know; we are quick to write out a prescription for someone else, but we don’t like taking our own medicine.  
    Have a blessed day, serf ‘rett

    If we didn’t unleash once in a while, I believe our heads would blow up. For real.
    And I, for one, refuse to take that chance. Yell on!

  16. G ~
    I always knew you were full of spit and vinegar!
    LOL. Thank you though for clarifying this for us. 😀
    Love, Lori

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