Another Big Day

Well, another big day in our household.  Probably twenty or more people converging on our humble abode for The Boy’s birthday celebration.  Blessedly, the sun is shining and anyone who smokes will hang out outside.
What a wonderful surprise I woke up to this morning!  My dd, The Girl, has been feverishly straightening and cleaning!   Even though you don’t read my site I send you a major blessing, my child.

3 responses to “Another Big Day

  1. Hi Gail, Just dropping by to see how things are. Looks like you will have splenty of busy times there! How about some Halloween recipes? Still trying to find one for pumpkin bread(i lost it). See ya! Jody.

  2. Hey AG, Happy Birthday to your dear son! 🙂
    I am feeling better today, though not totally well. There’s still dizziness and slight stomach cramps, otherwise things are finally looking better. 🙂 Thank God, coz my parents are in China and I will have no help this week!
    Hope the birthday celebration was fun and beautiful. Love to you.

  3. love birthdays… 😀  Hope you had a wonderful day…. I like the quote you left on my space… gonna use it one of my sermons one day… God bless!

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