Another Big Day Over – Thankfully!

As much as I love get togethers, I love them being over!  Even though mine is a humble home people seem to feel comfortable in it.  We find places to sit or stand and conversations take place, food gets eaten and help is given as needed.
Yesterday was a bit different as The Boy had several friends over for his birthday celebration and football (American football, not soccer) was on their minds.  They are all involved in "fantasy football" where they pick the players they would have on their team and then, well, I haven’t figured it all out, yet, but they have to keep aware of what is going on with all of the games to.  In any case, the only conversation from these boys was about the scorecard my son had on the pc and he was doing most of the talking!  (Our pc is located in the living room ((lounge for our British friends)) so that I can keep an eye on what is going on.)  The rest of us wandered or hung out in the kitchen (seats four) and there was not as much gaiety as there usually is at one of our gatherings.
Oh, well.  My ds is sick in bed today – his actual birthday.  His stomach is hurting.  I am not surprised as his belly was big last night filled with pizza, fried chicken and his birthday cake – my m-i-l’s famous crumb coffee cake.  Yes, he wanted his gram’s crumb coffee cake for his bd!  It is the best I have ever tasted.  This is the general consensus of anyone who has ever tried it.
I am rambling so I will sign off for now.  I pray that you all "walk with the King today and be a blessing!"  (Dr. Robert A. Cook said that!)  gail

3 responses to “Another Big Day Over – Thankfully!

  1. Hi Gail,
    Great entry amd I would love to have that recipe. You and your home sound so nice inviting and humble.
    Feeling a little better but still going to the Doctor today. I look like heck and well thanks for the prayers.
    Yes they make vitamin C from rosehips and other things. I should research that.
    Blessing for a nice day. and week

  2. Hi g, just stopping by to say hello.  Seems like your ds had a good birthday despite eating a little too much.  What are birthdays for:)?  Hope your week is a blessed one.

  3. I’m with you, I love that people feel comfortable dropping in just to chat, but I love it, too, when it’s ‘just us’ hanging out together.
    Hope ds is up and about soon. -cindy

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