Red Peppers

Another totally random fact from the Reader’s Digest is that red bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges.  This, of course, is the reason I got the tuna wrap sandwich at The Cafe today.  It had roasted red peppers in it and I felt inspired to increase my daily dosage of vitamin C.  Also, it was easy to share with Bells.
Speaking of Bells, she feels so comfortable at The Cafe that she starts jumping in my arms as soon as she sees the door to enter it.  During our lunch with our friend, F, Bells let out a shriek that silenced the entire restaurant.  Was my face red?  It started to be but it turned out that the majority of the people were concerned, not angry.
Also speaking of Bells, it is now official that she thinks she is a cat.  She eats the cats’ food whenever she can get past us to it and has taken to making a sound something like "moo-ow."    Should we be worried?  Hmmm….
The weekend is upon us and all I can think of is all of the straightening and cleaning that has to be done by tomorrow night.  The Boy wants pizza and Kentucky Fried for his birthday dinner.  He also requested that a few friends and family members join us.  Interpretation:  phone calls to all relatives within a two hour drive. 
Was talking with Mom about what to add to the meal to make it healthy and I might have scared her into throwing away her bagged lettuce salad.  Not knowing what is safe to eat any more is exhausting!  I have been reading more about kale but have never heard of it being in a salad!  Still, can we trust anything from CA that is grown in the ground unless we know how far the nearest bovine dwelling area is and what their waste removal system is?
Any suggestions on healthy sides?
Have a blessed weekend and don’t forget to honor the Lord on His day, gail

5 responses to “Red Peppers

  1. Cole slaw with red & green cabbage, or maybe broccoli slaw; I’m partial to mashed sweet potatoes (more anti-oxidents & lower carbs) but that’s a southern thing; fruit salad w/yogurt dressing.
    Don’t worry about Bells eating cat food- it will help her night vision, make her nails strong & her coat smooth & shiny 😉

  2. Hey, are u these days,hope u will have a good weekend~~Another suggestions for health is that drinking tea is also good for human body to abtain VC.~~welcome to my space and i have just written sth new~~Hugs

  3. I just don’t buy the stuff in bags, period. It never lasts long enough anyway.
    OOH, I don’t like peppers. *gag*
    Awww! She thinks she is a kitty! HOw precious. I ate dog food once and my sister always gave me a hard time about that one. haha I was just trying to get the dog to eat it and was showing him how yummy it was!

  4. my! that lil girl you have there is a precious lil thing!!!!how cute, though I’d get worried when she starts using the litter box hahahahahalove ya lots!!!! bye♥

  5. Hello Gail,
    Kale is used in wilted salads. That is why wilted salads turn out better than expected. Can we trust anything grown in the ground anywhere anymore or anything that the government demands get injections?
    The only thing we can trust fully is God.
    Peace & Blessings.

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