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Every Sunday I check the newspaper to see if one of my favorite authors has released a new book.  When I saw that James Patterson had, I went straight to the computer to be put on the waiting list at the library.  Well, Judge & Jury, written by Patterson and Andrew Gross was a terrible disappointment. 
In order for a book to grasp my interest, the characters have to be sympathetic.  The premise in this book had promise but it just never delivered.  There was gratuitous violence and sex and I wanted to put it down a number of times.  The only thing that kept me reading it was the hope that it would redeem itself.  Except for one of several outcomes, it never did.
I believe that, sometimes,  writers have to make a deadline and will write just about anything just to make it.  In this case, James Patterson is so prolific in his writing that I think he just got greedy.  Boo to him.  Let’s have the real thing next time, Mr. Patterson.

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  1. Oh i used to love reading. I would read all night and all day Now Im more into movies because I can actually watch it and run after my little guy all at the same time. If Iwas reading it would be impossible for me to run and read too LOL.  He is definitely at that stage where the only time he is still is when he is sleeping and thats what he is doing now so I get a break! YAY for me. lol
    Well, i Just wanted to check in and see how things are going and tell ya howdy.

    I also rarely trust collaborations. What happened? Did Mr. Patterson break his arms? It just smacks of laziness — or lack of creativity — to me.
    Thanks for the heads-up. I might’ve been sucked in.
    Have you tried any Carl Hiaasen yet?

  3. Aye, when you sign on with a publishing company they generally work out a contract for however many books they agree on.  Most writers already have 4 – 5 books already written when they get a contract, so when those books are completed and they still have to write a number of books before the deadline?  The books start to be uncharacteristic of the authors normal writing finesse and seem a tad bit sloppy ~smiles~ or dull.
    I have a book I have been writing.  If and when I decide to put it out for public observation and critique.  I will do it under an independent publisher and put forth a chunk of change myself.  I don’t know if I will ever write another book.  I sure as hell don’t want to be caught in that trap ~smiles~.

  4. Yeah, I think because of deadlines the quality of the books deminish.  There are many authors I used to love reading and then they just got really boring after a while.  I wish they could give them more time to keep putting quality stuff out there.  Take care and have a sweet week.

    Okay we are on the same time table because I just finished leaving Laurie a comment and was ready to head over here!
    I am going to be back blogging everyday so I will be by more often now! I hope all is well in your corner of the world!

  6. I haven’t read fiction in years. I’m sorry that one of your fav. authors disappointed you.
    I know.. Chris is such a sweetie just like his brother. I get all teary eyed every time I think about all of this. What a blessing.

  7. Hi Mom,
    Well, I know I’ve disapeared yesterday. Well, the same old reason. Have to get back to post blog as well, tommorow perhaps.
    Well, regarding writing I believe that you can’t put certain creativity into deadlines. I use to wonder about article writers and novel writers, about them taking long time until I started writing some Cricket articles to one of the monthly magazine here in Middle East (sports world me). It’s really hard to bring your thoughts to put in an interesting way.
    Well, Lord of the Rings  is the last book i’ve read apart from the IT programming and manual books. But I do occasionally take some book and go through it. Especially when I realize that my english vocabulary has gone real bad (due to just focusing on programming), but it will last just days.
    Anyway, I’ve decided to stop bragging about me working day in day out. Especially reading about Einstein somewhere one the net. That man, who invented a lots of high profile things, never complained about loosing sleep or lacking rest. Well, I know even my this resolve will last just days, but I will try stop complaining as if I am the only person in this whole universe who works.
    Okay mom, I gotta get back to my work.
    Btw… I installed Linux operating system in my laptop. It Rocks!!! I’ve decided not to go for Vista, instead, I will stick to Windows XP Professional for my office works and Linux for my personal works. I’ve installed Novell’s SUSE version of Linux 10.1 Enterprise Desktop. It’s cool, try if you know someone there who can install and configure the KDE desktop environment for you.
    I know I sound extreme geeky, but really sorry coz it comes by default.
    Have a great time. God bless you.
    Loving Son, Rhonald

  8. I’ve just been reading serf rett’s space and come back to finish reading yours … you see I am easily side- tracked ! retts space is a fun one to read ,and his church sounds brilliant  !
    I know what you mean about some books ,I wonder if the author is always who they say it is 🙂 James Patterson’s books are mostly a good read .I may give that one a miss no 😦
    love and blessings
    ps going to look at your mums space now 🙂

    Hiaasen’s genre: unto himself. He is bitingly hilarious, weaving semi-lighthearted crime with adventure and a message. (He’s a champion for preserving the environment; specifically, the Everglades. He’s from Florida.)
    My personal favorite is "Skinny Dip," followed by "Lucky You," then "Sick Puppy." There are others, but that should get you started.
    My description doesn’t really do him justice; you’ll just have to read him to judge for yourself. I hope you like him.

  10. Ciao G,
    Thanks for the kind visit and sweet comment on my space.
    I am sorry for taking so long to respond to you, but I had not been on the pc for a day or two.
    Sorry to hear that your fav. writer wrote a flop…it leaves you a little disappointed in them after you read one that is not up to their standards..
    Hope that you have a great day.
    Hugs & Kisses

  11. Hey G, yeah i know i need un update. i’m gonna blog somemore later on tonight. i just been besy and not been able to get to it.
    Talk to ya later

  12. Thanks, Gail.  I know I’ve been a little quiet around Blogland lately.  The shooting yesterday got to me.  How bewildering this must be for that Amish community! 
    I’ve mostly been devoting myself to shining the light of God’s word in dark places – namely Yahoo Answers. The entrance of God’s Word gives light, right?  I was getting a lot of thumbs down – especially at the first.  But I know that the closer I stick to scripture and let the Word just lay it all out, heaven gives me a thumbs up, so it’s all good.
    So what else is new besides poopy books?

  13. hey AG…m back. 🙂 read your last post… I once wrote a similar post..and if I remember commented and said "God bless you Hearts..what you are trying to say is that you are only human.."
    So now I say the same to you! 🙂   We have our up and down moments eh… Take care! Will go catch up on rest now..feeling dizzy and down with very bad cough and sinus.

  14. I have 3 books I’ve been trying to finish for about 2 years now. I think I should either, commit to finishing them quick.. or throw them away finally.
    What do you think? I’m like 3/4 of the way through all of them… it’s just they are so dumb. LOL… yep… romance novels.

    Gail — Hiaasen has just one character that makes an appearance in more than one book. He’s an eccentric "character," and Hiaasen fully explains him each time he appears.
    I really hope you like him; now I’m all nervous, like I just set you up on a blind date with my cousin…

  16. Hi G,
    I’m finally getting around to visiting a few spaces, I hope this finds you well and happy.
    The pics of Bella are great, she surely looks like a "Princess" in those.
    May God bless you and yours greatly.

  17. Hello Gail,
    Thank you for including me in your prayers. Your welcome that I could provide a small insight into PTSD and what it does to a person. It is something that hardly anyone talks about. It is time to start getting it out since some of OUR Soldiers are in Iraq suffering from PTSD and being sent back into harm’s way. A surefire way for suicide by enemy fire.
    Peace & Blessings.

  18. Hey AG, one more day of proper rest, and I should be ok. It’s just the dizziness…probably coz of the sinuses. Forest fires are escalating over in INdonesia…I hope they take that under control..otherwise it pollutes this part of the world. Take good care!!

  19. Hi mom,
    I am doing great as usual with all those complaints… Sorry for me disappearing for couple of days, something went wrong with me temporarily as it happens often and now I am back.
    Well, what I meant by saying Windows XP is way better than Windows Vista is: Windows Vista doesn’t have software compatibility and hardware compatibility like Windows XP. Windows Vista is a bit complicated (not much, but when you talk in terms of Windows XP), it’s like shifting to new different operating system, so moving to Vista or Linux doesn’t make much difference.
    Both requires getting used to new way of things. Next, performance-wise, Vista is slower than Windows XP. I didn’t see any big difference in security even after adding those fancy security dialogs in Vista, it’s the same old story, in new way. Finally, you have to pay double of what you paid for Windows XP + you have to buy most of the softwares new for Vista (Vista compatible).
    In short, Microsoft earns more money in people’s ignorance. I know it’s wrong comment in MSN Live Space. Well, mama, just in case if I get blocked by Microsoft, is my personal e-mail id. I think my post in my space today will make them pissed off, if they happens to visit my blog (long back once they did – some technical guy from Microsoft).
    But yeah, you will be limited with Linux right now coz the Linux revolution ill take at least another one year to stabilize and software big players like Adobe release software for Linux. So, till then I suggest you to hang on with Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista if you really wanted to have a look into Windows Vista.
    But I will definitely choose Linux over Vista if I have choice of applications which runs on Linux (mainly Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max).
    Have a great day.
    Love, Son.

  20. Haven’t read any Patterson; I assume the works are fiction which I don’t read very much unless the author has been dead for a coon’s age give or take a few hundred years.  Just finished Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  In between normal biblical studies, I’m currently reading Watchman Nee’s Normal Christian Life and Robert Asprey’s War in the Shadows (a two volume history of gorilla warfare with a detailed look at the Viet Nam conflict – dull reading for most folks, but just the ticket for the serf).
    It took me a few moments to figure out that bd either stood for bad day or better days.  From my counselor training I know that people have four basic methods of dealing with a problem. 
    Projection – is where we blame others for causing our problem.  This didn’t seem to be a good approach since I would need to blame my parents for my bd, but the scripture directs me to show them honor. 
    Rationalization – is where we justify our problem with either “no one else is doing it” or “everyone else is doing it”.  I did try to rationalize that everyone else my age was having a bd, but that didn’t seem to help my body feel younger when I got out of bed in the morning.
    Acceptance – we accept the truth and take ownership of the problem.  This is like dieting.  We will only do it when we are forced into a corner and we will not enjoy the process.  This leaves us with the final method for dealing with a problem.
    Denial – “I don’t have a problem!”  I did not turn fi.., fif.., fif.., er, older on my last bd!  No way!  
    This works for me (at least until I can get a discount on meals and motels).

  21. Hi mom,  I made a resolution today that I won’t get all that geeky with you. I know you will feel proud of your son becoming a true geek, but then, I can’t bore you with all those geek thioughts and stuffs.
    Just dropped in to say a hi.
    Take care mom.
    Love, Son

  22. Well that was kind of a disappointment eh…Authors and musicians, it seems that most of their good works, come in the beginning because there is more passion. Have an awesome weekend…Greg

  23. Ciao G,
    Just popping my head in the door to wish you a grand weekend….
    May God Bless you wonderfully with lots of love, joy and happieness.
    Hugs & Kisses

  24. Hi, Gail…i am not a geek, i am not a geek.Thats the way i feel, but i need to read more real books, instead of selective reading on the internet! Have a good weekend, Jody.

  25. just rushing around a few spaces before morning worship 🙂
    not been around much this week ,trust things are okay with you all
    have a wonderful Lord’s day
    *blessings *

  26. ok AG< too much silence now, quick write something! I miss reading your thoughts! quick quick write!!!
    MIss ya!!
    WIth much love

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